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Gastric Sleeve Patients
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  1. Zemi

    Eating after wls

    My surgery was on the 17th and I just started purée yesterday but was sick after trying a meal,today, think I made it to try or something. It does feel scary to me trying a new stage so I understand it
  2. Zemi

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Day 12 post op,for me and started purée but finding drinking enough fluid is very hard. Night here and I think I’m around the 40oz mark fluid wise and really need it to be better ...it is easier than it was but still hurts drinking
  3. Zemi

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    That’s great it’s approved now.. well done on no smoking!
  4. Zemi

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Mines the 17th any surgery twins?
  5. I haven’t tried Splenda yet ... stevia and monk fruit in my coffee tasted way weird though. Thanks
  6. Zemi

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    Are you able to eat anything or liquids only? I’m thankful I can have some lean protein and starch free veggies to help give variety but it’s still hard going ..l anything helping your nerves?
  7. Zemi


    i ended up in hospital the other day with a crazy high heart rate and dehydration one week into pre-op ... checking with your dr and adding the electrolytes is a good idea to see if that helps you
  8. Zemi

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    is nerves getting to anyone else?
  9. Zemi

    Protein shakes and nausea

    are you making it with ice, that helped me a bit? getting major gas with them now rather than nausea though
  10. hi, i looked it up and it looks like you can get it as an oral suspension? meaning crushed and in a carrier liquid ... can you ask and see if you can get that done? you said they thought you could crush but you weren't sure? i've had my betablocker made into a liquid for the first month post surgery after seeing all the comments about trouble swallowing; and been told i can crush my bp med (like you one of mine is for controlling heart rate) i went through a run around initially being told mine couldn't be crushed; then that it was disolvable (it sure wasn't), then that it was available as a liquid, then wasn't etc. but eventually got it!
  11. Zemi

    September 2019 🍂🍁

    my sleeve is on the 17th - just nearing the end of the first week of pre-op!
  12. I’m needing a mans size 9 and hating no choice in women’s shoes so really hope so with shoe sizes changing
  13. Zemi

    September sleevers

    Wow I hope it goes well with the all liquid, I’m just nearing the end of week one of pre-op
  14. Tried stevia and monk fruit but don’t like the taste of either, most of the sugar free products I’ve tried seem to end in diarrhea... still pre-op and I know my tastes could change but I do want to be able to have some sweet things occasionally
  15. Thanks... think I’ll try getting some photos taken this weekend or the next before I start pre-op, and I guess I should tackle the measurement issue! Love seeing and reading about the progress others have made