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    april042019 reacted to sillykitty in Does weight loss start slowing down the more you lose weight?   
    Agree! You really need to find a Protein you can tolerate. There are tons of options beyond powdersc and shakes at the BariatricPal Store.

    Also many (most?) of us don’t love the shakes and powders, but we do it because we have to. Sometimes you just have to suck it up for your health!
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    april042019 reacted to mousecat88 in Does weight loss start slowing down the more you lose weight?   
    Aside from the Protein, only 140 calories a day??? (Since 60 are from vitamins) That's like week 2 levels, not 4 months. Yikes. Maybe contact your dietitian???
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    april042019 reacted to Superman84 in Does weight loss start slowing down the more you lose weight?   
    This one I got just opened it today 1 scoop with Water in a shaker cup and shake for 10secs no lumps at all and tastes amazing like chocolate milk shake

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    april042019 got a reaction from Healthy_life2 in Milestone #1 just passed   
    Congrats! You look great!! And so do your adorable cats!! Keep up the good work! ❤️
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    april042019 got a reaction from mousecat88 in Does weight loss start slowing down the more you lose weight?   
    Haha thank you! To be honest it's mostly because I haven't been getting enough Protein in at all! I know, that's very bad. I just can't stomach the shakes or anything with a powder in it. I try to eat as much chicken and turkey and high protein foods as I can but that too is limited to 1/2 a cup/ meal.
    I also did a lot of cardio this summer so that helped with the calorie deficit. Lately I haven't been going to the gym as much because school and work started and I've been really busy. So I'm trying to keep my calorie intake at a minimum so that I can continue to be in a similar amount of calorie deficit. Right now, I'm usually not eating more than 200-250 calories a day (60 of them are calories from vitamins).
    Again, I know that sounds really unhealthy especially since I'm supposed to keep up with my protein goals but It's a struggle and I'm trying...
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    april042019 got a reaction from FluffyChix in Salad   
    I'm almost 5 months out but I started eating salads right after I got to start eating normal food (so like 4-5 weeks out). I had no problems whatsoever. I still eat them occasionally.
    The only problem with salads (for me) is that they don't have much Protein in them and they're also really voluminous so you can't eat much.
    If you're unsure and really want a salad I'd say try a little bit and give yourself 15-20 minutes to see if anything happens.
    Also, beware of calories in dressings!
    Good luck and congratulations!!
  7. Congrats!
    april042019 reacted to Sharon B A in My first major goal met!!   
    My first goal for 2019 was to lose 50lbs by 50 years old. I turn 50 on Saturday and this morning i finally met my goal!!! 50lbs lost since 01/4/19 and 25lbs since surgery 7/23/19... woop woop!!!
    We just got back from New Orleans and I realized that i didn't need to eat or drink alcohol to truly enjoy myself, its who you surround yourself with! My sister came over from London, my daughter and her partner, my nephew plus 3 of my best friends and we had a blast!! The celebrations will continue for the next 2 weeks while other friends and family arrive from abroad to Celebrate this milestone withme.

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    april042019 reacted to FluffyChix in Does weight loss start slowing down the more you lose weight?   
    Yep. So. so. so. slow.
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    april042019 reacted to BlueEyedAngel28 in 1 yr and 10 months out (pics)   
    Thank u so much.. It really means alot

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    april042019 reacted to mousecat88 in Does weight loss start slowing down the more you lose weight?   
    If you can get from a BMI of 70 to a BMI of 20 in 12 months, please share your secrets! 135lbs in 4 months is amazinngggg.

    And yeah, much slower. I lose 7-10lbs per month as opposed to 20+.
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    april042019 got a reaction from BlueEyedAngel28 in 1 yr and 10 months out (pics)   
    Congratulations! You look great! Hard work pays off!
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    april042019 got a reaction from ProudGrammy in Does weight loss start slowing down the more you lose weight?   
    I hope everyone's doing well!
    So I've been trying to set some goals for myself (weight wise) and I'm unsure on how to predict weight loss in the future. Will weight loss start to slow down the more you lose it? Logic is telling me yes but for me it hasn't so far so i'm thinking that that might not be the case. I've been losing pretty much the exact amount of weight every month for 4 months now. (I had surgery about 5 months ago) Even though I've dropped so much weight I'm still losing the same amount every month. So should I expect to keep losing the same amount or should I expect a decrease? I don't want to underestimate too much and end up setting an easily achieved goal (I think if I reached it early I'd feel like it was too easy and stop trying as hard). I want something that'll push me but also be more realistic.
    I know you lose the most weight your first year after surgery, the "honeymoon" phase, so the goal I want to set is still within the year. I had surgery in April and the goal date I want to set is New Year's Day. So I'll be about 9 months out.
    Has anyone experienced weight loss slowing down the more you lose weight? Or has it been consistent?
    For people that have reached their goal weight, did it get harder to lose it the closer you got?
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    april042019 got a reaction from Lynda486 in What’s your favorite protein shake   
    I absolutely cannot stand Protein Shakes because i hate the taste of Protein Powder and it's usually really strong in the shakes. The only ones I can tolerate are Ensure Mocha and Caramel Premier (WITH coffee ONLY)
    Everyone's different though. What I did was I bought one of each (that looked interesting to me) and tried them all.
    Good luck!
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    april042019 reacted to catwoman7 in Post op foods help please   
    some people become lactose intolerant after surgery - some temporarily, others permanently. It's possible that's what's going on with the dairy products.
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    april042019 got a reaction from Bianca S. in Stomach sleeper   
    I'm a stomach sleeper too. I actually like to flip around a lot while i'm asleep and that was impossible to do right after surgery. It was painful to move in any way let alone flip around in bed. I think it took me about 10 days to start laying on my stomach. I remember being really scared to try it because it was always so painful to move so I assumed that that position would be the worst but it turned out to be really comfortable. I started with putting a pillow under my stomach and laying on it during the day until i got over the fear that I was going to open my incisions or my pouch lol. I had no discomfort at all when I finally attempted it.
    I'd say take it slow and if you feel any pain at all just give it some more time before trying again.
    Good luck and congratulations!
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    april042019 reacted to JessLess in Does weight loss start slowing down the more you lose weight?   
    Both in regular diets and after bariatric surgery it has slowed down quite a bit. If I were to increase exercise and cut calories now it may make a difference.
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    april042019 reacted to Superman84 in Does weight loss start slowing down the more you lose weight?   
    Well obviously the closer to your goal the less to shed so definitely the final 20-30lbs can take just as long as the first 100lbs.
    Just like ppl from 600lb life losing 100lbs the first month because they have 400 to lose.
    Most people need at least 6 months to lose 100lbs but it all comes down to your total EXCESS WEIGHT %
    for the best chance at success you need to be strict from day 1 follow your plan to the letter!!

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    april042019 reacted to catwoman7 in Does weight loss start slowing down the more you lose weight?   
    yes. I lost pretty rapidly the first six months or so, then it slowed down quite a bit. Once I was a year out, it REALLY slowed down - like to maybe 2 lbs a month.
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    april042019 got a reaction from BetterBelizeIt in Surgery date approacheth   
    Just a few more days, you can do it!
    Wishing you the best and a speedy recovery! ❤️
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    april042019 reacted to GreenTealael in MyFitnessPal   
    Oh hell nah, Y'all cant know that i ate 2 donuts and a salad 😂😂😂
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    april042019 reacted to KimTriesRNY in I can’t date overweight people   
    My only question is if you rule someone out based upon weight alone how do you know this isn’t something they are actively working on?
    Are you saying you would never date someone that has had the same issue as you did? There are women that may be actively losing weight that aren’t going to share this with someone right out of the gate.
    For me it’s like saying I would never date a short man or a man that was losing some hair. I’ve learned basing attraction solely off of looks does rule out some prospects for no reason, but some of this comes with age and experience.
    Things like intelligence, a great sense of humor, integrity, manners, and the like are more things I look for now.
    Not saying you should be with someone you aren’t attracted to, but sometimes just because you don’t feel overwhelming lust for someone at first sight doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a look.
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    april042019 reacted to Midnightsun in The Nightmare of Dating   
    Hi, this post breaks my heart. I grew up in the 80’s and I was a bit of a wild child to say the least. Had lots of fun and good times. My son is your age. (I have 2, and 2 stepsons) There is a definite distinction to making love and sex. A man that truly loves you doesn’t care about weight, skin, makeup or anything but you and your health so you are there for with him forever. Having sex is just going through the motions with someone who could or could not care less about you. Making love is special between you and your loved one and you can feel the love. You really cannot compare the two. This is totally separate from dating.
    Now to the dating part. A man is going to treat you how you make him treat you. You need to realize your self worth, how you deserve to be treated with respect, caring, thought-fullness, honor, kindness and want to take care of you. If you see a man and he isn’t kind to his mother, family, people you see him interact with, he isn’t going to be kind or respect you. Does he open the door for you? For someone walking in? No... then don’t even give him the time of day. Does he have children? Does he see and take care of his kids? Does he complain about child support? If he not, he isn’t going to try and take care of you.
    Now to the most important would be you. Stop and put your self first, show confidence, take the time to do the hair, makeup, clothes, put some jewelry on and do it for you! It will make you feel better! I would definitely see a counselor and see why you don’t feel worthy of love. Women and men of all ages, shapes and sizes find love everyday. However, if you don’t see the worth in yourself how is someone else? You need to carry with you your demand for respect and worthiness. Sometimes we do things like put a wall up to keep people away. This seems like very much what you may be doing and feeling so low about yourself that you took anything to be accepted. A counselor would certainly be able to help you and remember this and your weight could all be long gone if you work on it. I would also look into your insurance, call them most it seems will remove some of your excess skin if it is causing rashes etc. So if it happens, you may be able to get it taken care of and not need to worry about it so much. Please feel free to reach out to me privately, you cannot ask me anything I would be embarrassed about. I would love nothing more than to see your success story here and having a happy family. Be confident and demand respect and it will fall into place. Good luck to you.

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    april042019 reacted to Ed_NW in Dating   
    Before internet, the best way to meet people with similar interests would be to participate in activities that you might be passionate about. If you're in to exercise you could join a gym or participate in marathons, etc. If you like to dance, cook, sew or are creative in other ways, you could take some classes for those things. I think it is important to find someone that is passionate about the same things as you are. The best way to meet someone like that is to do those things around other like-minded people. You're a beautiful woman, I'm sure you will have a lot to choose from. Good luck!
  24. Haha
    april042019 reacted to KimTriesRNY in Dating   
    Matchmaker matchmaker make me a match!
    Find me a find, catch me a catch!
    Night after night in the dark I’m alone
    So find me a match of my own!

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    april042019 reacted to Superman84 in 20 in a month? That's crazy lol   
    Pretty sure that's a very specific insurance company because most won't do COSMETIC surgery unless medically necessary!!