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  1. sillykitty

    The Maintenance Thread

    Sounds like you had a great vacation @ms.sss. It will be interesting to learn what your BMR ends up being. Curious to know if it's in the low 2K like mine. "did sample many things .... but only bites, not full portions. My restriction took care of that. Also thanks to my restriction, I learned after the first day that I need to pick and choose what I want to sample, because I literally have no room to try everything ...So I only tried the stuff I really wanted to, and if after sampling it, it was only OK tasting, I'd put it aside. Only really yummy stuff got a second or third bite. It's sobering to realize that a lot of stuff really only looks good, and just tastes meh." This is me as well "I was basically a bottomless pit for skinny mojitos and tequila shots. beer, wine and vodka soda" Also me 😂
  2. sillykitty

    im not going POO!

    You really don't need to do this. There is a whole range of normal bm frequency. If you are eating very little food, and even less fiber, then you just don't have a lot in you to need to go everyday https://www.health.com/digestive-health/how-often-should-you-poop
  3. sillykitty

    my personal little official thread

    I had to call a Lyft after I had my IUD placed, no way would I be able to drive after that! 😳
  4. sillykitty


  5. sillykitty


    Chiming in @Deedee12 ... the gym will still be there, after you heal. Give your body a chance to recover first
  6. I definitely count my airport walking as exercise ... can walk miles without even intending too 😂
  7. sillykitty

    candy barrrrsss *super trooper voice*

    I was intolerant of whey protein post surgery. Anything with any significant amount of whey made me miserably nauseous. Thankfully it resolved itself. It's a pretty narrow range of supplements that don't include whey. And once you exclude pea too (agree w @mousecat88, 🤮), it gets even tougher.
  8. Thank you Michael (for the record I'm not old either )
  9. sillykitty

    Tummy Tuck 8/21

    Good luck! I’m excited for you!
  10. sillykitty


    Ok, you're moving into the house on the other side of me!
  11. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    Another day, another smoked sausage thingamajig. How consistent, then inconsistent my restriction can be sometimes surprises me.
  12. sillykitty


    You should see the potholder I tried to crochet once. I don't think I can be trusted with actual clothes I want to wear outside the house. Can you just move next door instead? 😊
  13. sillykitty

    Weight-loss funnies

    This is me ... not sure whether to laugh or cry 🤣 😢
  14. sillykitty


    No issues with nuts for me
  15. sillykitty


    No, and I have to have a lot of my clothes altered, because I'm short I use my dry cleaner for the simple stuff, not too pricey, but it adds up. For anything that is more complicated than hemming I take it to an actual tailor, and that is expensive!