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  1. HW: 197 Surgery date: 10/1/19 GW: High: 120, Low: 110 CW: 126 lost to date! 71 lbs!
  2. Had surgery 10/1 and have lost a total of 60lbs. Feeling great! I’m currently at 137lbs. Only 22lbs from my high end goal, and 27lbs from my final goal.
  3. ypease

    OMG Shin splints!

    I get shin splints as well. Sometimes doesn’t matter inside or outside. I bought 3 pairs of Jobst knee high compression stockings. The dress type, not nylons. They come in different colors and are not the really constricting compression socks. I have not suffered from shin splints since wearing them. Yea!
  4. Amazing! Wow, you would think that since they covered the cost of the surgery, they would pay for aftercare! My insurance doesn’t cover my wls, and my doctor is going to try to run my blood work through their lab. If they charge a fortune, I checked out Any Lab Now. They only charge $449.00 for basically the same tests.
  5. I think some if the issues re fluid intake maybe because of your nausea. Let's face it, when you feel sick like that the last thing you want to do is swallow something to stir it back up. You will get through this. You are strong and have made it this far. Keep envisioning what you will be doing in 3 months you don't do now! Everyones journey is different. You can do this! I have lost 24 lbs since 10/1 when I had my surgery. Just look what you have to look forward too!
  6. ypease

    Getting back in control

    I just got my sleeve on 10/1. I'm still dealing with head hunger and the nibbles late at night. I see how I could derailed easily, however I'm fighting the fight. My husband works 2nd shift and gets home around 11pm - 12am. He is really good about fixing his dinner and eating it in the dining area. However, from either the Bedroom or living room, I swear I can smell it! Head hunger is a powerful thing. I laughed the other night as I found his stash of cookies and told him, "well, I'm not sure I'll ever eat those again. So, I do have the power. But, I could swear I could hear those little drvils calling my name!
  7. ypease

    I can't believe it!!

    Precious Memories. Congratulations
  8. I have a Vita Mix and a really small Kitchen Aid chopper. I've use the kitchen Aid twice since 10/1 when I had my sleeve surgery. I'm not sure if I would fork out the $. However, if you can see yourself using it in the future for smoothies, or things like that, then by all means indulge.
  9. I hate the sweet taste of protein shakes as well. I only drink like a third at a time. wait 30 mins and follow with water. I have unflavored protein powder and I bought unsweetened Kool aid to flavor my water, that way I can control the sweet taste.
  10. ypease

    Post op hunger pains

    I had that problem for a bit. I wasn't hungry, but my tummy was telling to go EAT!!! I wasn't really hungry, it was mostly head hunger. I was actually dizzy from it all. I called my Nutritionist and talked to her for a bit. She suggested that I stretch out my food (eat a little lunch now and then finish a few mins later), and make sure I was getting in my 64 oz of water and 70 grams of protein and not to forget my vitamins. It worked but for a few days....Ackkk!
  11. I was having a real hard time getting in my 4 oz of protein shake as well. My nutritionist told me "I don't have to clean my plate". Just get it in our the course of a day. I'm in Phase 4 now, where we are starting to reintroduce most foods, still not solids, but soft foods. I still have trouble with getting all my water in as well. especially now, as my diet is not all liquid. As far as the energy levels go, did you start vitamins as soon as you got home? If not, check with your doc. You may be deficient and need a blood test to figure out just what you need.
  12. This will be my official last post as a Pre Op. I had my Sleeve surgery on 10/1 in Mexico at the Fabulous Hospital BC in Tijuana. My surgeon was Dr. Illan and his Team. He is marvelous surgeon! And the staff at Hospital BC treat you like you are family. I have had absolutely no problems and since surgery have lost 24 lbs. I'm not sure I could have been as successful as I currently have been without the wisdom and random questions put out there by all of you. You have all been my life line in times of doubt and panic, anxiety and fear. I can never thank those of you who have been here. Although I will be moving my main attention to the Post Op forum for help. Anyone of your detractors who may tell you this is the easy way out is full of bologna. Just ask them to give up a lifetime of bad eating and eating what ever you wanted, when ever you wanted to a a small amount of (2 to 4 oz) Healthy Foods for an indefinite period of time. This little fact isn't here to scare anyone, it's just the reality of my passed 3 weeks. My husband has gone through a steep learning curve as well. He has been marvelous and is learning about my diet, has been altering his. He is now losing weight as well. For those of you who are for one reason or another are going this alone, don't be discouraged! Just remember, in nature the most unattractive caterpillars, through a great metamorphosis turning into the most beautiful butterflies. And they go it alone as well! You my friends are starting that journey. So with all of this said, go have your surgery, live long, live healthy! And just remember, I'm still watching you.....
  13. October 1st here. Doing great. Re cravings. The cravings are all in your head (head hunger). If you noticed, you didn’t feel hungry. But your head really tells you yummmmm. One of the first ah ha moments for me was a BK commercial. Omg! Thought I would die. Then I noticed, huh, I’m really not hungry, but my head was sending me off the rail! Since then is has gotten a lot easier. I joke about it with my husband. However, 1 thing I notice, the smell of French fries now smells like dirty socks to me. Weird.
  14. I had my sleeve done in Mexico on the 1st by Dr. Illan at Hospital BC. I feel great! I’ve followed all directions for home care (well....). And I felt marvelous the day I went home. I won’t lie, the gas pains were a little irritating the first night, but a heating pad and my own tender massage made it all better. As far as meds go? I came home with a bunch. All put one was supplied by the hospital. I had to buy the blood thinner shots. They were very inexpensive. Now, I’m not trying to make anyone out there feel bad because if they’ve already had surgery, are having surgery right now and their experience is not the same as mine. God knows, I gleaned a lot of wisdom from this site prior to my surgery. Please remember, everyone is different! So, enjoy your new adventure, and let it just happen, the way it’s supposed too.Wow, I guess now I actually belong on the Post Surgery group. Soon, so will you......
  15. To all the October Peeps out their awaiting their surgery - you will be fine. Just got back from my veg yesterday. My surgery was 10/1. Feeling marvelous. What made a big difference was having a buddy. Lizzziee and I met on this forum and both had our surgeries the same day, at the same hospital. I think it helped a lot, plus we both had a ton of fun. Maybe it is not possible to find someone at the same place at the same time like we were able to, but buddy up with someone through personal email, messenger, whatever. I not only have someone who shares my experience, I feel I have a good friend for this journey we both will share.