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  1. Looks like I need people around to complete a 10K.  I tried to do one by myself this afternoon and I gave up at around the 7km mark.  Gonna try again on Friday, but I may have to look into joining a running club...

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    Ok, a "Before" OOTD:
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    Well if someone came after the one on the left, I'd be the one brandishing a stick! (That's the Kid)
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    The Maintenance Thread

    Alrighty. So am back from vacay. This was my first real "indulgent" vacation since going into maintenance. I've been on a couple road trips since deciding to stop weight loss, but those were weekend trips and not all-inclusive ones, nor was I surrounded with endless food and drink. So how did it go? Well, the lead up to the trip had a little fear-of-the-unknown going on. I worried that I would have nothing healthy-ish to eat and I'd strave, or, that I would eat everything I see like I did pre-wls. Turns out there was nothing to worry about. Was there a lack of healthy-ish choices? No. There were always choices everywhere I went that fit into my normal eating (salad, grilled chicken or some protein), whether it was on the resort or off it. So I didn't have to pack all those packages of beef jerky, chicharron and protein powder, lol. The kids ended up eating my jerky and chicharron and I gave the protein powders to a bartender. Did I eat everything I saw? Yes and No. I did sample many things that I normally would not eat (I'm talking to you sugary desserts, fruits and some bread-like products), but only bites, not full portions. My restriction took care of that. Also thanks to my restriction, I learned after the first day that I need to pick and choose what I want to sample, because I literally have no room to try everything (I had to hurl twice the first day due to eating too fast and too much). So I only tried the stuff I really wanted to, and if after sampling it, it was only OK tasting, I'd put it aside. Only really yummy stuff got a second or third bite. It's sobering to realize that a lot of stuff really only looks good, and just tastes meh. However. I drank alot of alcohol. I did limit myself to maybe 5-6 mixed drinks of the super sugary kind (I'm talking to you pina coladas and margaritas) for the entire trip, but I was basically a bottomless pit for skinny mojitos and tequila shots. Also, I formed an addiction to these mini chocolate chip cookies that they served in the coffee bar. They were like a version of a not-so-sweet, not-so-buttery shortbread-type cookie with chocolate chips in them. They were about the size of poker chip and I swear I must have eaten at lest 10 of them a day. Along with 4-5 Americanos a day.... I did log everything I ate (to be best of my ability...I had to eyeball everything), and according to the stats, I averaged about 3000 calories a day over the last 8 days. And roughly half those average daily calories came from my cookie and alcohol consumption, yikes. In all, despite the record-breaking calorie intake, I managed to weigh in exactly a mere 1 lb more than before I left. Which means I've at least found my upper calorie level, of sorts* *Though I did run way more than usual though, as well as generally burn more cals what with all the walking/water sports/dancing/heat-enduring, so need to take that into account... So what was the lesson learned? Well, that I'm not going to suddenly explode with massive weight gain if I indulge. But I WILL slowly gain weight back if the indulgence continues beyond a short period of time. 1lb a week over a year is 52 lbs. And that is not acceptable to me. So back to figuring out my sweet spot...
  6. 5'2", ♀️3 days shy of being 10m PO, maintaining 118.7 lbs (I missed my scale when on vacay, and i'm pleasantly surprised that it told me I am a mere 1lb more than I weighed when I left...considering the sheer volume of chocolate chip cookies and alcohol I consumed, this is a total win. Plus I haven't pooped since Friday, lol) Yesterday, Tuesday Aug 20th: This was a travel day so my food intake left much to be desired. Unexpected delays and ensuing hunger caused to me make food choices I would have balked at before. But I long ago gave myself permission to go off plan with no guilt during this trip so its all good (all measurements are estimates). Will return to anal MFP tracking-mode tomorrow ❤️ 7:30am: 1 Americano, 1/2 a mango, 1/3 of a 2-egg omelet with 1 tbsp each of bacon and cheese 12:00pm: about 5-10 salt and vinegar chips 3:00pm: 1/2 bag of almonds 5:00pm: 1/2 a turkey and bacon wrap with mayo + 2 oz cheese + 4 crackers 7:00pm: other 1/2 of turkey and bacon wrap from 5pm meal 11:00pm: 3 bites of the Kid's Hawaiian panzaratto + salad with pumpkin seeds + 1/4 cup vanilla ice cream + 1 strawberry pocky stick (think a really thin breadstick-like cracker dipped in strawberry flavoured chocolate) Totals: ?? cals, ?? Protein, ?? NET carbs, ?? fat Exercise: NONE. It was basically just sitting and walking in airports today.
  7. Sometimes people will comment on stuff, but the only opinions that matter are yours and your doc's (and you can even disagree with your doc if you are so inclined, ha!). I think its great that you are working out, and more importantly LIKING it, lol. Now this is pretty impressive. I have daydreams of being able to do all this stuff regularly eventually....
  8. 5'2", ♀️ 9½ m PO, maintaining ?? lbs (no access to scale for the past week so weight will be a surprise tomorrow... ) Yesterday, Sunday Aug 18th: Missed quite a few days but here we go...(all measurements are estimates) 8:30am: Americano 9:30am: 1 cup iceberg lettuce + 1 slice papaya + 1/3 of a 2 egg omelet with 1 tbsp each cheese, ham, onion, jalapeño + Tabasco buffallo sauce (1 tbsp) 12:30pm: 1/2 cup salad + .5 oz roast pork 3:30: .5 oz roast chicken + 4 mini so good chocolate chip cookies + 1/2 pina colada 8:00pm: 1/4 cup fish ceviche + 1 wedge avocado + 1 tbsp beets + 1 bite chocolate custard cake 9:30pm-1:30am: 6 tequilas + 2 mojitos Totals: ?? cals, ?? Protein, ?? NET carbs, ?? fat Exercise: continuous 10K run, baby!! (Approx 1.5 hours)
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    From dinner the other night: Two OOTDs for the price of one...
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    Where are my water guzzlers?

    I'm almost 10 months out. I was a water chugger before wls and still am. I did sip for the first 1-2 weeks after surgery, but by week 2 I found I was able to chug away. I probably even drink more now than I did before. The one difference between now and then is that all that water before made me feel like I was going to the washroom every 30 mins (every couple hours at night!). Now, I go like a normal person. Weird. P.S. I know some my disapprove, but my water of choice is of the sparkling kind. I go through cases of it...I really should invest in a soda stream or something...
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    The Maintenance Thread

    You do sound like you are in a better place now . I don't know your metabolism nor age nor exercise routine, but at 1000 cals a day you will likely continue to lose weight, which would likely get you that 5-10 lb loss you want over a couple months. We are the same height, and I slowed down the loss to 2-3 lbs a month at 1300-1500 cals a day. I'd still need to increase my daily cals (to a number i don't know yet!) to totally stop. You'll have to do the same eventually, but you can do that when you are ready to stop losing weight. ❤️