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  1. lyladyp

    Regain 2 years out

    Thanks for the helpful words!
  2. I meant I tried stopping the medication.
  3. Yes, I have been taking pantoprazole since after surgery. I was advised that it was temporary just in case I developed Gerd. However after 3 months, I tried taking meds because I never been on any type of daily medication before. Now I’m addition that, I keep bottled of Tums. So I have been weighing my options lately.
  4. I was sleeved last year and have developed herd. I am getting frustrated because it happens with everything that I eat now. Anything that I put into my mouth, I feel sick. It is starting to get unbearable.
  5. lyladyp

    I hit 100 pounds lost today!

  6. @Tiff71This was actually happening to me and I thought I was crazy!! Starting in early March, I would just be sitting down and feel my skin starting to swell. The final straw was going for a walk/jog and when I stopped, I had a major flare up on my thighs and arms! I had a virtual appointment and was prescribed generic Zyrtec. I have been taking it for about 2 weeks now and have not had a flare up again. Have you changed anything recently (vitamins, food)? For me, I think it was a new sugar free drink or these new bariatric vitamins that I tried. I stopped both until I can get to allergist for them to do some testing. But it is frustrating, especially when you can't figure out what the heck is going on.
  7. Believe it or not, the time goes by really quickly. I had my initial appointment in October 2018 and had surgery May 2019. I actually went through GW hospital just because it was closer to where I worked and it was easier to get to appointments. But once you start the nutritional portion, it usually depends on what your insurance requires. I was required to attend 6 nutritional appointments and have a psychological evaluation. Once I completed my 6th appointment, I was scheduled shortly thereafter. My husband went through AAMC several years ago and his time frame was similar to mines, so I think it mainly depends on your insurance and you not missing any required appointments. If you do, usually the time will start over. But both hospitals have good programs, I think AAMC was a little stricter in the after surgery eating requirements. I hope this helps.
  8. lyladyp

    Ate Pulled Pork

    Putting pork in a crockpot has been one of my go to’s over the past few months for protein. Did you add anything like a prepackage seasoning or make your own? I agree that sometimes prepackaged seasoning may have some things that may not agree with your system.
  9. I can so relate!! I have literally walked to fridge and turned around a million times over the past few weeks. This morning, I decided to set up a schedule for eating, exercise and an activity that I never have time to do because of my usual schedule. I agree that visualization works and wish you the best!!
  10. lyladyp

    Quarantine 15

    This is exactly what I am trying to avoid happening before I even reach my goal!! I have been purposely trying to eat less and go outside for a few minutes of exercise daily.
  11. lyladyp

    4 months out and stuck

    This is helpful, because I feel like I am in a similar position. I have been stalled for the past couple of months but have just started fasting and exercising more to get to my goal. I think it is interesting that a doctor would say this instead of recommending a solution. Being on this site has opened my eyes about the differences in the amount of support provided from one medical practice to another.
  12. For the past couple of days it feels like I have been working non-stop between teleworking, helping the kids with their work and cleaning. I am trying to get to all of the little projects that I have not had time to do. But it’s only been a couple of days for me so may if it were longer I would be crawling up a wall😧 my future plans over the next week includes organizing, getting rid of things I truly don’t need, catching up on paperwork (will, taxes etc.) and to avoid eating junk. Take advantage of this unexpected, hopefully temporary situation and make a list of things you want to get done. The time will definitely pass.
  13. lyladyp


    Why did I think think this post was going to be about the soda😀 I was ready to say that I had not had one in over a year and at certain times I want one really bad. But I see this is something way more serious. Unfortunately, people can only change when they want to. I am not sure the damage they will done with her having this serious addiction but there is only so much you can do. If you have offered advise and expressed your concerns it may be time to step back. I wish both of you the best.
  14. I only told my immediate family (husband and teenage children) and one coworker that I work directly with and who covers my work when I am off. This was done mainly for a safety standpoint because I had never had surgery before so If something happened they would know what was going on.
  15. lyladyp

    Onederland! What a great feeling!

    Fantastic...keep on losing!