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  1. BessyF50

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    How are you all managing with the fall/holiday temptations? Lots of snacks and candy around lately. I’m snacking which is bad and stress eating more, I lost just one pound this whole month. Any advice for the coming few mo the of holiday eating?
  2. BessyF50

    A book called Always Hungry?

    My psych said to read the beck diet solution. I’m slow in finishing it tho
  3. BessyF50

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    I’m second guessing my calories, I’ve lost 20 lbs and I’m 5 weeks post opp. Maybe I’m eating too much? Why the stalls for such a long time? Since week 2 I’ve been struggling to lose more than a pound or two a week. I lost 15 lbs in like the first 10 days then stop. Oh well must workout now I guess?
  4. BessyF50

    June 2019 Surgery Siblings!

    I did it, June 17. It was tough for 3 days, I was wondering if I will stop feeling pain. But then today I managed with no pain. Getting used to the new food schedule is difficult, but manageable. Wow hunger pangs can be really strong tho, can wait to progress to real foods. I need to make sure I get my vitamins and water and then walk for workouts.
  5. BessyF50

    June 2019 sleevers

    Purplegirl, I've read your comment a couple of times but haven't searched. I'd love to know the cons. I want to be aware. In my case my decision probably won't change as I have health issues now from being obese for so long, plus harder to workout, less energy. So I would probably have to do this as a health issue, but is it that you could have done keto instead? Or you weren't in critical health? Or I'd love to hear more about the cons from you. From your stats it seems that you weren't too big to start? Did you have obesity health issues as well?
  6. June 17th, also in the June forum
  7. BessyF50

    June 2019 sleevers

    oops, newbie, I posted below (instead of quote)
  8. BessyF50

    June 2019 sleevers

    Thank you. I have a stressful but home based call center job. So I am hoping that I can work as soon as I am off medication. Vitamins are going to be a big issue for me, I love buying vitamins but hate taking them every day. Plus I take other pills too, I hate popping pills all the time but I will get used to this. But I've heard vitamins are critical especially for mental health, I can't afford any relapses or worsening of mental health, yikes. Must take vitamins B12.
  9. BessyF50

    June 2019 sleevers

    Hi Work just approved my June 17th week off for vsg. I'm hoping I can work the following week, I don't quality for fmla yet. I'm rushing to get everything done but have been thinking about the surgery for 2 years now. I'm finally decided to do this in the winter. I have a pre op to do, plus maybe ekg. Plus read up on what to stock up on etc. Lots to learn, excited/nervous but ready.

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