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  1. pleasedontjudgeme

    Can we talk about staying hydrated?

    I was sleeved on June 13th so my three month mark is this week and I still struggle to meet my goal of 64 oz. of water or calorie free fluid a day. It's incredibly frustrating. I find I'm thirsty most of the time and just can't seem to ever quench it. Prior to surgery I guzzled water (16 oz. at a time) and really miss being able to do that now. Everyday I'm closer to 48 oz. than 64. I drink a protein shake for breakfast on tons of ice and finish all of that, I also carry a 24 oz. bottle of ice water most everywhere and bring another 24 oz. bottle with crystal light lemonade to work. But for some reason it is a constant battle to drink. I get nauseous if I sip too much and forget until I'm really thirsty. Aside from this issue, I feel great and am very glad I had the surgery.
  2. pleasedontjudgeme

    First two weeks post op weight loss

    Thank you for your encouragement! I really appreciate all the comments. Today is one month since my surgery and I have lost 19 lbs. I've hit a major stall, but I'm focused on following my meal plan and celebrating the big picture. Thanks again everyone!
  3. pleasedontjudgeme

    Hi all!

    Hello All! I’m fairly new also. Had my VSG on 6/13/18. I am super frustrated by my lack of weight loss since surgery! One week ago I had my final weigh in and weighed 306. Then last Wednesday I had my surgery and weighed the same that day. My last real food was Tuesday 6/12. I’m on liquids and have only consumed crystal light, beef broth, Water and sugar free popsicles since my surgery. Today I still weigh 306!!! Is this normal? Has anyone else had weight loss be slow after surgery? Thanks for any feedback! Amanda HW 338 CW 306 GW 165 VSG 6/13/18
  4. Hello! I curious if anyone here had surgery or is planning to have surgery at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh? Dr. Anita Courcoulas is my surgeon. Would love to hear about your experiences. Thanks! Amanda

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