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  1. I had my gastric bypass surgery at the end of January.. The first month is the worst. Liquid diet and getting over the procedure. After that it's a breeze. There isn't much I can't eat. Avoid sugar. It upset your stomach and gives you gas. Beer is out too. The foam fill your stomach. I mostly drink vodka and water with kool-aid drops. I was 285 lbs before surgery. Now I'm down to 190 lbs Stick to it and you'll be fine
  2. Pugdexter

    Toronto Ontario

    Hi. I'm Kevin
  3. Pugdexter

    Toronto Ontario

  4. Pugdexter

    After surgery

    I'm 2 months post surgery. Time and weight moves quickly
  5. Pugdexter

    Cost in the USA

    What do you pay in the US for gastric bypass surgery? Mine was covered by the Canadian government
  6. Pugdexter

    How often do you throw up?

    So far only twice mostly because I ate too fast. Don't wait till you are hungry to eat. Just have a little something every couple of hours
  7. Pugdexter

    Special treats

    I descoverd a perfect treat when you crave ice cream. Buy fat and sugar free yogurt. Plan and un flavored. Pop a cup in the freezer for 10 or 15 minutes. Then add a few drops of liquid water flavor enhancer. Like mio. Give it a try.
  8. I'm getting sick of only eating Jell-O, yogurt and cottage cheese. Any suggestions?
  9. Pugdexter

    Toronto Ontario

    Anyone else from Toronto?
  10. I have been feeling generally ill since my gastric bypass surgery on the 29th. What's the best for pain relief?

PatchAid Vitamin Patches