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  1. pleasedontjudgeme

    Gummy Vitamins Ever???

    Thank you all very much for your help!!
  2. pleasedontjudgeme

    Gummy Vitamins Ever???

    I searched through Gummy Vitamin posts, but couldn’t seem to find an answer. I’m 15 months post-op from gastric sleeve and just wondered if it’s ever safe to go back to my gummy vitamins I used prior to surgery? Are they ok if you chew them to death before swallowing when you’re this far out from surgery or is it a never again sort of rule with gummies? Thanks so much for any advice!!!😊😊
  3. pleasedontjudgeme

    Anyone taking Cymbalta? How to take Post-Op?

    I also take 60mg of Cymbalta a day in one capsule. I've taken one every day since my sleeve surgery on June 13, 2018. I did have a brief period after surgery where I felt like my Cymbalta "wasn't working" and my PCP (not my bariatric surgeon) suggested perhaps they were not being absorbed fully and offered to up my dosage temporarily or look into another delivery route. I declined and decided to wait it out and see if things improved and they did very quickly. It was just a very minor blip and I've had no other issues taking it. I feel amazing! My surgeon never wanted me to stop it after my sleeve surgery or open the capsules. Good luck to you!!
  4. pleasedontjudgeme

    TMI TMI Female Problems

    Matt's right! Get some lube and even consider trying some of that warming stuff they sell at the drugstore and don't skimp on the foreplay!!! (the warming stuff is LEGIT) You'll get in the mood and be more comfortable during the official act. Get your boyfriend involved with getting you ready and have fun with it. You can do this!!!
  5. pleasedontjudgeme

    Any updates for 4 months out sleevers?

  6. My sleeve was June 13th and I've had no real issues or problems, thankfully. But since Sunday morning I am struggling with getting my fluids in much worse than ever since my procedure. Every time I swallow it feels really weird in my throat like I've gulped a HUGE amount when I haven't and food made me nauseated when I would start eating. The nausea is better, but any swallowing (even little chunks of greek yogurt popsicle) is followed by that weird golf ball feeling in my throat/chest. Does anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Hot vs. cold beverages feel the same. About the only food that doesn't feel awful is scrambled eggs. This all began Sunday morning and Saturday night I ate grapes for the first time at a party. I also drank some alcohol. Just trying to put it all out there to help figure out what this could be caused by... Can a stricture happen at this point? Could I have gotten a grape stuck in my sleeve? Starting to worry!
  7. pleasedontjudgeme

    Any updates for 4 months out sleevers?

    I was sleeved June 13th, so my four month mark is coming up fast! I've lost 49.8 lbs. since surgery and 81 lbs. total since I began the pre-surgery diet at the end of March. The one thing that has been difficult for me is constantly worrying about my "slow or slower" rate of loss. I believed the hype from some other people prior to surgery that I would easily drop 100 lbs. in the first three months after my sleeve and quickly learned that was not the case for most people. So it is a daily mental struggle to stay positive and remind myself that this was never a quick fix and those people were wrong. I focus on my wins and making sure I get my 60 grams of protein a day. I feel so much better than I did in March and that's what matters. I tend to be a worrier in general, so I am afraid one sip from a straw is going to stretch my sleeve and other ridiculous crap that I really hope hasn't happened. I have a hard time getting my 64 oz. of fluids in each day and that has been my only real problem/issue since my procedure. I love that my pants size has dropped from a 26/28 to an 18/20! It's definitely time for me to get serious about exercising because I have a long way to go to reach my goal of 165 lbs!
  8. I completely understand how you feel. I was lucky in that my surgeon's office forced you to adapt to the post surgery lifestyle prior to surgery. So many of my favorite foods and large portions were already gone. With that said, there has been plenty of stuff I have craved and missed. But it really does get easier. I'm three months out this coming Thursday and you do have to accept that you should never eat some of the foods you ate before. (Well at least not the volumes and not all in the same day.) Try to focus on the fact that in time you can have 2-3 bites of a favorite food you miss and you will really enjoy it. I've totally done that. Now it's just the exception and takes planning and a lot of mindfulness. I can tell you that nothing I miss food-wise compares to how great I feel with 73 lbs. gone. You can do this!! Just focus on the end game--reaching your goal and getting healthy. The only way to get there is to fill your body with healthy food and follow your food plan from your surgeon. Best wishes!
  9. pleasedontjudgeme

    Can we talk about staying hydrated?

    I was sleeved on June 13th so my three month mark is this week and I still struggle to meet my goal of 64 oz. of water or calorie free fluid a day. It's incredibly frustrating. I find I'm thirsty most of the time and just can't seem to ever quench it. Prior to surgery I guzzled water (16 oz. at a time) and really miss being able to do that now. Everyday I'm closer to 48 oz. than 64. I drink a protein shake for breakfast on tons of ice and finish all of that, I also carry a 24 oz. bottle of ice water most everywhere and bring another 24 oz. bottle with crystal light lemonade to work. But for some reason it is a constant battle to drink. I get nauseous if I sip too much and forget until I'm really thirsty. Aside from this issue, I feel great and am very glad I had the surgery.
  10. pleasedontjudgeme


    I noticed this too and I'm so excited for you @AshAsh1!!! Our starting weights and day of surgery weights are so similar and you are a huge inspiration to me. I dream about my weight starting with the number 1. You give me hope it will happen! Congrats
  11. pleasedontjudgeme

    40 something sleevers?

    Hi! I'm 44 and was sleeved on 6/13/18. My high weight was 338 in March 2018 and on my surgery date I weighed 306.8...down 71 lbs. total...40 since my surgery. I feel fabulous and my only regret is not doing this sooner. I have another 100 lbs. to lose and struggle to get my 64 oz. of fluids in, but I stay positive and take it one day at a time. I always get at least 60 grams of protein and my vitamins in. Good luck on your journey! You will do great.
  12. pleasedontjudgeme

    Lettuce, tomato, etc.

    Same for me! (around six weeks) My surgery was 6/13/18 and when I went for a follow-up on 7/26/18 they said I could begin lettuce and tomato. I'm still very careful with any raw veggies and don't eat them often. They don't always feel great.
  13. So I screwed up yesterday and had a few bites of things I shouldn't have. Yes I know it was wrong and I don't intend to do it again. About 24 hours ago I sampled some of the "fair food" my husband and sons brought home -- a couple of bites of funnel cake and a couple bites of melted cheese from on top of a slice of pizza. I didn't seem to suffer any ill effects from it last evening, but all day today I have been experiencing nausea and a stomach ache on the front left side of belly. My question is: Do you think these symptoms have been caused by those illegal foods I ate around 5pm yesterday? My nausea began around 8am today and my bellyache has been the worst this afternoon. Today I have consumed my protein shake and 1/2 cup of 1% cottage cheese. Thank you for any advice!
  14. pleasedontjudgeme

    5 weeks post sleeve, stomach ache and nausea

    I'm doing ok. Still having bouts of nausea here and there since posting this question. (Today actually!) Sometimes I get it just from drinking my protein shake! Not sure why that has started happening, but I am rolling with it and trying to stay positive. I drive to Pittsburgh tomorrow for my six week post-op check up. Hoping for more weight lost. Thanks for asking about me!
  15. pleasedontjudgeme

    5 weeks post sleeve, stomach ache and nausea

    Thank you both very much for your responses! Definitely a lesson learned about sampling things I shouldn't. I'm hoping the bellyache stays gone today. The nausea has hung around but cottage cheese goes down ok. Thanks again!
  16. Hi! Does anyone drink the Fairlife Core Power Protein Coffee Shakes? I am in love with these, especially because of the 26 grams of protein in each one and the bit of caffeine! However, they are high in carbs at 21 grams and have 19 grams of sugar. Am I making a bad choice to drink these? Thanks for any advice!! NUTRITION FACTS Serving Size 11.5 fl oz (340mL) Servings Per Container 1 Amount Per Serving Calories 210 Calories from Fat 30 % Daily Value* Total Fat 3.5g 5% Saturated Fat 2g 10% Trans Fat 0g Cholesterol 15mg 5% Sodium 180mg 8% Potassium 400mg 11% Total Carbohydrate 21g 7% Dietary Fiber 0g 0% Sugars 19g Protein 26g 52% Vitamin A 15% Calcium 70% Vitamin D 40% *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Ingredients: Filtered Lowfat Grade A Milk, Cane Sugar, Coffee Extract, Contains Less Than 1% of Honey, Pectin, Gellan Gum, Natural Flavors, Monk Fruit Juice Concentrate, Stevia Leaf Extract, Lactase Enzyme, Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D3. Contains Milk. Aseptically Pasteurized.
  17. pleasedontjudgeme

    5.5 weeks, 40 days Post-op

    I have to say, if I had lost 28 lbs. 5.5 weeks post op I would be jumping around like I just won on the Price Is Right. I am 5 weeks post op today and am barely hitting 20. I've been at a stall now for two weeks and keep going up and down and up and down and up and down the same lb. or two. It's very, very discouraging. All we can do is get our fluid and protein minimums in and trust the process. Everyone says these stalls are completely normal and will break. Hang in there and try to stay positive!
  18. I’m feeling really down and not sure what happened. Did I have unreasonable expectations? I had sleeve surgery on 6/13 weighing 306 lbs!! It will be two weeks ago tomorrow-and have lost 10 lbs. I realize 10 lbs. of weight loss is something to be happy about, but in the first two weeks after a sleeve surgery??? Shouldn’t this be my highest weight loss of any period after surgery???? I have been drinking water, propel, crystal light and chicken broth only for the last 13 days and that has netted only 10 lbs. of weight loss??? What’s it going to be like when I start protein shakes and puréed foods—will I even lose at all? I’m feeling so angry and disappointed. My biggest fear is that this surgery would not work for me and I feel like this is proof. If I can’t lose large amounts of weight consuming small amounts of calorie free liquids, how will I??? What were your initial losses? Any words of advice?
  19. pleasedontjudgeme

    Fairlife Core Power Protein Coffee Shake

    I have a handout from the surgeon that lists preferred supplements. Fair Oaksfarm Core Power Shakes is on that list and when I go to www.coreprotein.com I find the Fairlife Core Power Shakes. The coffee one actually has lower carbs and sugar than chocolate and vanilla. I guess by this list I'm ok...it's just such a dramatic difference from some of the other options. I don't want to mess up. Recommended Single Serving Supplements.pdf
  20. pleasedontjudgeme

    Fairlife Core Power Protein Coffee Shake

    Well I was avoiding coffee as recommended. My guidelines have a fairlife core protein shake option but was confusing as to which one. These numbers seemed high. Will follow up with my NUT. Thank you all!
  21. pleasedontjudgeme

    Fairlife Core Power Protein Coffee Shake

    I am five weeks post op from sleeve
  22. pleasedontjudgeme

    Fairlife Core Power Protein Coffee Shake

    They also have 700 mg of calcium!
  23. pleasedontjudgeme

    First two weeks post op weight loss

    Thank you for your encouragement! I really appreciate all the comments. Today is one month since my surgery and I have lost 19 lbs. I've hit a major stall, but I'm focused on following my meal plan and celebrating the big picture. Thanks again everyone!
  24. Hello! I curious if anyone here had surgery or is planning to have surgery at UPMC Magee-Womens Hospital in Pittsburgh? Dr. Anita Courcoulas is my surgeon. Would love to hear about your experiences. Thanks! Amanda
  25. pleasedontjudgeme

    Dog Lovers

    LOLOL! I’m not sure which one is the sweetest. They are all pretty sweet. Luckily my boxers aren’t droolers, but my sister has English Mastiffs and they drool A LOT!! My husband and I have had boxers forever. There were three before these four. They are a wonderful breed. Henry is our first white boxer and also the largest boxer we’ve ever had. They are all professional snugglers and hopelessly devoted to our family. ♥️

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