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  1. Congrats!
    BearsBeetsBarbells reacted to Frustr8 in June RNY buddies?   
    @Bears-Beets-Barbells, you just helped me! I have been upset as my fat started melting off(FYI I am 3 months behind you) I felt I was growing ugly , starting to resemble other family members I never thought I resembled, alas all dead, now I Shall smile at me, say "Frustr8 you are just having a trauma mode. Things are realigning, you are revamping YOU, and things are going to be fine after all!" I have lost 50 pounds in 4 months, I pray at 7 months I will be doing as good as you June Bugs and I hope your💪 shoulder grows stronger and heals up wonderfully for you! Have a shiny sparkling day today!😛🌈😛
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    BearsBeetsBarbells reacted to Hal711 in June RNY buddies?   
    I had all you lovelies on my mind today and thought I would reach out to see how everyone is doing! I am 37 pounds to my goal weight and from a size 24 pants to a size 12. I am feeling great and hope you all are too!!!
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    BearsBeetsBarbells reacted to MargoCL in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    I just spoke with my surgeon about an hour ago and they asked me if I was getting my Proteins, they said the goal with 60, 64 oz Water, 60 minutes exercise.... She said if I can get up to 90 grams of Protein and the 60 water weight will flush away and I should be able to prevent Hair loss too.....
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    BearsBeetsBarbells reacted to Little Kansas Kitty in June RNY buddies?   
    WOW! You and @Hal711 are killing it! Weight is flying off. I've read that after a stall another big loss is coming.
  5. Haha
    BearsBeetsBarbells reacted to Little Kansas Kitty in June RNY buddies?   
    This is truly my very favorite thing about losing weight. Getting ready in the morning! Suddenly there are many more options. Yay for dresses to work in the summer! Before surgery I was seriously rotating out of 3 pants week after week and just praying the thighs wouldn't rub holes into them. LOL
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    BearsBeetsBarbells reacted to Little Kansas Kitty in June RNY buddies?   
    Hi! So we're in July and we've officially all made it through our surgeries! PHEW & YAHOO! I lost 12 on pre-op, gained 10 in hospital and then lost all that plus 4 more by the time I reached today (1 week from surgery). So, I'm down a total of 16. Eating and drinking is near impossible. I'm getting hardly anything in because I'm so full. I'm sure every day will get better. CONGRATS to all!
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    BearsBeetsBarbells reacted to ALFxRNY in June RNY buddies?   
    Scheduled for RNY on June 28th!
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    BearsBeetsBarbells reacted to redhead_che in Hardest Part (outside of eating)   
    I might be in the minority here, but it’s honestly still really hard for me to be proud of myself when it comes to my accomplishments. I’m 7 months out with 15 pounds to go and I still look at the scale or the mirror like “well no, that doesn’t look right” 🙄 it’s totally irrational, but until I hit goal I think I might be on the struggle bus trying to be proud!
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    BearsBeetsBarbells reacted to fargosk in I lost 100 lbs!!!!   
    It has happened!! I lost 100 lbs! 313 to 213! To Celebrate, I got a new tattoo, not a Thanksgiving type meal I normally would have given myself as a reward. Such a great feeling, but now on those last 53 lbs....
    I have my next goals, but what are my next rewards? What do you reward yourself with when you meet goals, weight or otherwise? Let me hear them, let me hear your latest accomplishments!
  10. Haha
    BearsBeetsBarbells reacted to Frustr8 in This may be a little gross   
    A sloth on valium is that like my slug on depressants?
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    BearsBeetsBarbells reacted to Orchids&Dragons in This may be a little gross   
    Sounds like you may be eating too fast and getting too much air in your stomach. I know you've been going slow, but go slooooow, like a sloth on valium slow!