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  1. Good Morning, I am also up early today. Thank you for sharing your story. I always feel it's 'never to late" I spent years waiting to allow myself some happiness, waiting to use the "nice" china....just...waiting...I waited so long I missed out on the chance to have children....but....we push forward. It truly is a gift that you realized the prison you had been in. I'm only a couple of months out. and I've went though the stage of regretting all of this. but...there is a light...I share your optimism on the future. Take Care, Panda
  2. I had a stall but I broke it by upping my liquid. THANK YOU ALL for replying. Not saying she's wrong, but I just don't think they look at us as individuals, just numbers or data points sometimes. Going to listen to my body and stay the course...as long as my energy levels and labs turn out okay I think I'll be fine. The last two days I did up it a bit and got to 550 calories and I still seem to be losing, but......don't want to overeat...thats what started this crazy cycle to begin with!!! ahhhh Head games......
  3. I have been pretty faithful to my doctors diet. I went to my 6 week follow up. I thought I would get praised on my decent weight loss and adherence to the plan but instead I got that I need to eat 1200 calories a day by the physician's assistant. strange that it even came up. I am getting the protein, etc in and following "their diet" I eat around 350 to 450 calories a day. I only know that because I use my fitness pal I didn't even think we "had" to track calories. I also email the nutritionist at this practice regularly and she seems okay with my diet. I sort of protested to this lady and she said my weight loss would be more... I thought it was irresponsible of her to suggest it. Had I been a less stronger willed woman I would have been tempted to go eat French Fries right after my appointment. The good news is I'm doing okay I feel good and getting my 80 grams of protein in but even before surgery I would have never eaten 1200 calories. Anything over 800 made me gain. If i was at maintenance phase I would understand but at 6 weeks? She said if I didn't eat more I would ruin my metabolism. Very frustrating to hear.
  4. I'm a low loser myself but once I upped my calories and my fluid to 80 oz a day weight started coming off. I also started walking more..nothing crazy but getting the body moving.
  5. Panda333

    Post-op weight loss expectations

    Remember, men lose 2 times as fast so females can't go by what a man experiences.
  6. Panda333

    Four weeks post op RNY

    I think you are losing just fine. I had surgery on October 1 and weighed 285 that day. Today I'm 266.....for two weeks I stayed at 270...stall already......So..I've only lost 19 lbs. It's slow compared to others but still happy to be slowly losing. I do wonder why i did this to myself sometimes. I thought with RNY you were supposed to lose faster.
  7. Panda333


    I definitely relate...Just had bypass on October 1. I wanted the sleeve for me and so did my primary but my surgeon said I needed the bypass because I was over 300 lbs. The sleeve is for smaller people he said. The bypass is known for it's complications which is why I didn't want it and of course...I got the complications. I've had so many complications and you can prepare all you want mentall and with psych appointments but nothing "really" prepares you for this. Yes, I miss real food. I'm also looosing sooo slow. Here is the thing, I already did this to myself and now I guess I need to make the best of it. This surgery landed me in the hospital 2 weeks later. Thank god I had insurance I saw those bills. $85,000.00 for the hospital on the surgery and $35,000.00 for the 2nd hosptial visit were there was a tear in where the doctor sewed me up. Sorry to digress getting off topic. But hang in there and know you are not the only one. xo - Panda
  8. Health is still #1 for me but damn str8, i can’t wait to look good to myself and others. Sadly, I know after massive weight loss It will not be...... For me it’s massive...some of you start at 200 which I consider small but I started above 300. What will happen is that i will look good in my clothes assuming I hit my goal, but I won’t look Good nekkid. So....then plastics need to be done. We don’t want to go through all this to not love our BOD. So...saving $$ for plastics is important to me. Not sure i anyone follows Bariatric surgeon Dr. V, on YouTube but he has many videos how if you have massive weight loss, you must have plastics afterThat’s the only way to get rid of those fat cells and for you to get right mentally. Those fat cells won’t leave unless you get plastic surgery...so you can lose weight....but they stay there....those little cells.waiting for you to feed them again and get fluffy again. Plastics will be motivation not to gain again. Just my 2 cents for whateva it’s worth, lol.
  9. Panda333

    Cigna - Denial Due Location??

  10. Panda333

    Weight going up

    @Lynda486 I was just about to start a thread called 3 week stall and weight gain until I saw this thread.. I am experiencing the same. I have not lost for about a week in fact I've gained 2 lbs. I JUST got the surgery Oct 1. I haven't even logged the two lb weight gain because I want to deny it. It happened around day 21 of the surgey. I've added soft foods in and I think that's why. I'm hitting my protein and fluid goals I just happen to be eating more real food. I never go past 350 calories a day and I get two 30 minutes walks in a day. I don't understand and I weigh several times a day and at the grocery store. I'm reading the responses and they give me some comfort but this is disheartening to have gone through this and now I've gained??? I did better pre-op...OMG..wondering what I did to myself and regretting this surgery. I'm not constipated at all everything is working on that front. Everyone says you lose the most the 1st six months of surgery and now I've stopped.
  11. Haven't posted in a while. Today marks 1 month. Even with my little ER trip I'm glad I did it. But...a RANT. I haven't lost a pound in a week. I have the dreaded 3 week stall. unbelievable. What gives me comfort is that this is a "thing" but dammit only eating 300 calories a day you would think that something would be coming off but no....ARGH...other than that I feel okay...been sticking to my diet..a couple of days the fluids were low. One night I forgot my vitamin...but overall good.
  12. @mousecat88I would put this in the category if they are old enough to choose their own gender assignment without parent's approval like most states, they can decide they want the surgery. I personally believe the person should be 18 unless it's life threatening.
  13. Panda333


    I agree with what everyone said but I personally have always been calorie sensitive. Even before I had WLS If I ate over 800 calories I would gain. The doctors never believed me that I got fat on 800 calories a day, even doing triathlons, but I did. I supposedly have pcos but no doctor will have the guts to tell me. even though I'm insulin resistant, hirsute, never got my periods. Now a days since my surgery. I try not to go over 400 calories in any one day or I don't seem to lose. Maybe 100 calories a meal. I am 3 1/2 weeks post op . @colleen156 Just remember, everyone is different,
  14. Panda333

    Will Aetna still accept me?

    as long as you have your documention it was 3 months when you started, they will accept. You may have to fight them. If you search my posts they gave me an initial denial after I finished my 3 month program. I fought them and won!