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    4 months out and stuck

    This is helpful, because I feel like I am in a similar position. I have been stalled for the past couple of months but have just started fasting and exercising more to get to my goal. I think it is interesting that a doctor would say this instead of recommending a solution. Being on this site has opened my eyes about the differences in the amount of support provided from one medical practice to another.
  2. For the past couple of days it feels like I have been working non-stop between teleworking, helping the kids with their work and cleaning. I am trying to get to all of the little projects that I have not had time to do. But it’s only been a couple of days for me so may if it were longer I would be crawling up a wall😧 my future plans over the next week includes organizing, getting rid of things I truly don’t need, catching up on paperwork (will, taxes etc.) and to avoid eating junk. Take advantage of this unexpected, hopefully temporary situation and make a list of things you want to get done. The time will definitely pass.
  3. lyladyp


    Why did I think think this post was going to be about the soda😀 I was ready to say that I had not had one in over a year and at certain times I want one really bad. But I see this is something way more serious. Unfortunately, people can only change when they want to. I am not sure the damage they will done with her having this serious addiction but there is only so much you can do. If you have offered advise and expressed your concerns it may be time to step back. I wish both of you the best.
  4. I only told my immediate family (husband and teenage children) and one coworker that I work directly with and who covers my work when I am off. This was done mainly for a safety standpoint because I had never had surgery before so If something happened they would know what was going on.
  5. lyladyp

    Onederland! What a great feeling!

    Fantastic...keep on losing!
  6. lyladyp

    Thank goodness for Mint Tea~

    Also great are Celestial Seasonings mixes- peach passion, black cherry etc.. you don't even miss sweetness that much.
  7. lyladyp

    Calorie app and calorie goals

    MFP is a great or the LoseIt App also works especially if you want join groups for more continuous motivation.
  8. lyladyp

    I must announce....

    Brag away! You have worked for it!🙂
  9. Thanks so much for this post!! This is how I have been looking at this phase- yes it is frustrating but it is giving me the opportunity to work on my exercise which has resulted in building muscle and toning up as I lose and very little loose skin. 🙂
  10. Congratulations!!! I truly enjoy reading these types of posts💯
  11. lyladyp

    Need No gym options

    There are also a ton of free videos from your cable provider if you Fios or Xfinity. I have using the 10 minute workout videos and beginning weight lifting.
  12. lyladyp

    🎈 Pity Party🎈

    All of my weight loss is coming from the upper part of my body. I am starting to resemble a girl in the early stages of developing boobs.🤣🤣
  13. lyladyp


    I am pretty simple with any type of protein right now but I usually grill shrimp (in the oven) and make a shish kebab: shrimp, mushrooms, cherry tomato’s, and a few peppers, sprinkle with a tad bit of olive oil and a little seasoning of your choice. The good thing about shrimp is that it does not need a lot of seasoning and very easy to cook and save for the week.
  14. I thought this was supposed to be a positive board. Simply put everyone’s body and metabolism are not the same. We all know this so If I chose to say that I lose at a slower rate than someone else, sometimes it can be frustrating, then I move past it - then this should be a space to do so, without being put down or bombarded with “scientific facts” that is also not one size fits all. We all have our days where we may compare ourselves to others and then we are realistic and understand that we are not all the same and are thankful for what we have been able to do and the accomplishments we have made so far. Diet, exercise and genetics all play it’s roles in our weight loss as well as gain. Providing informative information and helpful is one thing but I do not understand the need to put others down.
  15. lyladyp


    Congrats! Now the real work begins. I wish you the best throughout your journey!
  16. lyladyp


    Congrats! Now the real work begins. I wish you the best throughout your journey!
  17. Congratulations...🎊 🎉
  18. I have always been a slow loser and I remember going through the initial process and speaking to the nutritionist and ultimately it’s going to come down to exercise for me. It seems as if I store everything, but I am hoping be to be at my goal by the 12-13 month mark. I notice when I amp up the exercise I lose a little more but for others dieting is all they need. I try not to compare anymore because I will only depress myself. After surgery our metabolism and genetic make up has not changed. Surgery is just a way to provide extra assistance.
  19. lyladyp


    I never saw this thread but I am happy to learn that I am not the only one. Before surgery I drank water with no issues, now it has to have some type of flavor. I use lemons or spike it with diet Snapple and have been fine. I used to think it was a mental thing but I guess not.
  20. I weigh myself once a week because for me it seems to be more reliable than weighing daily. I would drive myself crazy weighing daily and watching the fluctuations.
  21. lyladyp


    Yes, I eat cooked spinach at least once a week and mixed greens a few times a week as well without any issues.
  22. lyladyp


    I just insert it into MyFitnessPal app, that way it’s all of my food water intake is one place. I use ounces starting with 24 but you can change the measurements to cups or whatever your prefer.
  23. lyladyp

    Missing you

    I will be hitting the road in a few days and my road trip snacks have definitely changed. Subs and a glazed donut from Krispy Kreme are occasionally missed especially during my 8 hour drives.
  24. lyladyp

    So sick 6 months post op

    Hello, have you been eating anything different recently such as fattier foods? I am also six months out and have noticed that I had to go back to the basics of soup and softer foods for awhile because I have been nauseous lately as well.
  25. lyladyp

    Freaking out a little bit

    I have also been losing at a slower pace. But every pound is a drop in the bucket. Now friendly advice: please weigh and measure yourself only once a week. You will only make yourself mad. Also, since you were on the lower end of the weight scale we (I am including myself) know not to expect to drop those pounds easily. The only thing we can do is work hard and eat right and hope for the best results. But please give the scale a break. 🙂