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    Bigman12345 got a reaction from RainbowBrite57 in Feeling so weary   
    Definitely a stressful time, all the build up to it and waiting is exhausting
  2. Hugs
    Bigman12345 got a reaction from Hop_Scotch in Things I won't miss about being fat!   
    Chaffing, looks of disgust, feeling different, finding clothes that fit, not thinking I’m good enough, big men’s section
  3. Hugs
    Bigman12345 got a reaction from Hop_Scotch in Things I won't miss about being fat!   
    Chaffing, looks of disgust, feeling different, finding clothes that fit, not thinking I’m good enough, big men’s section
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    Bigman12345 got a reaction from Lanie992 in Are my expectations too high?   
    I’m 6’1” and was 410 lbs and am now 270
    2 years out and I am sure if I worked more on it I could be in the lower 200s easily, it’s all what you put into it, what you want you can Achieve by just applying and never say never!! You got this
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    Bigman12345 reacted to KCgirl061 in OOTD   
    My new favorite summer outfits are fun tank tops and breathable tennis skorts!

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    Bigman12345 got a reaction from shanshan in Where Is Everyone From?   
    Upstate ny
  7. Congrats!
    Bigman12345 got a reaction from Matt Z in Lack of skin?   
    Update, all is good, the skin definitely caught up (stretched) with it and no more pain👍👍
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    Bigman12345 reacted to nurse247 in Post op arm lift with breast lift and implants   
    Had my procedures done Monday and the kind doctor did a revision of my fleur de lis scar and a bit of Lipo to my mons. Sooo happy with my results.
    Was barely a 32b before
    I think I’ll be a 32c now
    She used 310 cc implants

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    Bigman12345 reacted to xoxococojay in Breast reduction- did anyone get one after surgery? If so why?   
    So now that i'm closer to my goal, i'm looking into possibly having some work done so i can feel great about myself.
    I'm definitely buying a bigger butt. But i'm debating on whether or not i should get a breast reduction too. I'm not having pains or anything that would require me to get one. And i'm conflicted because i'm glad they're still intact post op. The reason why i'm actually considering it is because of buying clothes, my waist is a small, but my chest is definitely a large, so it makes buying anything with a button or a zipper a challenge. I'm also afraid that if i do get a reduction then my stomach will become more noticeable.  
    Below are my before and after photos. What do you suggest i do? (Obviously the two photos on the left are my before pics and the jumpsuit is my after)
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    Bigman12345 reacted to logicwand in Breast Lift with Implants   
    My weight finally stabilized around 145 (original goal weight), so I went forward with surgery for a breast lift with implants (Dr. Ciaravino in Houston is amazing). I lost 72 lbs total after the sleeve but added approximately 1.5 lbs of implants (Mentor MemoryGel Smooth Round High Profile 350cc). I cry when I see these photos side by side. I got sleeved on 2/28/2018 and got these boobs 9 months later on 11/30/2018. What a year.


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    Bigman12345 reacted to FancyChristine15 in Today is my one year surgiversary!   
    Don’t mind the hair in the first photo. I was in a show! This is my before and current! Thanks for the love!

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    Bigman12345 reacted to FancyChristine15 in Today is my one year surgiversary!   
    It's been a great year, and I wouldn't trade it for anything! Down a total of 221 pounds!!
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    Bigman12345 reacted to NotActive1234 in March Bypass Buddies   
    I’m so excited! My date was tentative until insurance approval and I just heard back from the coordinator at my surgeons office and insurance approved me! March 19 is now my OFFICIAL surgery date!!!!
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    Bigman12345 reacted to Mariamcky in March Bypass Buddies   
    I had my bypass surgery March 13th. Removed that lapband!
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    Bigman12345 reacted to Nickycole86 in March 2019 sleepers   
    I am staying an extra night in the hospital. I haven’t been able to get many liquids down and I have a large hematoma on my right side, still in a considerable amount of pain.

    They put a binder on me to try to help some of the swelling. I’m starting to walk more which is helping the gas pains greatly and like they told me, it’s great to burp but farting feels better lol it’s true!

    I’ve had a few sips of broth, I prefer the warm over the cold but none of it tastes good. I’m not hungry at all. It does bother me when they bring food in and my stomach growls. It’s apparently hungry but I am not ready yet.

    The worst part about the whole process was the day nurse. I have felt very alone and I had to beg for pain medicine (which was only Tylenol with codeine) even though I was over due it still took him an hour to come with it and by then I was a crying mess. I would prefer to stay ahead of the pain so I can focus on drinking and walking and not on the pain. I know they are busy, I can hear all the racket out there but the pain has been pretty bad. :(
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    Bigman12345 reacted to TexasMommy80 in Any MyFitnessPal Members Here?   
    930 day streak, except I am more chubby than fit right now, LoL.
    I am hoping the sleeve gets me back to where I want to be.
    Height: 5’6
    Age: 37
    CW: 235
    GW: 150-160
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    Bigman12345 reacted to GreenTealael in Weight-loss funnies   
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    Bigman12345 reacted to Sullie06 in Non Scale Victories   
    Sometimes NSV are the best victories! I've had quite a few in the last year but here are some:
    I can fit comfortably in the chairs in our conference room at work, the arms used to dig into my legs and hips so bad.
    I can shop in straight size stores only now, no more bouncing between plus and straight
    I need new wedding rings, my fingers have gone down so much I can't even have my rings resized!! Yay new wedding set!!
    Calf boots, I can wear them all. I also went down a shoe size so I need all new shoes on top of a new wardrobe.
    I can see my feet again when I look down instead of just my belly, also my boobs are bigger than my belly again, thank god.
    I can do 40-60 minutes on the Elliptical and not need a break. The first time I got on I couldn't even do 5 minutes.
    I'm smaller than my husband for the first time ever.
    I can cross my legs comfortably and love doing it.

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    Bigman12345 reacted to ChaosUnlimited in Non Scale Victories   
    I parked in a tight parking space and was still able to squeeze out of my door, without touching the car next to me. In the past I would not have been able to get out of my car.
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    Bigman12345 reacted to nathaliaastridlopez in April 2019 Surgeries!   
    Gastric Sleeve scheduled for April 11!!!
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    Bigman12345 reacted to angee2552 in April 2019 Surgeries!   
    I'm hoping for the beginning of April!! 🤞🏽
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    Bigman12345 reacted to Daisy's in April 2019 Surgeries!   
    Everything has been moving so fast I had my 1st surgeon appt on the 22nd of Feb have been going to all the test. I only had to do 3 nutritionist and they counted the visit with my doctor as 1 and just came home from the pre OP class so my 3rd one is on april2nd after that I get my date I am hoping
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    Bigman12345 reacted to chubbs79 in April 2019 Surgeries!   
    I hope so too I’m just anxious is all. Read somewhere where someone has a June date scheduled and I’m like dang I can’t even get my April 23rd confirmed 😂😂
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    Bigman12345 reacted to chubbs79 in April 2019 Surgeries!   
    I feel so frustrated that everyone has their set dates lol I only have a tentative date due to needing a range for requesting time off work. Seems like it’s only my office that doesn’t schedule early on. Not really complaining just anxious and and want a set date! But so happy that there are a lot of us in April (tentatively the 23rd for me but won’t know until my last appointment on April 3)
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    Bigman12345 reacted to supergirl88 in April 2019 Surgeries!   
    April vsG here !!!IM LEAVING SO NERVES AND SCARE IM 28 and a mom of 3 YOUNG KIDS IM SO AFRAID HELP!!i have days when I feel like canceling it I’m so scare what if things goes wrong hello

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