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  1. My nutritionist told me I should be at 500 calls for the first 3 months. I told her I usually eat about 400 and she said that was good. I shoot for 400 but if I exercise I eat the same number of calories I burned to be 400 for the day. I’m definitely not a huge loser on the scale so I try to ignore everyone saying they lose 30 lbs in a month. It’s not a contest and each of our bodies are different.
  2. I’m sorry you are having such a hard time. First make sure you are measuring everything. By eyeballing serving sizes you can eat several hundred extra calories each day. I would say follow your doctors guidelines, mine are much lower than yours but I always say follow your doctors guidelines because if you don’t they will just attribute any problem to not following their advice. Lastly I say forget the scales and take your measurements once a month. The scale will move if you are doing what is recommended. Stop weighing. Just know you are doing everything you can
  3. I had one very painful site also. I was told it’s the area they took my stomach out. Hang in there, it gets better
  4. 49Nash

    Zero Post-op Nausea

    I never had nausea when sleeved 5/1/19. And I did nothing preventative
  5. I had to be very careful during full liquid stage to not get too many calories. After about 5-6 days I could easily eat and drink. I’m on real food now and the difference is amazing. I definitely feel the restriction now. I too was very worried I would be able to easily eat too much.
  6. 49Nash

    Surgery needs and help

    Haha, I used mine 24/7 for the first month. Loved that thing!!!
  7. 49Nash

    intestinal blockage

    I was supposed to have gastric bypass March 27th. When my surgeon got in there I had a lot of scar tissue from a previous surgery and he said had he done the surgery I would have been at high risk for the rest of my life for bowel obstruction because where they would have reattached the intestines were in a bad place in comparison to taking down that scar tissue. I came out of surgery so disappointed but glad he didn’t risk it. So I know that is a complication but in my case was from a previous surgery
  8. I developed almost the exact same thing at the 2 week mark. It was when I transitioned from full liquid to soft foods. It (hopefully) went away as quickly as it came about 2 weeks later. It was brutal and my doctor thought muscular pain too. I think it was the food. Mine was so severe I had to start using pain pills again for a few days. I went back to mostly liquids and it seemed to help
  9. I would contact your sleep apnea doctor. I think that feeling of drowning is condensation in your tube, there is a cover you can get for your tubing that helps insulate it. I also have the pillows and it takes getting used to them for sure. My husband has the full face mask and loves it. I will say no one checked my compliance with my machine prior to surgery
  10. I think this is such a potentially bad idea. I get when your insurance won’t pay and going to Mexico but to have major surgery knowing you don’t have insurance for follow up care is crazy. What if something goes wrong, even people with the best surgeons and medical care have complications. I 100% get wanting the surgery, but why not wait until you have health insurance so you know you can seek care without going bankrupt. Plus you are way more likely to seek care early because you know you will get billed.
  11. Thank you!! Good luck on Monday!! The good part is I had zero appetite (and still don’t) so the worst of it after surgery is head hunger
  12. I totally understand this. In my preop meeting one of the nurses said they may advance from full liquid to soft stage if you are doing well. So I go in to my 7 day appointment fully expecting to be advanced because I could keep all liquids down and had zero problems. I almost cried when they told me 8 more days of full liquids. It was brutal but I did it because I did not want to explain to them if I developed pain that I had been eating. Just an FYI, I am one month post op and can go to regular food tomorrow but developed pain with eating. So just because you rock liquids doesn’t mean you will tolerate the next stage. I’m glad I stuck with the time period because I don’t have to worry I damaged something by eating early. Oh yea, I was ok’ed for coffee as long as I could get all 64 Oz of water and my protein in
  13. I think he sounds sweet. Get a dress you feel comfortable in and go to the graduation. Everyone that loves you knows you are overweight and obviously don’t care. Who cares what strangers think. Go and enjoy your time
  14. 49Nash

    Post OP regrets

    I am 4 weeks out tomorrow and was finally able to sleep on my side last night. It’s been hard and the liquid diet afterwards was killer. But now that the weight is coming off I’m feeling excited. 5 days in is still really rough. Keep to the diet, the worst will be over before you know it. There is light at the end of the tunnel
  15. 49Nash

    weird question

    I agree