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    Pearldrop reacted to Yo-yo girl in Any Surgery twins for May 21st ?   
    Been out of surgery a few hours now and I feel amazing! I’m happier now than I was when I got approved! My pain is very minimal, I don’t have much gas and what little I do have is not uncomfortable at all. Although I wasn’t able to drink Water earlier I did request it to rinse my mouth and rub it around my gums and surprisingly once the dryness was gone it felt as if I had drank the cup so deff try this. I’m equally excited for all of you guys too and wish you an excellent recovery.

    Yo-Yo Girl from New York City
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    Pearldrop reacted to Syntax_Attack in Any Surgery twins for May 21st ?   
    On my way to the hospital right now. Wish me luck all. See you ladies and gentlemen on the other side.
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    Pearldrop reacted to Yo-yo girl in Bariatric haul! What have you bought for your journey or plan to buy?   
    Hey guys!

    Been out of surgery a few hours now and I feel amazing! I’m happier now than I was when I got my approval! My pain is very minimal, I don’t have much gas and what little I do have is not uncomfortable at all. Although I wasn’t able to drink Water earlier I did request it to rinse my mouth and rub it around my gums and surprisingly once the dryness was gone it felt as if I had drank the cup.

    Yo-Yo Girl from New York City
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from gully90 in June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!   
    Had my final pre surgery consultation today. Everything is on track for the 4 June.
    it feels really far away and really soon at the same time. Very excited!!
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    Pearldrop reacted to okayestmom in When "Family" doesn't understand   
    Maybe try writing down your “bariatric schedule”. This could include Water, Vitamins, food, the amount of time you are supposed to take for each thing i.e. 30 minutes for shake etc. then write down the consequences of not following the program, such as dehydration, infections, slower healing, and exhaustion. When he confronts you with demands during your recovery time, you can just show him the list. Maybe post it on the fridge. Sometimes writing something down helps others understand what you need just in case you have not expressed verbally what you need.

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    Pearldrop reacted to allwet in When "Family" doesn't understand   
    This is the reason that the -dirty little secret- of WLS is relationship breakups.
    You are in a very different place now than you were before and it happened very fast and offered little to no time for adjustment for either of you.
    You cant and don't want to go back to the place you were before so he will have to decide if he is willing to join you in the journey you have started or you will eventually go on with your lives but without each other.
    If you give in and go back to the way it was before you will blame him and it will drive you apart. So really it does depend on him. He will adjust or dig in his heels and you will either change back and hate him for doing that to you or you will continue on this journey without him.
    It sucks it really does. You can support him all you can but you have to draw the line at giving up your own health and happiness.
    Try to find a local support grp and go to a few meetings.
    good luck
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    Pearldrop reacted to Ernie D in When "Family" doesn't understand   
    28 days ago I had my sleeve done. After 1 year of getting ready for it, the day finally arrived. My significant other well lets just say he isnt very emotionally intelligent and over the last 13 years I have been with him through 11 medical procedures he needed some were in hospital some were out patient. I always put him first , and took care of him what ever he needed. I am really getting very frustrated I feel he is just in my way of healing now, not physically but mentally and emotionally. He is not emotionally supportive at all, I really am in this all alone. I try to stay positive, I have made a major life change and rather than him having my back he would rather rant and rave with his emotional outbursts. I try to be patient as I know he struggles with some mental health issues. There are just those days when I want to say Seriously do you have any clue what I have just gone through and what I continue to go through. I am so drained when I wake up in the morning,. I need time to just get my head on right. I immediately take care of our Dog, getting her fresh Water, food and take her out to do her business. I then try to get my Vitamins and meds in me, drink some liquid and take my blood glucose. But then here he comes complaining there is nothing to eat for breakfast...........which translates to he wants his huge hot Breakfast eggs, bacon, toast or grits etc which now just the smell makes me ill. If he doesnt get his way then he is just moody and very short tempered all day. So to avoid the constant emotional rollercoaster, i stop what I am doing and make breakfast, I sometimes then forget to take meds or vitamins, it takes me longer to get ready in the morning, not as quick since the surgery as I was before. Yes I know I should kick him to the curb ( and I only stated a mild case ) but financially I cant afford to do that right now, I am really stuck with him. SORRY just needed to say this "out loud " I am just emotionally exhausted from him. Thank you anyone that reads this. I appreciate the listening ear
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    Pearldrop reacted to Nikki_Nik87 in Not eating soft foods yet! Exhausted and can’t get all protein in   
    Totally not a troll... In fact, why would someone lie about what something like that?? The day I left the hospital I was on Full Liquids (clear only in hosp.) Day 8 I went to soft foods. I just started off with the softest things like yogurt, cottage cheese, etc. Then worked my way up to ground meats. I have not once had a bad reaction to anything. I totally agree with @sillykitty, everyone's healing process is different. What works for me may not work for you. Doesn't mean our surgeons don't know what they're doing. My surgeon has a very high success rate so I doubt he'd tell me to do anything that would negatively effect me.
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    Pearldrop reacted to Sammy 10-30 in Not eating soft foods yet! Exhausted and can’t get all protein in   
    I was given this, I just do not believe surgeons are approving solid foods only 6 days after surgery and I strongly believe that this is another internet troll that has infiltrated this forum or another patient in denial making their own dietary plan up after surgery.
    Stage 1: Clear Liquids

    Days 1-3 Post-Op
    - You can start this diet on DAY 1 in the hospital.
    - Clear Liquids only.
    - On DAY 3 you may start adding Protein Drinks back into your diet
    - AT LEAST 75 grams of Protein daily

    Stage 2: Full Liquids

    Days 4-14 Post-Op
    - All liquids must be pourable from a cup, NO CHUNKS
    - 1-2 ounces of Water to be sipped every 15 minutes while awake
    - It is important to consume at least 64 ounces of Fluid daily while awake.
    - Examples of acceptable foods/liquids:
    o Cream of wheat (thinned), cream of rice (thinned), mashed potatoes (thinned).
    Must be thinned with fat free milk or broth
    o Lactose-free milk, skim milk, sugar-free and low-fat yogurt (NO fruits or seeds)
    o LOW sodium vegetable juices
    o Unsweetened applesauce (thinned with water)
    o Unflavored Protein Powder, flavored low-carb/high-protein shakes
    o Blended creamy Soups, broths, bouillon
    o Sugar-free Gelatin (liquid state only)
    o Sugar-free pudding (thinned)
    o Sugar-free custard (thinned)
    o Sugar-free popsicles
    - Besides what is listed above, nothing else is allowed.
    - Start your chewable Multivitamin on DAY 7 after surgery.

    Stage 3: pureed Foods

    Day 14-35
    - You may now have pureed foods.
    - During this stage you will learn your new style of eating.
    - Listen to your pouch, it will guide you on portion sizes.
    - Stop eating when you feel a slight pressure in your chest area.
    - Pureed foods should be the consistency of baby food. - Add foods slowly, one at a time, to test your tolerance of each food.
    - You may add protein powder to pureed foods to add more protein.
    • Foods allowed on this stage include all full liquids from previous liquid stage, plus:
    o Cream of wheat, cream of rice
    o Thinned oatmeal and grits
    o Mashed potatoes, skinless sweet potatoes (slightly thinned)
    o Lactose free milk, skim milk
    o Sugar-free & low-fat yogurt (no fruits or seeds)
    o Low-fat cottage cheese (pureed)
    o Low-fat ricotta cheese
    o Soft-cooked pureed vegetables, Stage 1 baby food (no more than ½ cup/day)
    o Unsweetened apple sauce, unsweetened or lite canned fruit without seeds
    (pureed), Stage 1 baby food
    o Pureed chicken, turkey, or fish (Stage 1 baby meats)
    o Fat-free refried Beans (thinned)
    o Hummus
    o Protein powder and drinks
    o Blended creamy soups, broths, bouillon soups
    o Sugar-free gelatin
    o Sugar-free pudding, sugar-free custard
    o Sugar-free popsicles
    o Herbs and mild spices
    • From here on out make sure to chew each bite 20-30 times and avoid liquids 10
    minutes before, during, and 30 minutes after meals and Snacks.
    Stage 4
    Day 35-999
    As you transition to solid foods, this is still a time of learning. You will start this phase on DAY
    35. Let your pouch be your guide on portion sizes. 1) Take small bites. 2) Chew each bite to
    applesauce consistency. 3) Pause 30 seconds between each swallowed bite. Remember,
    overeating can lead to nausea, vomiting, and stretching of your pouch.
    • This stages includes foods listed in previous stages, plus:
    o Lean ground beef, chicken, or turkey (90% lean)
    o Fish, egg whites, or egg substitute (Egg Beaters)
    o Vegetable patties
    o Lean canned chicken or tuna (in water)
    o Low fat deli meat, shaved
    o Creamy peanut butter
    o Low-fat or fat-free cottage cheese and ricotta cheese
    o 2% or fat free string cheese or cheese slices
    o Canned fruit (fruit cocktail—no grapes or cherries) in its own juice, lite, or no
    sugar added
    o Bananas (remove strings)
    o Soft cooked or canned vegetables and vegetable juice
    o Toasted breads or crackers
    o Low-fat yogurt (without seeds and whole fruit)
    o Butter Buds, Fat-free butter spray, low-fat or lite mayo, olive oil, safflower oil
    o Herbs and mild spices (most herbs, spices, and low calorie Condiments are okay)
    • Remember 1 oz of meat provides 7 grams of protein
    • Make sure to choose a protein food FIRST and a fruit or vegetable SECOND. You may
    also select a starch/grain LAST if you still have room.
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    Pearldrop reacted to MIZ60 in Not eating soft foods yet! Exhausted and can’t get all protein in   
    My post op plan (I am 6 days out so no soft foods) allows Greek yogurt 1 oz. /hour and it has been a nice change of pace. I either mix various herbs/seasonings with it or put it in a mug of warm vegetable or chicken broth. About 4 oz. of that and 3 Protein Shakes and I am getting about 100 G Protein. I do thin out the shakes with Decaf or hot Water which makes them easier to take. Enjoy your daughter's graduation, is she a Longhorn?
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    Pearldrop reacted to Orchids&Dragons in 30 minutes before and after   
    I actually put something (a napkin, notebook, whatever) over my drink so that I don't accidentally grab it out of habit. Then, I set the timer on my phone. I don't like it, but I do it.
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    Pearldrop reacted to deardraya in June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!   
    Today I start my two week pre-op diet. I have been worried about being able to be strong for the next two weeks but I saw someone on here posted “My attitude has shifted from “I can’t have that” to “I don’t want that.” Reading that inspired me so much & I think I’m going to be okay. Good luck to all of my fellow Surgery Day Twins & to everyone else on this life changing journey. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. ❤️
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    Pearldrop reacted to Yo-yo girl in Weightloss surgery won’t work for me   
    Thank you! It went very well [emoji108]

    Yo-Yo Girl from New York City
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from Frustr8 in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies Check In Here!   
    Mine too. Today was an interesting day with lunch, I forgot to take my shaker and the Protein Powder didn’t quite mix as well as it could have. Made for a chewy Soup lols
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from BrandiceLeSha in Surgeon says go ahead.. do I take the bite? Or wait?   
    If you are ready go for it.
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    Pearldrop reacted to millerla4 in Weightloss surgery won’t work for me   
    I am just the opposite, I weigh myself daily to keep on track. 1 year out, down 85.5 lbs. Goal was 120, I am down to 115lbs at 5'2". Couldn't be any happier [emoji4]

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    Pearldrop reacted to leea in June 2018 RnY   
    Wow just had a regular doc apt and lost 5 more lbs! I don't have surgery until June 4th. Makes me feel good when I can still loose a little on my own. Makes me feel the RnY is just another tool to help.
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    Pearldrop reacted to ALFxRNY in June 2018 RnY   
    Update: the cardiologist finally sent the rest of my clearance and my paperwork was submitted today! The surgeon’s office said I should be hearing from them again next week about a date!!!
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    Pearldrop reacted to leea in June 2018 RnY   
    New to site. Got my surgery date June 4th!
    Finished shared appt today and pre op appt May 7th!
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    Pearldrop reacted to SarcasticGastric in Weightloss surgery won’t work for me   
    I have this fear as well. I even took my paranoia a step further after finding some research that there's a genetic factor to how well bariatric surgery works (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3644642/). I actually did a DNA test through AncestryDNA and uploaded the results to Promethease so that I could see if I have one of the "bad" genes and I do. In the study I linked to it correlated with losing about %5 percent less body weight. For me that would be me being an extra 20 lbs heavier and that's just one gene. So if I have 200 lbs to lose and I can expect to lose, on average, 70-75% of my excess body weight with RNY, that's 140-150 lbs. With that gene I have I might have to adjust that to 120-130. At 120 lbs lost I wouldn't really be where I want to be, but I'd be MUCH better off than I have been.
    In all honesty, I sort of regret checking this gene. At the end of the day I don't think it makes sense to let 20 lbs influence my decision and it's just one more thing to discourage me. In case you're wondering, something like 95-96% of people have the "good" gene. I'm one of the "lucky" few with one of the bad variants (there's another variant that is even worse, but it is VERY rare). It's also possible I have other genes that will influence my success, for the good or the bad. I think the science will get better over time, but right now I don't think there's a great way to know how you're going to do without just taking the leap.
    I haven't officially made a decision, but I'm leaning pretty heavily toward RNY. I may never be thin, but I think I can be much less fat and that has enormous health benefits, even if I never come close to my ideal weight. We shouldn't let perfect be the enemy of good.
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    Pearldrop reacted to Kay07 in Weightloss surgery won’t work for me   
    First and foremost, I am sorry about the delay. I had something similar happen to me where they said may 7th, which then got bumped to may 14th. Although I had a much longer warning time, but it still sucks having to wait.
    Second, I actually took my surgeon's advice and put my scale away. The scale is never kind to me. I always feel like I've lost more than I actually do, and get discouraged. My team believes scales reinforce the wrong aspect of the surgery. Their motto is: "The numbers on a scale shouldn't define whether or not we succeed, its how we feel that should define our success." Even my nutritionist wouldn't set an amount or goal weight, although according to the charts I should be 135 (I think I'd look terrible that low). Instead we set milestones. Such as I want to shop in regular stores, or I want to be able to do a 5k without feeling like my heart is going to straight up beat out of my chest!
    Putting the scale away is not for everyone though. That's what I've decided to do, but again do what makes you happy and what you think will help ease you!
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from Laughing Bird in June Sleevers Lets Get Excited!!!   
    Starting Optifast Monday. During the day it will be ok cause I’ll be distracted by work. I’m a little worried about the weekends though. Anyone got any tips?
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from Frustr8 in Summer 2018 Surgery Buddies Check In Here!   
    Hello. I’m a June sleever. I’m starting my Optifast Monday 21 May in preparation for the 4 June. Very excited and a little nervous. The process seems very comprehensive in the US compared to the process I did here in Australia. The pre-work here was to attend a group information session and have my doctor to write a referral. My Insurance doesn’t require anything additional. Health insurance is very different in Australia though as it is based on the type of insurance you want and the amount you pay.
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from Frustr8 in Can it be a secret?   
    Hey there. I’m not telling anyone, only my husband knows. I have started laying down the ground work for when people start to notice. Rejoined the gym, walking at lunch and have told people I’m dieting. I suffer from reflux now, my surgeon is fixing this as part of the procedure.
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    Pearldrop got a reaction from Frustr8 in I fell off my wagon :/   
    It looks like you are back on the wagon now, another 5lb loss is great progress. Be kind to yourself as you work your way through this and provide love & care to your daughter.