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    Strange pain

    Hi, you mentioned your gp’s guess, have you been able to talk to your surgeon about the pain yet? I hope it eases for you soon
  2. i wondered why more don’t when it can be an issue later on, but nothing was mentioned to me in my appointment so i guess mine doesn’t do this.
  3. Hi, Im still in the pre-surgery stage currently, and trying to get a better handle on alternatives to turning to food for things like: -stress eating -emotional eating -any other food related eating connected to head hunger rather than “real” hunger I know that unless i can find ways to come up with healthier coping tools and healthier distraction options when needed; instead of using food as my answer .... i’m going to sabotage my weight loss surgery or have a high risk for developing or increasing other not so healthy or positive coping skills (cross addictions). the dietician i saw expressed concern about my emotional eating; and my surgeon said that working on the head stuff helps (and i know there’s a good thread on this) in talking to one psychologist about this his response was that nothing really works the same way as food ... that i can try things like mindfulness, journaling and exercise but it’s unlikely they will really work for me in the same way after using food as an answer for well over 30 years. that was discouraging but he has also seen me try and not succeed with alternatives in the past and was trying to be realistic. how have others addressed this? if you are or were an emotional eater what has helped you post surgery to deal with the emotions now? or is it still a struggle ? thanks
  4. hi 🌷 it looks like we are being sleeved around the same time .... i have moments where i’m ok about the idea, moments where i’m excited and moments where i’m incredibly terrified and wondering what i’m doing and how i can go forward. I think it’s normal having fears .... it’s a life changing decision. If you aren’t ready yet you could also ask your surgeon to delay surgery to give you more time to decide what’s best... but think carefully about that first, it does need to be the decision that’s right for you though. Not the one that’s right for anyone else. To be at this point i think you’ve probably tried a lot of other things before, and that hasn’t helped long term, is this true? Are you working with a psychologist or counselor or anyone to help you through the fears? I think as others have mentioned here and in other places probably not taking this step is something we’d regret more; but it still has to be a decision you are happy to be making. I hope talking about it more helps
  5. if you’ve been eating some of your favourite foods prior to starting the pre op diet some of that weight could just be extra fluid. i can vary 5-6lbs in one day so have learnt the scale isn’t always an accurate guide, but it’s also how they measure us so hopefully by the time you’ve done the pre-op diet you’ll be back down and lose extra weight as well. I hope everything goes well with the pre-op diet now, and that your medical team is supportive
  6. Zemi

    Switching Surgeons

    i’m sorry, this sounds really frustrating for you. Since you did like the surgeon and have had a few appointments with other providers now suggesting things are progressing slowly maybe trying your suggestion of contacting the surgeon directly is a good next step?
  7. For those who have had surgery ... if you look back, are there things that you wish you'd known about before hand? I think i'm trying to find out as much as possible before having surgery and hoping i don't go into information overload but use it wisely instead.
  8. Rather than letting it influence whether or not to have surgery, hopefully they would instead be giving you suggestions of what can help regarding how to handle any sabotage that comes up, and also giving you some additional support. How are you being sabotaged currently? I know it’s hard going through it, but maybe if you share more w can help as well so you can have the best outcome possible with your surgery
  9. Zemi

    Psych Eval

    Mine was and is a bit different because I’m already seeing someone and we are working through the bariatric issues together, also part of why I’m waiting a few months still before having surgery. Some psychs seem to love those long questionnaires as you found out during your appointment, hopefully the report is all fine and I’m sorry you have to wait to get an idea of his evaluation
  10. that’s wonderful news! congratulations 🌷 is there any kind of exercise you enjoy more to help motivate you? as in, are you more a team person wanting a team sport or someone who loves swimming, or fitnesses classes etc
  11. Zemi

    Carbs After Bariatric Surgery?

    Thanks ... I was just starting to think it was great to be reading someone else saying carbs were still important after reading this recently, when I realised what I was reading was familiar and from your great book 😁 still very thankful for the information
  12. looking great, well done 😀
  13. im pre-surgery still here and i’ve only told a few people, but already i’m finding the mix of either unsupportive or hurtful replies. I’m reminding myself i’m doing this for me, for my health and it isn’t their journey; at the same time the lack of support and understanding from the small circle i hoped would be supportive has been hard/hurtful so far. i know i’ll hear it from others and expect that, it’s the unexpected ones and then that feeling of being alone on this especially in person. Also disappointed that the support group/program following surgery that i was told about at the information centre isn’t covered by my insurance so another loss of potential support. Very glad i can come here
  14. i haven’t had surgery yet, but so far i’ve read of all kinds of different food issues that people have experienced post surgery ... and those that haven’t ... it’s your journey and everyone experiences things different. You are doing great with the weight loss but i hope you find things that agree with you more soon ... maybe if he read a few other experiences that show differences to his friend it could help? hard knowing on that
  15. @Krimsonbutterflies how did you go with the three you told in your group, were they supportive of you? @kcf9889 I'm so glad you found the topic as well especially if it's been one that is on your mind currently. That's really good that you've had a few positive reactions to your news. Oh boy, that comment about enslaving yourself .... sigh, i'm sorry you had to hear that, and that your friends hurt you the way you did. It's such a shame that people are so misguided in thinking this is easy, it sure doesn't seem easy from what i've read and heard so far! One thing i've noticed with other health professionals has been how quick they've been to recommend I have surgery, but then when I ask them what's involved they are really clueless and often have been among the ones who also think it's an easy option; so not a great indicator when even health professionals are thinking and selling this message.
  16. @MrsGamgee I'm glad that for you it's been mostly a positive experience as far as sharing with others. Good reminder on that it is our body and our choice to have surgery, not anybody else's. @Nomanativ Thanks for your encouragement and support Has it helped that both you and your wife have had the same surgery as far as supporting one another? I'm sorry her family sees it as an easy way out, makes it difficult in many ways. @ypease How have you managed with not telling others when it comes to things like eating out? I guess some of it depends on things like work situations, but for me it seems like it will be hard not sharing because of things like shared morning teas; work dinners etc. Love your golden rule and hope that I can start using that one
  17. @Healthy_life2 thanks for your reply ... i really love this comment because i started trying this with my best friend who sadly is one of those who think it's the easy way out, and quickly found that it wasn't changing their mind, so i really need to stop trying (although i won't stop hoping it will change). Nice reminder also on life being too short to spend on negative people
  18. Hi, great job thinking it through as far as extra support to help with all of this. I’m trying to find some additional people as well and finding it hard finding those with bariatric surgery experience; finding online dieticians and other support might be good. i hope things go well with this new therapist Some of the books i’m reading include: The Big Book on the Gastric Sleeve: Everything You Need to Lose Weight and Live Well with the Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy by Alex Brecher The Emotional First + Aid Kit: A Practical Guide to Life After Bariatric Surgery by Cynthia L. Alexander (seems helpful for what i wanted so far) The Weight Loss Surgery Coping Companion: A Practical Guide for Coping with Post-Surgery Emotions by Tanie Miller Kabala Your Complete Guide to Nutrition for Weight Loss Surgery by Sally Johnston
  19. one of the things with both surgical options i’m considering (bypass and sleeve) is that i’ve been told the hunger should disappear. Has this been your experience for this post surgery?
  20. How long did you see, or will you see one for before and after surgery?
  21. i hope it all went well for you as far as the surgery
  22. Zemi

    Approved for Surgery :)

    congratulations on being approved!!! wonderful news 😀
  23. i’m a few months before surgery but just bought a post surgery portion plate and bowl to help with measuring, plus a recipe books although i’m sure i’ll be looking through here a lot as well. Wishing you well with your surgery and your new life
  24. i love this topic because it’s given me so many things i’ve read and think yes!!! i want it for this reason as well 😀 still working on a list of my own but there are so many wonderful reasons listed