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  1. I ate “normally” right up until the 2 week pre-op diet, so i didn’t lose (nor try to lose) any weight. I did lose 11lbs during that 2 week pre-op diet though.
  2. In the beginning, I set a goal of 120lbs because this would put me smack dab in the middle of a "normal" weight range for my height. By the time I got down to 127lbs, I decided that was enough as I felt I was looking too thin. Now fast forward 2 years after reaching modified goal of 127, and I now weigh 112 as of this morning. The funny thing is that I actually don't think I look as thin/gaunt now as i did at 127 lbs two years ago. Soooo...I think that weight loss and/or maintenance goals in terms of total actual weight fluctuates over time because the distribution and composition of those pounds may look different at different times. I think. These days so long as my clothes don't start feeling tight I'm good, lol.
  3. Love the foods! Do you make your own kimchi???
  4. ms.sss


    You can still be a strong, independent woman who flirts with bartenders 😉
  5. I hope you find a way to stress bake sans the stress. It all looks so good but this one has me salivating 🤤🤤
  6. ms.sss


    Was cleaning out the (very cluttered) basement and unearthed a couple of boxes filled with clothes from my old university days! Found this gem which used to be my fave clubbing dress back when I had much bigger boobs. I don’t think I have the balls to wear this out of the house now (its pretty skimpy! Esp from the back), but truth be told, I was feeling all that and TWO bag of chips walking around the house in it earlier!
  7. ms.sss


    You look so good! This dress is super flattering on you. Im actually going to enjoy vicariously living through you as go on dates and (hopefully) post lots of date outfits!!! Fab-U-lous 😍
  8. ms.sss

    Plastic Surgery Countdown is on!

    ...Also, don't forget about some exercise to help things firm up a bit (and stay that way-ish). The weeks/months immediately after weight loss phase I thought I was pretty flappy/gaunt/saggy pretty much everywhere. The plastic surgery 6-7 months into maintenance helped alot of course, but I also think the regular exercise I was doing during that time was also a factor. Case in point: my inner thighs were much firmer-looking around 3-4 months into maintenance, but now, after several months of minimal exercise, I am alot flappier there again. Sigh. Although I am about 3-4 lbs less than what I was after plastics 1.5 years ago, so that may also be a factor?? *shrugs*
  9. ms.sss


    Lol, im totally a potty-mouth too! My cursing rivals the great Samuel L. Jackson on some days 🤣🤬🤬🤬🤣
  10. ms.sss


    HOE. LEE. SHYTT. 😳😳😳😳 You look EFFING amazing in those perfectly fitted jeans!!!!!! JEE. ZUS. YOUR. LEGS. There aren’t many people I am legitimately jealous of (because I am just so full of myself, its actually quite difficult to accomplish lol)...but you and your legs def make the list. WOWZA.
  11. We were driving out and about today, and had an impromptu lunchtime picnic of Fish n' Chips with Mr. this afternoon at some random park. I ate almost 1/2 that halibut fillet in the box and maybe 10 or so french fries with gravy...am estimating 300 calories for what I ate. Mr., on the other hand had 2 fillets, all his fries, my remaining 1/2 fillet and both our cole slaws. Its funny, cuz it wasn't that long ago that I could probably have eaten as much as he did, but now its like unheard of.
  12. ms.sss


    Am tip-toeing again to artificially add to my height...! Went "farmers-marketing" with Mr. this morning...also tried to do a mini-hike in some woods, but I was wearing flip-flops, so it didn't last long. P.S. I am realizing that alot of my clothes look the same...cropped fitted tops, tight pants, solid colours in black/grey or blue/khaki/ or white (or denim). Methinks its time to do more shopping and expand my wardrobe...
  13. ms.sss

    Still feeling nauseous

    I still nauseous from time to time (i'm 2.5 years out) but its always because of too much sugar. Even worse when its too much sugar on an empty stomach.
  14. Hi! Welcome to forums! You will find a wide range of answers to this one as everyone is sooooo different. With that said, I lost 11 lbs in 2 weeks. I had 2-3 protein shakes a day, and nothing else. Also, I started off at 235 lbs on day 1 of liquid diet (5'2" female, was 46 at time of surgery)..oh, and I didn't lose any weight prior this.

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