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    Pearldrop reacted to ALFxRNY in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    I don’t know what her deal was but I was glad when she was no longer my nurse, she didn’t take my pain seriously
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    Pearldrop reacted to shrinking_wildflower in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    I hope it's okay to jump in this thread! It is technically winter for me here in Australia but my surgery is 5th July which I know is summer for those across the pond

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    Pearldrop reacted to Willbslimnik in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Hey all! Thanks for tagging me on the new thread @Ylime! I've been lurking trying to keep up. A lot of new members! I had surgery 6/4. It has been a rough recovery for me. I haven't had any complications...I'm very thankful for that. Just a lot of pain and discomfort, which took me off guard since I've had 3 c-sections. They were a piece of cake. I guess I was hoping for the same for this surgery. Getting all my liquids and Protein is a struggle to. It is super weird to not have ANY hunger. My mind is officially blown! Thursday was my follow up and I was down 17.6 lbs. I haven't weighed since. I'm trying not to be neurotic about it, but it sure is exciting!😁🎉 Take care everyone
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    Pearldrop reacted to Kazzieloo in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    I had my sleeve May 14. The first week or so was hard from an emotional standpoint. It’s hard to look back and explain it, but I felt as if I had done it all for nothing. However, my moods leveled out, and now I feel great.
    I also feel great physically, but I’m not losing the weight I thought I would. I’m walking and exercising every day. I counted my calories this week and realized I’m only getting about 400 a day. I think this is too low. But eating and drinking is such a challenge! I’m getting my recommended Protein, but not nearly enough fluids. I’m just never hungry, and when I drink, I feel full, so that makes me not want to drink more, much less eat. Will this get better?

    But, all in all, no regrets. I’ll continue doing my part, and if I lose slower that I want, I can live with that. As long as I lose.

    I’ll see my doc this week and talk about calories. Hoping he has a solution I can work through.

    Thanks for listening!
    58 yo female
    230-something, I think
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    Pearldrop reacted to Oceanlove in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Well I had surgery on the 20th. I’m still in the hospital. Because they were having problems keeping my bp up. Then they did labs and my kidney is having issues. Hoping all is well and I can go home tomorrow.
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    Pearldrop reacted to Trixie82 in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    My surgery was Wed morning so I'm 2 days out. I'm tired and sore. I miss my morphine pump [emoji852]️ I don't regret it at all but I can't wait to feel better. But I can shower when I get up on Friday! I'm having trouble sleeping so I told my husband we are buying a recliner asap. We need a new one anyways. Ours broke and we never replaced it. How are you feeling?

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    Pearldrop reacted to msauerbrei in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies: POST-OP Discussion   
    Still in the pre-op stages but I’ll be joining the post op club in August 😄
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    Pearldrop reacted to RaedQ in Back to Work Experience - When do I loose weight?   
    Will do, I’m going easy on them and not pushing to the extreme.

    It’s weights exercise burning fat and not muscle building. I also decided to chill down on my activity and go 3-4 days a week instead of 5
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    Pearldrop reacted to ALFxRNY in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies Check In Here!   
    Thank you! I’m doing better today! Yesterday was rough but I’m back on track!
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    Pearldrop reacted to Saddy in Not a kilo lost through Gastric Sleeve :(   

    I’m a 43 year old female who weighs 75kg. I am 158cm tall and I had a gastric sleeve done in June 2017.

    I am apparently one of the few who has not lost a single kilo since my surgery. In fact, I was at 69kg when I got it done so if anything, I’ve put on 6kg since.

    My doctor has offered me a gastric bypass which I have accepted and booked in.

    I have a really sweet tooth which is my biggest issue. I just can’t stop.

    Just wondering, what is it really like to have a sweet tooth then suddenly get a bypass? If you had your chance, would you have gotten it or is this one of your biggest regrets?

    Please do not criticise me because you feel I am not heavy enough. I’m not here because I need someone to judge me.

    Everyone else, I can’t wait to hear from you.
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    Pearldrop reacted to connie123lok in one week post op weight stall   
    i got my sleeve done April 23rd weighing 280 pounds. About a week later I dropped down to 262-267 ( depending on the scale I used)
    Tomorrow now makes me 15 days post op and my weight will not budge from that number. I even been working out here and there for 30 -40 min in hoping to get the weight loss going. I'm drinking 1-2 bottles a day and I'm aiming for four a day as I heal. I'm very disappointed and don't know if I should call my dr about this?
    Ive been eating pureed food an its all been vegetables so far, along with Protein Shakes, yogurts and no sugar pudding. Its all allowed by my dr so I don't understand why I'm already at a plateau only a week out, HELP!!!
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from Frustr8 in Back to Work Experience - When do I loose weight?   
    WLS is major surgery, just cause the incisions are small doesn’t mean it is minor
    Im not allowed to lift anything until 6 weeks post, check with your doctor about the weights.
    You don’t mention what you are eating, but I’m going to assume you are on soft foods with focus on Protein as that seems to be common. You also don’t mention any supplements so you may be lacking in Vitamins or minerals. Put a call into your nutritionist.
    Your expectations need readjusting. You have lost 6.2 kilos that is a massive weight loss in 3 weeks.
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from BeeCat in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies Check In Here!   
    Hello Everyone, it’s been 4 weeks since my procedure and it’s going great.
    Ive been lucky through this process, I’m able to drink Water and have no issues taking pills etc...
    Today was my first weigh in and I have lost 8.10 kilos (18pounds) so I am very happy. At this rate I’ll be at goal by Christmas.
    i hope everyone is getting closer to where they want to be
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from niaaBoogie in Fever, pain & vomiting . IM OVER it   
    So sorry you are going through this, but glad you are getting the care you need.
    wishing you a speedy recovery
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    Pearldrop reacted to GeTnBackuP in Have you experienced jealousy?   
    This is a very interesting topic, thank you for all of the great responses. For me, when I was 14, 15 years old I was thin and athletic, typical cute teenager. I had a sister that was eleven years older and I ended up living with her. All of her older friends and their boyfriends came to our home frequently. The men all perved on me (this was not welcomed or reciprocated) and all of the girlfriends hated me for it. Not for anything I ever did but for how I looked and how their boyfriends reacted to me. I ate and ate to stifle the rejection. Years later I saw one of those women that was so mean to me and she said “you’re fat now so I dont hate you anymore”. This experience ruined my young life in so many levels. Yes, through the course of my life I’ve picked up other baggage to emotionally eat about but I have finally done the couch time with therapists to get to this point. My surgery is in nine days and I am looking forward to feeling better about my appearance and getting physically healthy. People are cruel for a variety of reasons, we’re all sick. It’s my time to let it go and stop taking it out on myself.
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from niaaBoogie in Fever, pain & vomiting . IM OVER it   
    So sorry you are going through this, but glad you are getting the care you need.
    wishing you a speedy recovery
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    Pearldrop reacted to Introversion in Have you experienced jealousy?   
    I've dealt with other peoples' jealousy by simply not dealing with it at all. Why waste time and energy addressing someone else's problem? Jealousy is the other person's issue, not mine.
    My friend's various family members have commented (never in my presence) that I'm "too skinny" and lost too much weight.
    I'm actually in a normal weight range per BMI charts and not "too skinny," but many people in the African-American community view plus-sized women and thick bodies as ideal.
    However, I look at the source: all of the people who insist I'm "too skinny" are badly overweight or obese. It's no coincidence that none of the naysayers have been normal-weight.
    Nonetheless, the best way to deal with jealousy is to live your life in a fulfilling way that sparks interest. In other words, live well and let the jealous people stew in their own pettiness.
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    Pearldrop reacted to Gundy in Surgery, “it’s the easy way.”   
    If diets and weight loss strategies worked as long term solutions, the diet industry would do out of business!
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    Pearldrop reacted to Creekimp13 in I have become a bad influence   
    Something about getting really close to goal has me being way too honest. Obnoxiously honest.
    I'm openly talking about all my screw ups....which, lets face it...people just don't do. We're all perfect, right? And we should inspire others to achieve perfection and never color outside the lines and never backslide and never admit it.
    Admitting it is setting a bad example, right? Think of the Newbies! Cover their ears! SAVE them!
    (in truth, I wish someone HAD admitted that screw ups occur regularly when I was first staring this process..I quite enjoy ugly truths...but I'm weird that way)
    More and more, I think I'm getting close to the end of my time here at Bariatric Pal.
    Once upon a time, I recall telling someone...if I stick around at this site past when I reach goal and pretend I have some kind of answer.....please Shoot Me. I don't want to be that person. I'm not that person.
    By luck, trial and error, Herculean patience, Feck all who knows?...somehow, I'm a stone's throw from the holy grail: Goal.
    The only answer I've got...is that answers vary. No two people have done it exactly the same way. Try hard every day. Don't give up. Use all the help they give you.
    Weight has defined so much about my life for so long....i'm just burnt out on it.
    I want to start talking about other things.
    I'm giving myself another month for the last 4 pounds...but come August...I think i'm outta here:)
    I know for a few of you....this is welcome news! Bahahaha!
    It's been a hell of a ride, my bariatric friends. Legendary.
    I wish each and every one of you.....fulfillment of your expectations and a safe healthy ride getting there.

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    Pearldrop reacted to RaedQ in Back to Work Experience - When do I loose weight?   
    I’ve been keeping up with my gym routine with 2 days off per week

    I go to the gym, 10 mins treadmill then I go to the weights and I do small weights and selected devices then I go back to the treadmill for 30 mins then I do me some swimming for 30 mins and finally some cold jacuzzi and I’m out and back home

    I’m also working 9 hours per day

    I seem fine so far with no issues, changing my lifestyle.

    I’m on my soft food stage, eating fish and crabs now! I did try green ice tea which had 7% sugar once but overall I think I’m fine

    The incisions are small and they’ve recovered from the outer skin completely and not sure if anything remains still internally but I feel nothing wrong
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from Frustr8 in It’s like the first time all over again...   
    I’m having zero issues with food at the moment, I’m 4 weeks post so haven’t tried everything yet.
    I’m following some simple rules, nothing from a drive through 😀, and only delicious food.
    I went out last week and we had a degustation menu, 4 courses of small amounts. I had Japenese style oyster, Pernod infused ocean trout, seared scallops and a small roasted potato in duck fat. All up it was about 2/3 of a cup over 2 hours with wine pairings. It was fabulous.
    I think I’m very lucky, I feel for those having issues.
    Aside from not being hungry it’s hard for me to believe I even had surgery. My nutritionist signed off on the menu, I emailed it to him the week before the dinner 🤣
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    Pearldrop reacted to BuzzVSG in I'm just not happy.....   
    Hey everyone. I went to speak to someone. It felt really good getting it off my chest. She also had the sleeve so she kind of knew where I was coming from. Thank you all for the advice. I am doing my best to adjust to this huge adjustment.
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    Pearldrop reacted to magpie26 in I'm just not happy.....   
    I do have to say that most of the time I do feel better about me and how I'm progressing and looking but sometimes I see her looking back and I hate it! It doesn't help that I'm currently broke and can't afford an "in between" wardrobe. So I'm stuck with a good amount that's too big, my pants are ok but catching up but my tops are getting BIG! I've hunted goodwill/ thrift stores but not having much luck I could buy new stuff for what they charge half the time. I hear this a lot and I know we're not alone.
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    Pearldrop reacted to BuzzVSG in I'm just not happy.....   
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    Pearldrop reacted to magpie26 in I'm just not happy.....   
    I understand how you feel. Maybe it was the "fat girl confidence" the extra humor etc. I'm not even 3 months out, but at 25 pounds lost I felt dead sexy, now I'm approaching 50 and now I am seeing a fat girl (sometimes) in the mirror. This wasn't the case before! I like that people think I look great, but newly out of the gate social situations are really awkward. I still can get painfully full, I can't drink with all my friends (not that I'm a big drinker), I went gluten free so my food choices are limited. I'm happy I did this, but I'm unhappy that I all of the sudden see myself as fat and unattractive. Sorry for stealing your post, but I know what you're going through.