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    Should I be offended?!

    EDIT: Only just noticed this is a year old thread...hey ho! Hope all ended well. —————————————————— So sorry you had to deal with that crap. Ignore him. As has been fantastically said I’d address afterwards if you can’t shake it off. They’re almost all narrow specialists with god complexes. All the nursing staff will tell you to ignore them on subjects outside their remit. My surgeon has the best mortality stats and outcomes as well as numbers of procedures for this part of the country, but he is a social disaster zone outside pure factual consults and theatre...his secretary and the ITU staff confirmed as much. Just before sending me home 2 days post op he said “Great, now eat what you did before, just less” NUT was there too and her eyes near rolled out of her head. At 3 month follow up he spent 10 minutes not making eye contact and mumbling aggressively when I asked why I was having no post surgery bloods until 1 year. Not ideal, but my surgery and post surgical recovery has been great, my GP did interim bloods and his NUT is fantastic. If he had sufficient self awareness to backfill for his failings by recruiting her then some credit due, but kid gloves are off next consult. If we fall out then so be it. Sincerely hope you don’t let it get you down and find a great bariatrics aware fitness specialist to backfill for his muppetry xx
  2. First time in a while I took my camera, but so glad I did. Featured bee actually flew into frame just as I took the picture :-)
  3. No regrets. The first 2 days the wind pain in my shoulder was really bad, panting through contractions kinda bad in between morphine, but stopped dead teatime day 2. My only stomach pain was forgetting to be careful and pulling or straining wounds, or taking more than tiniest sips. The rest of the first 4 weeks was a real challenge to get protein and liquid in and if I never have to eat anything purées again I will be happy, but I’m a pickyish eater, so struggled maybe more than some. Pain of that wore off fast when onto soft then full diet. Did have total mood rollercoaster too. Shock to my system of the surgery, massive nutrition change and hormonal chaos often caused by both those things, but also fat dumping stored hormones back into bloodstream as it breaks down. If I regretted then I don’t count it as it was typical no light at the end of the tunnel, woe is me, PMSish episodes that passed fast (you’ll see I posted about it). Now, exactly 23 weeks out, 60% of my weight lost, walked 5k today and only broke a little sweat and have never had a single regret. Hope it’s the same for you!
  4. BrighterSide

    Pounds lost

    Also remembered I kept a copy of this. Source was a VSG forum elsewhere. Has helped me with perspective!
  5. BrighterSide

    Pounds lost

    Just popped back to say I had a gain and just came back from it. Wasn’t doing anything different I could see. Log everything daily. Maybe less walking. May 13th - 92.1 20th - 91.1 27th - 90.1 Getting a bit too comfy with this nice pattern at this point! June 3rd - 89.1kg Still grand 10th - 89.8kg Ooops. Grown up head saying it’s no biggie, childish head saying...WTH! 17th - 89.3kg Better but not back to where I was. 24th - 87.2 :-O Okaaaay. Yey! Whatever. But if you check out my chart it’s not the first time. If I had logged more than once a week it would look like a set of little ski jumps. Just learning to ride the waves :-)
  6. BrighterSide

    I didn't realize when I lost weight that _____

    I didn’t realise quite HOW much stress this would take out of getting ready to go out. That’s still changing as I have a painfully small amount of wearable clothes, so mix ‘n’ match is limited and have lots of washing to do. However, I rarely consider how much attention I can emotionally stand as a key part of choosing and the decision to go out at all (the equation that saw me stay home the vast majority of the time pre-surgery). I now, both cos of weight loss and justifiable warrior vibes produced by proudness at achievement and on-going effort, think about nothing but being covered in an appropriate and nice way for the occasion, or if heading into typically judgier waters (PTA anyone?!) I think ‘FU all, this is me, and I’m a legend’
  7. BrighterSide

    Non Scale Victories

    I can wear my rings and necklaces again! Not a wedding or engagement ring cos I’m not married, the unusual rings I used to collect and love wearing (pic is of a new one I adore...adjustable as we’re still on the way down). I also buy a new necklace to celebrate most milestones in my life and ones that were chokers back in January are back looking cute now. So pleased, and so going to have to control the credit cards! Oh, in other news, my size 16 jeans are now undeniably baggy round the legs. Was in denial about it as gained a pound last week, but slim is deffo looking more boyfriend!
  8. I finally got my formal PCOS diagnosis a month ago (4 months post surgery) because I went a little ‘Falling Down’ on my local docs. Had 30 yrs of being told ‘lose weight’ ‘move more’ ‘get less stressed’ then hit early menopause and they did it again. Knew this was my last chance. I was spiralling cos symptoms of both things and resulting mental health probs and weight had turned me into an overeating hermit (oh look, finally proved them right!). Had the exact same fears as you all. Sleeved 21st Jan at 258. Highest weight 263. Down 61 pounds now. Just hit another stall. Average 650 - 800 calories a day and hit protein and fluid goals most days. Don’t move as much as many due to on-going arthritis, but do far more than before. Hope is a hard thing to embrace, but it’s here and my new gynae I found and forced them to refer me to is a superstar. Feeling very fortunate for a change :-)
  9. BrighterSide

    Pounds lost

    Excess weight is just the difference between your docs idea of ideal weight for you and where you started, so 100 for you.
  10. BrighterSide

    Pounds lost

    For anyone feeling worried about their rate of loss it’s great to know start weight and % of excess weight lost. I’m 45, 5’4”, 4 1/2 months post sleeve Down 67 from 258 which is 58% EWL
  11. BrighterSide


    My surgeon said to wait to start until 3 month check up.
  12. BrighterSide

    figuring out an ultimate goal

    Initially I worked out 60% excess weight loss and rounded to nearest easy number - 30kg. That is a middle range loss based on research across all sleeve patients in a couple of studies and didn’t want to hope too hard that bigger loss would happen even with hard work. Look set to hit that by end of June (sleeved 21st Jan HW 263 SW 258 CW 199) Pic demonstrates how obsessive I can be when motivated :-). When I got close to that target (2nd target cos I’d set an initial one for first post surgery check up) picked highest end of my BMI range as new ultimate goal, but ramped down expected rate of loss for each 3 months knowing that reduced deficit cos my smaller body will burn less, will have to be offset by extra exercise I may not manage. Will monitor as I go. If more is a miserable slog after goal 4 (12 months) I’ll reassess.
  13. I had a slice of birthday cake, albeit a teeny one. Eldest decorated it for her own birthday and in my biased opinion did a fab job. Calculated that the whole thing, based on ingredients (vanilla sponge cake with buttercream inside, around, and piped as flowers on top, with run out blue icing) came out at 35,494 calories, then spotted the mistake. That would be 283 GRAMS of icing sugar, not OUNCES! Still bad enough for the serving. Scared me so bad I asked hubby to hide it and have been making up for it the last couple of days with extra walks and super clean low carbs
  14. BrighterSide

    Woo hoo! Onderland!

    Fantastic! Well done! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. BrighterSide

    Chickened Out On Surgery Day. Help.

    Just an awareness thing and no judgement, but ‘nerves’ and clinical anxiety are totally different things, same way ‘feeling low’ isn’t in the same ball park as depresssion. Likely preaching to the converted, if so I’m sorry, but trivialising can have a really isolating effect on people who are already vulnerable having dared to share.