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  1. Yes you should be fine. I only had someone to stay to take care of my handicap daughter for a few days. Still take it easy up to go to bathroom and back to bed and rest
  2. I nerve had Gerd before surgery... omg I was fine for 3 weeks after surgery then BAM! I thought I was having a heart attack... after visit to ER of course it happened on the weekend... I now know what reflux is...
  3. it'sonlythefirststep

    Getting sleeved in one hour!

    Good luck you’ll do great... be sure to get up as soon as you can and start walking. I had my surgery in March 2018. Best decision ever.
  4. My surgeon did not prescribe me any meds but I did get pain meds
  5. it'sonlythefirststep

    Sudden runs

    Yep too much sugar at one time!
  6. it'sonlythefirststep


    I donated everything! Got it out of the house I never want to be that size again. I had surgery back in March 2018...
  7. it'sonlythefirststep

    Blossom Bariatrics In Las Vegas

    I heard that some people and places have done nicotine test and failed and surgery was canceled for them. I never smoked so they never tested me. Good luck and I was scare, excited and almost backed out of my surgery but I did not. Best thing and my 2 yr anniversary is in March..
  8. it'sonlythefirststep

    Surgery Tomorrow

    Good luck tomorrow... it’s a new day and a new start to a more healthier you! Best decision I made back in March 2018
  9. it'sonlythefirststep

    Looking for a private bariatric nutritionist

    My surgeon has a nutritionist on staff to be able to consult... I had to take two nutrition classes before my surgery
  10. it'sonlythefirststep

    Hernia removal

    I had a hernia repaired during my sleeve. I have seen it is very common to find it while they are in there. Mine was very small. However we did discussed what ifs before the surgery and what I would want him to do in certain cases.
  11. it'sonlythefirststep


    my surgeon said no alcohol until 6 -12 months after surgery
  12. it'sonlythefirststep

    Sick after 4 mos

    I just had kidney stone (genetics both sides of family) surgery so weak from that. I will definitely have to look into that.
  13. it'sonlythefirststep

    Sick after 4 mos

    It took me almost 9 months to finally eat more than 6 tiny bites of food during each meal. I also developed acid reflux after 4 months. And now I am having issues with taking the vitamins now after a year.
  14. it'sonlythefirststep

    VSG + Hiatal Hernia Repair

    I had both done at same time March 2018. No issues with either. Took pain meds for 3 days after that just followed doctors orders.
  15. it'sonlythefirststep

    Weight loss

    I think I lost an average of a 1lb a day in the beginning. I had my surgery in March 2018

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