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  1. sillykitty

    Scar cream??

    Only silicone is scientifically proven to reduce scars. It was first used on burn victims, and subsequently studied. I tried scar gels, but felt like they rubbed off as soon as I got dressed. They're also expensive for a tiny tube. I ended up using Mepitac silicone tape from Amazon. It's nice because it can stay on for a week, even with showers. If you try Bio Oil, test out a spot first. I had a terrible allergic reaction, which I learned of after I slathered on all my scars. I'm not a very allergic person, but my reaction to Bío Oil was severe.
  2. sillykitty

    Scar camouflage tattoos

    I actually just recently found an artist near me that specializes in scar matching/correction. (He also does stretch marks 😀) I am considering them, but not sure if it's worth it as mine are barely visible tbh. And except for the small part that show in a bikini (which I wear a few times a year), the rest of them are only visible when I'm naked. Not sure if it's worth spending a couple thousand on correction. Might have to reevaluate when I get my arms done and see how those scars settle. Kristie - you're still not very far out from ps. My scars at 10 months were still pretty red/purple. But they continued to improve, and are still improving at nearly two years. Mine are mostly a thin white line. But the areas where my drains were are still a little pink/purple. So patience might be the most effective option right now ms.sss - The artist I found does work on dark and raised scars as well. First step is micro needling, to flatten them. Second step is tattooing with ink that matches your skin tone. He says it takes more sessions, and isn't quite as effective on hyperpigmentation vs. hypopigmentation but his pics still show a dramatic improvement
  3. sillykitty

    Am lost

    I use OTC, prenatal
  4. sillykitty

    Minimal to no weight loss?

    I'm very surprised a surgeon would perform WLS on someone with a 26 BMI
  5. sillykitty


    Great skirt and looks like fun Arabesque You go on a vacay Lynda? Speaking of vacays, I never imagined I'd actually want my picture taken, much less pay for photographer to do so. WLS is life changing (along with plastic surgery!)
  6. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    Ham, cheese & creamed leek crepe Cheese soufflé Souffles are slider food, which I was grateful for in this case, because I had room for this 😍
  7. sillykitty


    You look AMAZING!! 😍
  8. sillykitty

    PS overwhelm

    I agree those prices are high for Mexico, especially for a facelift. Like @catwoman7 & @GreenTealael I'd only get facial ps from a specialist. I suggest getting lots of quotes. There is a fb group called Plastics After WLS, then you can look through and get some ideas on surgeons.
  9. sillykitty


    Soooo .... it has been a minute! I've been following along with everyone through the BP emails. So happy to see so many looking so happy and fabulous! It brings me joy to see so many of us continue to thrive. As for me, it's cliché, but I have been living my best life.
  10. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    Have I mentioned how much I love my restriction? 😂 Carnitas taco
  11. I have looked in to J-plasma quite a bit. You're right, it's rarely used on it's own, it's nearly always done along with lipo. I'm not sure why it's considered minimally invasive. It's as invasive, but not as traumatic as lipo Some surgeons swear by it, while others don't see any benefit, especially long term. Women online who have had it give mixed reviews as well. Some swear it helped, while others say their skin became lax again after an amount of time. Even those who believe it benefited them can't be sure what their results may have been like without J-plasma. Also, some surgeons don't like J-plasma because they say the tightening is actually caused by the creation of scar tissue and that scar tissue can interfere if you want future lipo or tummy tuck etc. I decided against doing any J-plasma myself. The cost was too high for unpredictable results. Surgical skin removal leaves scars and is a harder recovery, but the results are more certain, so that's what I have done and will continue to do.
  12. My surgeon also told me my stomach may not be completely flat either. Said that yes, he can get rid of skin and some underlying fat, but he cant make my organs smaller! Lol And he was right. Yes, my abdomen has very little “overlay” tissue, but my lower abdomen (below the belly button) is definitely a little rounded. Its especially noticeable (to me) when I have a big meal. I can’t remember , did you have muscle repair?. (And I’ve seen your tummy, it’s pretty damn close to flat flat!)
  13. I’m late to this party. Congrats! I love plastic surgery 😂. What reason did your surgeon give that your stomach wouldn’t be flat? I’m surprised to hear that since you have a low BMI
  14. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    Falafel! Veggies fritters (spinach, carrots, zucchini etc)! Wings! (No recipes from me, I usually just google a few versions and wing it) Also fab for when you don't feel like cooking. It's great with convenience foods like frozen breaded fish, TJ's meatless orange chicken, frozen samosas, spanakopita, egg rolls etc..
  15. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    I'm terrible at following recipes Meringue 4 egg white 1 cup white sugar pinch of cream of tartar bit of vanilla In a mixer blend all ingredients until soft-stiff peaks form. Spoon on to parchment and make a bit of a depression in the middle. I get 6 per 4 egg whites. Baked a 300 degree oven for 45-60 minutes. The texture can either be crunchy like a meringue cookie or crunchy shell & marshmallow-y in the middle, your choice. You can make a day or two prior assuming you don't have high humidity Lemon Curd I use a variation of this: https://sallysbakingaddiction.com/how-to-make-lemon-curd/ I use more zest, and 1/2 cup of lemon juice Can make this days ahead of time Berry Sauce I buy frozen berries, sometimes raspberries, sometimes mixed beries. I simple cook down on the stove top, andd sugar to taste & strain Can make the day before Berries Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries Whipped Cream I use an ISI whipped cream dispenser. Heavy cream, tablespoon or two of powdered sugar & vanilla. This can stay in the ISI dispenser for days

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