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  1. Yes you should be fine. I only had someone to stay to take care of my handicap daughter for a few days. Still take it easy up to go to bathroom and back to bed and rest
  2. I nerve had Gerd before surgery... omg I was fine for 3 weeks after surgery then BAM! I thought I was having a heart attack... after visit to ER of course it happened on the weekend... I now know what reflux is...
  3. it'sonlythefirststep

    Getting sleeved in one hour!

    Good luck you’ll do great... be sure to get up as soon as you can and start walking. I had my surgery in March 2018. Best decision ever.
  4. My surgeon did not prescribe me any meds but I did get pain meds
  5. it'sonlythefirststep

    Drinking and eating same time

    How many of you drink and eat at the same time? I’ve tried to follow the guidelines of not drinking 15 minutes before eating and waiting 30 minutes after eating. But I’d really like to drink during meals...
  6. it'sonlythefirststep

    Sudden runs

    Yep too much sugar at one time!
  7. it'sonlythefirststep


    I donated everything! Got it out of the house I never want to be that size again. I had surgery back in March 2018...
  8. it'sonlythefirststep

    Blossom Bariatrics In Las Vegas

    I heard that some people and places have done nicotine test and failed and surgery was canceled for them. I never smoked so they never tested me. Good luck and I was scare, excited and almost backed out of my surgery but I did not. Best thing and my 2 yr anniversary is in March..
  9. it'sonlythefirststep

    Surgery Tomorrow

    Good luck tomorrow... it’s a new day and a new start to a more healthier you! Best decision I made back in March 2018
  10. it'sonlythefirststep

    Looking for a private bariatric nutritionist

    My surgeon has a nutritionist on staff to be able to consult... I had to take two nutrition classes before my surgery
  11. it'sonlythefirststep

    Hernia removal

    I had a hernia repaired during my sleeve. I have seen it is very common to find it while they are in there. Mine was very small. However we did discussed what ifs before the surgery and what I would want him to do in certain cases.
  12. it'sonlythefirststep


    my surgeon said no alcohol until 6 -12 months after surgery
  13. it'sonlythefirststep

    Sick after 4 mos

    I just had kidney stone (genetics both sides of family) surgery so weak from that. I will definitely have to look into that.
  14. it'sonlythefirststep

    Sick after 4 mos

    It took me almost 9 months to finally eat more than 6 tiny bites of food during each meal. I also developed acid reflux after 4 months. And now I am having issues with taking the vitamins now after a year.
  15. it'sonlythefirststep

    VSG + Hiatal Hernia Repair

    I had both done at same time March 2018. No issues with either. Took pain meds for 3 days after that just followed doctors orders.
  16. it'sonlythefirststep

    Weight loss

    I think I lost an average of a 1lb a day in the beginning. I had my surgery in March 2018
  17. it'sonlythefirststep

    Incision infection?

    Probably infected wash it and then put hydrogen peroxide on it several times keep dry and let it breathe
  18. it'sonlythefirststep

    Weighing your food on a food scale

    Nope never weigh food I should count calories but nope...
  19. it'sonlythefirststep


    I cannot take the chewable vitamins or the calcium. They make me sick. Still looking for something that I can take.. stinks nothing tastes the same after surgery
  20. I am 5’2” weighed 270 lbs and 1yr 4months after surgery I weigh 140 lbs doing great! Wish you luck in September
  21. it'sonlythefirststep

    Drinking and eating same time

    I have been following the rule. Just curious
  22. it'sonlythefirststep


    I was told not to eat pop corn because of the kernels
  23. it'sonlythefirststep


    I was told not to eat pop corn because of the kernels.
  24. it'sonlythefirststep

    Dumping (again!)

    I had the sleeve. Every now and then I have dumping, when I eat wrong (too much fat). I would definitely see another doctor about it. They can do some kind of test (x-ray, ct, scope) something to see if you have blockage, or other issue and to verify if you had sleeve or gastric bypass).
  25. it'sonlythefirststep


    Do your surgery like on a Thursday and you can go back to work on Monday. Unless you have complications or your doctor says otherwise

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