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  1. sillykitty


    I used Bio Oil after my plastic surgery. I ended up being terribly allergic to it. After I had my reaction to it I googled and found that many dermatologist warn against its use. I used silicone tape on my VSG scars. They are now nearly invisible white lines. I tend to scar well so I may have had the same result with or without the tape.
  2. sillykitty

    Plastic Surgery Cost

    Me too .. on both counts
  3. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    Gave a mini review on the favorite products thread. It was fine? It didn't taste like much of anything. If I would have been in my WL phase, I would have been excited to have a protein item masquerading as a carb. In maintenance I'd probably opt for a real tortilla.
  4. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    I melted a bit of butter in a nonstick pan and then placed the wrap in, and then cheese on one half. Once the wrap was warm and pliable I folded it in half, heated both side so they were a bit crisp and the cheese was melty. I could have used cooking spray and more interesting/flavorful ingredients. But I'm not in my own kitchen, so limited resources.
  5. So the red pepper hummus was fine. It wasn't particularly flavorful, but not objectionable either. In my WL stage it would have been useful to get a protein boost. But in maintenance just eating normally I'd probably opt for a regular tortilla.
  6. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    I'm weird about wasabi. I only like it with simple sushi like nigiri. In special rolls like this there is already a lot going on (the sauce on the side was eel sauce/chili oil combo) and I don't like the wasabi to compete/overpower the other flavors.
  7. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    Protein Wrap Quesadilla-ish Thing
  8. sillykitty

    Plastic Surgery Cost

    Someone new. These will be completely different procedures that my first surgeon, who specializes in WL patients, doesn't perform.
  9. sillykitty

    Plastic Surgery Cost

    To echo what @janc75 says, there is a huge variance between various surgeon's pricing. My most expensive quote was 3x's my least expensive. Although you don't want to make your decision based on price, there isn't necessarily a correlation between price and quality. The old adage of "you get what you pay for" is often untrue for plastics. I speak from personal experience. I chose the surgeon that had the lowest quote, and am extremely happy with my results. They are exactly what I had expected. I believe my highest priced quote would have given me great results as well. But my mid price quotes would have had inferior results IMO. I'm about to go in for a second round of surgery next month. I have gone down the rabbit hole with plastic surgery research. I can say I've seen amazing results from low priced surgeons and terrible results from high priced surgeons, and of course vice versa. So it just bore out to me exactly what @janc75 said, narrow on the results and experience you want, and then add price into the equation.
  10. sillykitty

    Mexican Food

    Agree with the refried beans recommendations. I also had no issue handling spicy foods. One of my first soft meals was refried beans with cheese & hot sauce
  11. sillykitty

    Plastic Surgery Cost

    Applied for a new credit card with a sign up bonus & a long intro 0% interest rate & paid off before the 0% ends
  12. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    Found THE SPOT for BBQ! This place is going on repeat Brisket, pulled pork, mac & cheese & collard greens No afters
  13. sillykitty

    Food Before and After Photos

    When you pretend to be healthy and order a salad, but it actually has more calories than your average burger 😂