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  1. Hello everyone! I hope everyone's doing well. I'm currently bored at work and thought I'd give you guys an update of how i'm doing. I remember reading/ watching other people talk about how they're doing a while after surgery and it motivated me so much to keep going with the process and not be scared. So I hope this helps someone somewhere! Anyway, I'm 11 months and 7 days post op RNY. I've officially lost 230 lbs. I started as 415 lbs and as of today I'm 185 lbs! As of today i'm a size 6-8 jeans/ Medium tops. I'm so grateful for this surgery and for myself for not giving up on myself when it could've been so easy to do so. I wish I had taken action sooner but it is what it is and I'm happy I eventually did. I still have about 60 lbs to go to get to my ideal weight for my height but i'm not in a hurry and i'm just going with the flow. So, in terms of restriction and the size of my pouch now, there is none. LOL. At first, I was so scared to eat too much or to do anything that would stretch my pouch. I went to my nutritionalist and told her about it and how i felt like sometimes I was eating too much or i didn't feel the restriction as much and she told me not to worry and that my stomach will tell me when to stop. Unfortunately, I might've taken her advice too far. I stopped measuring stuff and just ate what I felt like. My pouch is regular sized now I think. Sometimes when I'm eating with other people I'll actually eat more than they do. But honestly I'm not too bothered by it. I know it would've been great to still have that restriction but I feel like i've learned so much about the type of food i should be eating and how to track it that I don't really need my pouch to keep me in control anymore. I started drinking soda about 2 months ago, diet of course. I know that's bad but it honestly helps me with hunger and cravings. For exercise, I do cardio about 2-3 times a week. Now, loose skin. I have tons! My arms hang like crazy. My thighs remind me of my grandpas thighs 😂 My stomach doesnt bother me TOO much (unlike my arms) but it's still a presence. But no matter how much i critique myself or sometimes hate what I see in the mirror, IT IS SO WORTH IT. I remember how miserable i was before losing all the weight. I couldn't go up the stairs to our apartment without feeling like I couldn't breathe. I couldn't walk or even stand for longer than a minute or two. I couldn't find ANY shoes that were comfortable, everything hurt! It makes me so sad to just think about what it was like to live like that. My social life hasn't changed much. I'm naturally really shy and I don't really put myself out there to meet new people. However, I have noticed how people treat me now. It's awful to say but I feel like I'm taken more seriously now that I'm not as heavy as I was. I'm treated better by people at restaurants, stores, and even at work. It's also true with people I knew before and even with my family. My relatives are suddenly so much nicer to me. Of course there are always the comments on how "beautiful i've become" and how "this is much better". I try not to let it bother me but it does. Not just the comments but their attitudes toward me as well. Why are they nicer now that I'm thinner? Was my weight really bothering them before? I can't imagine being mean to someone just because of how they look or how much they weigh. It really says a lot about them. Oh, there's also the people that think losing the weight was SO EASY for me because of the surgery and that I put zero work into it myself. I'm not even gonna talk about that because YOU GUYS KNOW. ANYWAY, that's me. I'm really proud of myself and all i've done. I hope i can lose the rest of the weight and then actually maintain it!
  2. Heyy guys! I hope everyone's doing well! I have good news! It may not be much but I'm super excited so i'm sharing!! So for a while now I've only been wearing leggings because my old size 24 jeans had been slipping off so much and became impossible to wear. Anyway, even my leggings (3x) became too baggy for my liking so I decided to go shopping! I was at costco and they had these cute leggings with pockets that I loved but the only size left was an XL and they also had these turtle neck shirts that are really cute and only $5 but only had an XL as well so I got them both thinking that I could probably wear them in a month or two when they'd fit. I also went to the mall and got two pairs of jeans, a 16 (that I thought would BARELY fit) to wear now and a 14 to wear in a couple months. When I got home I tried them all on, including the size 14 jeans I bought for later and GUESS WHAT! They all fit perfectly!! SO EXCITED!! 😁 (sorry for the cropping and coloring my room's a mess and so are my toes 😂 😬)
  3. 101.5 lost at 3 months 162.7 lost at 6 months 😄 GOOD LUCK!
  4. So lately i haven't been eating as much in terms of calories and I'm absolutely fine with it. I'm not really hungry,Ii feel like i'm satisfied, and best of all i'm consistently losing weight! However, I keep reading these things about people saying that if you're eating very little calories to lose weight, you're body will get used to it and when you start eating more calories (although still low enough to be in a deficit and lose weight / or maintain) you'll actually end up gaining weight because you're body will think that you're in a surplus. This is scaring the heck out of me. Is it even true? Any ideas? And if it's actually true, WTH do I do now??!!! 😰
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    I felt the same way at first. It got so bad that I would leave my house and get myself stuck in traffic so that I wouldn't be able to eat😄 It'll end don't worry 😄
  6. I'm sorry to hear that! Hopefully you won't have any complications! I think for history of heart problems and stuff like that they might consider regional anesthesia instead of general anesthesia. I'm just guessing though. I probably have no idea what I'm saying😬
  7. LOL I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! SO FRUSTRATING RIGHT?! I don't know what kind of questions you'd really have to ask at this point. For my preop appointment I asked if they were gonna put a catheter because I would've FREAKED OUT. Thankfully(for both parties), they said they didn't. 😁 I had just watched the movie Awake (DONT WATCH IT NOW) and made my doctor swear on his whole family's life that I wouldn't wake up during surgery😂 I also threatened to sue all of tucson if it happened😂 (this was obviously my first surgery ever as an adult and I was freaking out) Anyway, everything went well and I'm so grateful! Good luck to you and hang in there!! ❤️
  8. I'm sure a lot of people did but I doubt many insurance companies will pay for it. I hope yours does though!
  9. april042019

    Post-OP Diet Curiosity

    ^ I agree you won't even want to eat anything else. I couldn't even eat jello or popsicles they felt like sugary hell to me. I never had that problem before nor do I now. Everything was just off the first week or two. GOOD LUCK!!! ❤️
  10. april042019

    Thanks but no thanks

    LOL same! It's usually people that aren't that close to me and don't know about my surgery. They'll be like FINISH YOUR FOOD or eat this and eat that. If I say that I can't because I'm on a diet they'll keep nagging and telling me to take a break and forget about my diet for they day. Even if I did want to listen to them, I cant! ALL THAT FOOD WON'T FIT! but they don't know that so to a lot of people i'm the diet freak that won't even eat half a bagel 🤦‍♀️ oh well...
  11. april042019

    Another set back...

    Same! I started my application process in March 2018 and had my surgery in April 2019. I was probably their most annoying patient lol! I did everything they said right away and when it was their turn to process things they would take FOREVER so I would keep calling to ask if there were any updates and they wouldn't say anything but I knew they were extremely annoyed. Anyway, I was beginning to lose hope when all of a sudden they were like okay everything looks good and we'll call you to schedule a date! It happened all of a sudden so stay hopeful! It'll happen eventually! Good luck! ❤️
  12. Hey guys! Just wondering, how many calories do you eat a day (on average)? and how far out are you? Also, how many times a week do you workout and for how long? I eat about 500 cals a day and work out 3 times a week ( I try to burn 800 cals every workout )
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    Same It's been about 70 days for me but it didn't start right after surgery. Just a couple months ago. Good luck!
  14. april042019

    Pain management medications

    I don't think it should be a problem because they'll give you pain meds after surgery anyway. You should still ask just in case. Good luck!
  15. april042019

    Partner Support

    ^I agree. I remember just a week or so after surgery I went to the grocery store with my mom and I saw a reallly good looking broccoli cheddar soup and told my mom that I wish I could eat it but i can't ( I was still on clear liquids I think ). My mom went and picked up the soup and took it home for herself and just kept eating it in front of me. I knew it was my problem and that she shouldn't have to restrict herself in front of me but it just hurt me that she didn't care. So yeah it would be nice if you didn't do that. Also this site is amazing so if you need to know anything you can always post and ask! Good luck to you and your wife! ❤️
  16. april042019

    My journey

    You look amazing!!! Keep it up!!! ❤️
  17. april042019

    Bored of same ole food

    What are you eating now?
  18. april042019

    Starting over

    It must be hard having to go through it all over again but stay strong! This is why it's called a journey! Good luck! I wish you the best!
  19. april042019

    Length of surgery

    I think the actual surgery was 1.5-2 hours but what takes the most time is the recovery room. I was in there for about 5 hours until they could find me a room.
  20. So we were in Phoenix a couple weeks ago and we went to the Angry Crab Shack and it was amazing! However, no one had any idea on how many calories are in it! It's so weird. Seafood boil has been trending for a while now and everyones eating it yet no one has a clue what its nutritional value is...? I got the 1 lb king crab legs with 1 piece of corn and the Trifecta seasoning (which was something like lemon garlic and cajun seasoning). I obviously didn't eat the corn nor did I finish the crab ( I ate maybe half of it ). Anyway, I googled it so much before we got there and asked the people at the restaurant (I know that's kinda annoying but I really wanted to know). No one has a clue. So I know I can figure out how many calories are in regular crab legs but the thing that's haunting me is the sauce! I saw a few copycat videos and every time they'd do the sauce they'd add 4-5 WHOLE sticks of butter! I know people dont usually eat ALL the sauce but still! Plus I saw a few videos where they'd stuff the crabs with extra butter! I want to try it again here in SF but if it has as many calories as I think, it's definitely not worth it to me. Does anyone have any ideas?
  21. Thank you!! I hope this is close to the real thing! 😪
  22. april042019

    Tomorrow it begins.

    Congratulations and good luck!!! STAY STRONG!
  23. april042019

    Sleeve Next Week!

    I feel you! I wish I hadn't told a lot of people. Still, this isn't about them or their opinions. It's about you and what you think it right for you. They don't know what you've been through or what your day to day struggles are. Even if they love you and mean well, they still don't know. So don't worry about what anyone else thinks. You are the one living your life right now and you're the only one who knows what it's like and what it needs. Good luck! ❤️
  24. april042019

    Getting Stuck

    I don't know what you can do after the fact but if food's getting stuck in there then I think you should be chewing more. A LOT more. Good luck!