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  1. I started with walking and then hiking and biking. And some swimming when training for a tri. But I added an upper body and leg routine fairly early. I use light weights for my arm exercises, with focus on increasing reps more than upping the pounds. I also do wall pushups, stair climbing, and a stretching routine. I found most of the exercises on line, and also from a booklet from my surgeon. The exercises definitely have helped strengthen and tone. The goal is to build some muscle that will increase metabolic tissue. The exercises take about 20 minutes a day, the stair climbing an extra 20 minutes (on work days where I have flights of stairs in my building), and then hiking/biking/swimming on non work days which takes 1-2 hours. Exercise is definitely a time consuming part of the day, but so worth it. I applaud you for making it a part of your healthy new life.
  2. Sounds a bit more like paranoid schizophrenia, especially with the delusions. It's true that the surgery can rock the boat with hormone changes. This can cause moodiness, and if there is an underlying psych issue, I can see where it could come to the surface more easily. I sure hope you can get help for him. Inpatient hospitalization may be needed to ensure he is taking the meds and getting a correct diagnosis.
  3. AZhiker


    I had similar symptoms a while ago and it turned out I had an ulcer. Nausea with vomiting sometimes, heartburn, increased discomfort with eating, yet sometimes eating a little bit helped. I could tell something was not right. I have been on omeprazole with great relief of symptoms, and needed another scope this week. I had to delay that because of my own home isolation (due to COVID symptoms), but have rescheduled the scope for April 30. Hopefully that can still happen, because I don't want to be on the med any longer than necessary. Anyway, I hope you can get scoped soon so you can know for sure what is going on.
  4. AZhiker

    Ever forget you had surgery?

    I'm 14 months out, and although I can eat anything I want, my tummy still reminds me of volume. I find that the things I used to love eating a LOT of - like stir fry veggies, just don't sit so well any more. I can eat out anywhere (except now!) or fix any kind of food, and in that sense, things are back to normal. But volume is definitely not the same - THANKFULLY! I am presently enduring 2 weeks of home isolation due to COVID-19 symptoms, which are resolving without any problems, but I admit that there has been heightened anxiety/stress during all this. I am utterly dismayed to find myself resorting to food for comfort - I thought I had that one licked, but it has raised its ugly head, and I have gained 5 pounds! I have been too tired to exercise, so I have been a couch potato/food addict for nearly 2 weeks, and now I am paying the price. But.... I am now back on track with starting some exercise again, tracking my food, intermittent fasting, and working on my emotional issues. It feels MUCH BETTER to be in control of the food, rather than the food being in control of me. I need to hold this thought and remember that the long term reward greatly outweighs the short term gratification.
  5. I could not have any vegetables until 8 weeks, and then they had to be steamed, cooked, and soft. I was gradually able to add raw veggies, but it wasn't until nearly a year post op that I could eat a lot of raw veggies. This has been hard, since I also love veggies and have a large organic garden. I found that the raw ones were just too rough and didn't sit well for quite a long time. Raw broccoli was particularly difficult, although it was fine if cooked.
  6. AZhiker

    Fat malabsorption

    Well I am totally gluten intolerant - have been for years but I can't get tested for celiac because I would have to eat gluten for a couple of weeks first, and I just can't do that. The misery if I did that would be unbearable. And I am definitely lactose intolerant, since surgery. So maybe that's 2 out of 3. I don't think I have pancreatitis - no other symptoms and my enzymes are normal. But I still may ask my doc about pancreatic enzymes. Thanks for the info,
  7. AZhiker

    Persistent low vitamin D3

    Thanks to all of you for this discussion. I had bypass, but am having some real issues with fat malabsorption and low D level which was 15.1. Doc prescribed 50,000 units twice a week of the green capsules, but it looks like maybe this is not what I should be doing. I'll check out the dry form.
  8. I made the switch about 6 months ago and I feel great. My protein, calcium, and iron levels are fine, as are all my vitamins .... except that pesky vitamin D. The best part is that my cholesterol dropped 70 points! I am now at 153 - the lowest ever for cholesterol for me. My HDL, LDL, and triglycerides are phenomenal. Even losing all my weight did not alter those numbers much, but giving up the animal based foods sure did. I have lots of energy, recover quickly after workouts, and NEVER get sore anymore, even from very strenuous activities. Inflammatory markers are down, and I really do feel great. I can eat as much as I want and do not have any problem maintaining my weight. I have now decided that I will have a very limited amount of animal products once a week - some egg or chicken from my own homegrown flock. I know where the food came from, what it was fed, and how it was treated. This gives me a little more flexibility with the family Sunday meal or going out. I love the whole food plant based way of eating. I focus on incorporating as many superfoods into my daily meal plan as possible. There is no junk. I know it is healthy and right for me, and it has been a great adventure exploring new foods and recipes.
  9. AZhiker

    Fat malabsorption

    I think I get more than enough vitamin K from all the greens and vegetables I eat. Lots of kale, spinach, mustard, collards, turnip greens, broccoli from my garden. But thanks for the heads up.
  10. AZhiker

    Fat malabsorption

    Hmmmmmm..... I'll have to check this out.
  11. AZhiker

    Fat malabsorption

    Thanks. I was reading most recent and did not catch Rick's post right away. I'll check in with the DS folks.
  12. AZhiker

    Fat malabsorption

    I did not know the difference between D2 and D3. I knew D3 was more easily absorbed and I wondered why my PCP prescribed D2. But knowing I am vegan would make sense. Thanks for the info.
  13. AZhiker

    Fat malabsorption

    I did not have DS. I was wondering if other gastric bypass patients have dealt with this and what helped minimize the fat malabsorption. All my other vitamins are great.
  14. AZhiker

    Fat malabsorption

    I did not have DS. My dexa scan shows mild osteopenia, a change from a perfectly normal scan 2 years ago.