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    SydneySleever reacted to Starry*Night in Recreational Drugs   
    Frankly I'm not sure what's worse for your body, overeating consistently as many of us have done for YEARS or having an occasional line of coke.
    What I'm trying to say is: as someone who's abused a substance (food) yourself, who are you to judge?
    Just because the government, which varies from country to country on this international forum, decides something is illegal doesn't mean it's any less/more harmful. Alcohol was illegal once in the US too, and aspirin would be illegal today for being too powerful if it weren't grandfathered in.
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    SydneySleever reacted to Starry*Night in Recreational Drugs   
    Don't think I've minimized anything - it's obvious the OP has a problem. That's why she posted, after all.
    Your post makes it clear you have personal issues with drug users. Perhaps it is best to resolve those rather than taking it out on unrelated people on a forum.
    I'm sorry to hear what you went through, and I'm saying this with kindness, not as an attack. I simply don't think attacking unrelated people with addiction issues is the answer. The attacks could very well be directed toward you instead, and I don't think you would appreciate it any more than the rest of us would.
    Why not redirect that negative energy into another post where you can build someone up instead of tearing them down?
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    SydneySleever reacted to Tootiesmum in Recreational Drugs   
    I don't know the answer which is why I'm asking. I made a mistake and am asking for advice
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    SydneySleever reacted to Orchids&Dragons in LAST FEW DAYS BEFORE SURGERY---AM I TOTALLY READY?   
    UPDATE on Frustr8:
    I just heard from Tomkitten that Frustr8 is out of surgery. Doctor said there were no problems. She's very tired but sitting up and sipping liquids. I'm sure she'll be back on the boards in no time! She's been dreaming of this day and it finally happened. Praise be!
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    SydneySleever reacted to Frustr8 in LAST FEW DAYS BEFORE SURGERY---AM I TOTALLY READY?   
    Well the day has arrived , a day I feared would happen. it is now ONLY A FEW DAYS UNTIL MY SURGERY. Now I wonder, am I truly ready?
    I have packed, repackaged everything. least twice,
    I have gone back and re-read all the other postings for five,years.
    Slacks- 1,2, or3 pair?
    socks- shoud,i take any soft,ones or just b wear the non skid they provide in bed ?
    I know the hospitals keep those,rooms cold.
    Should I pack a bed. jacket, sweater. or carry a mictongiber or knitted poncho to,keep my shoulders warm?
    Charger for my cell phone, is a 6 foot cord long enough or should I check Staples or Wal-Mart for,longer ones.? Make sure if I am going to work with what I have now, don't take the one that one that makes the boopity boop boop should if bumped while plugged in.
    Do I also take my tablet or a paperback or two to read to alleviate boredom between walks.?
    Disable wipes, do I assume they may have these or take my hypoallergenic ones? Will they laugh if they see the kiddy frogs?
    A notebook and decent non-skipping pen so I can journal? PaperMates soy-based ink is good.
    List,of phone # to call when surgery is done.There are 5 or 6 who asked to be called. And surprise, PCP gave my son his answering group # as well as his personal cell in,case Tomkitten had reports out of office hours.
    And high school classmates, they sent an unexpected card, 10 signatures, 10 personal cellphone # And e'mail addresses! Was I wrong, did they actually like,the fat geeky nerd-girl I once was ? I sure didn't run around with the cheerleaders, majorettes and all the football teams girlfriends, I read, studied and stayed at home with my parents. Didn't even single-date until into college.
    Former boy classmates came up and asked. at class- reunion, " Why didn't WE date you in school? you're such a nice person after all!" Finally told one of them, who I i had unrequited crush on back then. " I really wish,you all had,broke,my,poor late Mama's heart too!
    Do you realize neither of the 2 Lesbians in the c o add ever asked me out either?" No don't try to kiss me NOW, you are 50some years too late.
    Do,i take any makeup, well at,least lipstick,and shadow, or am I expected to,look like a large dog chewed me up and then barfed on me?
    Hairbrush,comb, Shampoo, conditioner and soap. Will,i,be taking a shower there or waiting until I get home.
    Which reminds me , better have,my shower chair and Squatty Potty in place for,my return. At least my landlord relented long enough to threaten eviction until later in the month.-----
    Quite A Story There!
    I have my GasX, will get my biotene, have,my slippers and robe in there.
    My ID, wouldn't you think if they scheduled me for surgery they ought to KNOW who I am? It's not like this is a free tattoo,that people stand in,long lines for. And what have
    I forgot? I forgotten my,insurance cards and a Medicine list, although those also should be on file. And it's not like I went out and bought supplements insurance from,Happy Henry's Insurance-a-Rama at the very last minute
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    SydneySleever reacted to J San in Under 100kgs   
    Congrats on your success, way to go!!!
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    SydneySleever reacted to geegee32 in Post your progress pics!   
    Cw 230
    Surgery 12/29/17
    61 lbs down yeah me

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    SydneySleever reacted to Lenibug in 8 years post op next month   
    Hi I came here looking for some input on Vitamin supplements (which I found .. thank you!), but have found myself intrigued by everyones thoughts, success stories, questions, etc... so I decided to join. I hope any input I can give will be helpful to someone out there!
    I had my VSG in May 2010 - at 21 years old. I am 5'1", was 260 at my highest and ~245 on the day of surgery. Surgery went well, I had a 2 day hospital stay, recovered nicely, etc. After a couple weeks of healing (I dont remember intial/first couple weeks weight loss), I started exercising .. gradually increasing until I was working out 5-6 days a week, 2-3 hours a day. I lost about 90 lbs in the first ~8 months, hit a plateau for a month or so.. then started losing more slowly. By about 14 months out, I had lost about 135-140 lbs.
    I maintained for 2 years until I got pregnant with my daughter. I was SO scared about being pregnant with the sleeve - but my doctors assured me it would be fine. I gained 18 lbs during my pregnancy - she weight just over 6 lbs. After having her, I lost all the weight plus ~5-10 lbs within 3-4 months. Now, 4 years later - I've maintained at 115 (+/- 3-4 lbs depending on time of month, what I ate that day, etc).
    The only long term effects so far have been new onset GERD - which just started early last year (6.5 years out) and low Iron (no iron supplements work for me - not pills, liquid, sublingual, etc ... iron infusions have been my friend). The only thing I am unsure about and something I can't find a lot of research on is the long term (15+ years) effects that VSG has on our bones. I get achy - like deep in my bones, and I'm unsure if it's related ...but being that I'm only 29, I wonder if its due to lack of Calcium absorption (as my blood levels are great ..but your body will suck it from your bones if youre not getting enough).
    Life is pretty normal. Having WLS is such a huge life event/life change - but it DOES eventually become so "normal" to YOU that you may rarely even think about it anymore. Small portions, very little sugar, iron infusions - they're all just part of my life now. You'll get to a point - you will no longer fret about eating out, about what if I have this small sip of diet soda, what if I eat two bites of cake, etc. You will learn your limits, test your sleeve, and be able to live a happy life if you have the right attitude. Just listen to your body (dont ignore the symptoms of pushing it too far - dumping, puking, feeling draggy and miserable - the pressure after eating too much, etc). Good luck to everyone!
    Below pics -
    1st pic- between 115-120lbs
    2nd pic- at my heaviest - 260 lbs
    3rd pic - a few months after surgery - right about 170 lbs

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    SydneySleever reacted to kerryyoung💜 in Before and now   
    Just want to share my before and after with u all, although I'm stil trying to loose! Not stopping yet nearly 8 and a half stone down [emoji3][emoji3]  
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    SydneySleever reacted to Frustr8 in Under 100kgs   
    Heartfelt Congratulations Sydney Sleever, that,is quite an achieviment, one I hope to emulate as months go by. 😛
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    SydneySleever reacted to AEdoesRnY in Under 100kgs   
    Congrats!! How exciting!!
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    SydneySleever got a reaction from Frustr8 in Under 100kgs   
    It's almost exactly 3 months since surgery and I am down from 120kgs at time of surgery (my highest weight) to under 100kgs (99.5kgs to be exact!).
    Getting to double digits has been a huge mental struggle for me. I haven't been under 100 for five years now so breaking that point has been a huge relief.
    Thanks to everyone on this forum. Your posts have been inspirational to me and have got me out of some tough times in this journey.
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    SydneySleever reacted to GreenTealael in Overheard Staff Joking About My Body   
    Give me their current work addresses, I'll fix this...
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    SydneySleever reacted to Neversaynever in 3 Months post op with pictures :)   
    So I started at 304lbs ( 21' 10 ) for the uk'ers and blimey did I feel every pound!
    I have lost steadily and I am now 245lbs (17' 7!) so very chuffed, and cannot believe how much my life has changed.
    Here are a couple of before and afters, one at my heaviest and the other, two days ago for clarity.
    I can't really see a massive difference myself but others have told me they can definitely see it, can you?

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    SydneySleever reacted to 2-Liter in Never Ever Ever   
    NEVER EVER EVER go to the Grocery store when you are 3 days in to your pre-op liquid diet. My preparation left a lot to be desired. I decided that starting my liquid phase 4 days early was a Great idea lol. They almost had to mop up the drool on aisle 9. I wasn't even obsessing over any of the wrong foods but those Rotisserie Chickens were calling my name laying there looking all Sexy. I am Thankful to say that I survived and left the Store felling like Conan The Barbarian all Rough, Tough and Victorious.
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    SydneySleever reacted to sillykitty in Why so slow???   
    In 2.5 months you have lost 37 lbs. That doesn't sound slow to me!
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    SydneySleever reacted to Frustr8 in unprotected sex a week before surgery??   
    Well I do hope you don't get pregnant but a old joke from my era.
    Question: What do you call a man who fails to use condoms?
    Answer: Daddy!
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    SydneySleever reacted to sillykitty in Weightloss and Curves   
    I'm 70 lbs down, and my curves are still here. I have 30 more to go, and I'm confident that my curves will only get better

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    SydneySleever reacted to Frustr8 in Did anyone else’s doctor tell them a pre-op diet is not necessary?   
    To update all of you on what my plans are. On 7/17/18. I received my diet plan from my surgeon and his office. Mine says Ohio State University Bariatric Liver shrinking diet. Second line says suitable for females weighinging less than 400 pounds- well I don't weigh quite that much but if I hadn't started a bariatric program I could have been there. Third line is a disclaimer-that this diet should not be used for casual dieting but only under medical supervision. Then it goes on to say it is inadequate in calories, Vitamins and minerals for daily use. Hunnnh?
    Never the less, OSU gives you a choice of 2, 3 , or 4 weeks on it. The 2 weeks is okay, but they recommend 4 and spell out why.
    Quicker Healing,
    Maximum Liver Shrinkage
    Smoother Surgery
    Less nausea and Vomiting
    Well that sounds cool, think I'll opt for that, at 72 I need all the perks I can get.
    Breakfast: 1 high Protein Shake , with above 10% Protein, below 10% carbs below 10% fat below 200 calories, brand is your choice, but they give several option
    snack, 1 fruit must be small apple, orange or banana. 3/4 cup unsweetened berries may be substituted. lunch vegetable salad , 2 T low calorie or fat free dressing No eggs, nuts, meats or cheese & 1 Meal Replacement shake
    Snack 1 meal replacement shake
    dinner Frozen Entree dinner
    must be under 300 calories and under 30 grams fats- then they give suggested brands to choose from
    or you may substitute 3 oz meat
    (this can be chicken, Turkey fish,or lean pork) and 1 cup non starchy vegetables- no corn, peas or potatoes
    64 oz or above of no calorie no caffeine drinks or water
    So you go bibbety Babbitt booing along until the last day before then it's Clear Liquids, that evening before you go NPO, You drink a special bottle of clear goodies made by Abbott Labratories, located in , guess, Columbus Ohio. I smell a kick-back here but what the hey, I'm Game!
    Then before you leave home so a least an hour before your arrival you drink another bottle of this magic elixir. So you may break your NPO dry out for this and this alone. And this is what your humble correspondent will do to prepare for her magic REBIRTHDAY September 5th 2018. 👈👼👉
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    SydneySleever reacted to SleeveinIL in I spewed at a restaurant   
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    SydneySleever reacted to rosiec223 in Question I'm trying to decide should I take 2 or 3 weeks off from work   
    I took 2 weeks but should have taken 3.
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    SydneySleever reacted to AASosa in I spewed at a restaurant   
    I had a lapband and it sucked glad your getting it removed lol

    lap band = stuck sensation followed by a more controlled Yak

    Gastric sleeve your full to capacity you forget and drink some Fluid and Yak but it’s quicker and uncontrolled, it happened to me playing beer pong at a party lol lesson learned...

    good of luck with your surgery.
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    SydneySleever got a reaction from Redapples in Question I'm trying to decide should I take 2 or 3 weeks off from work   
    I took two but wish I had more. I’ve got a desk job. But being able to refocus on myself without work getting in the way.
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    SydneySleever got a reaction from Jodi1980 in I spewed at a restaurant   
    I’m ashamed to say it but I slinked away! I had just two bites of food but it didn’t wait long enough after Water so when I stood up it just came up. It was mainly water but I did wipe down the seat!
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    SydneySleever got a reaction from kat__p in Don't pray for me   
    Amen, preach!