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    Lack of skin?

    This is a little embarrassing, but as I have lost weight, without the extra pudge I’ve noticed that my ol boy is bigger, at least less is hiding and seems it, lol, but I have a new problem, now that the fat has come down and my skin is stretched more when I get erect I notice when I have sex I tear a lil sometimes because it seems like my penis is bigger and the skin has nowhere to come from now, I’m running out of skin, lol Are there any other men dealing with this same problem?
  2. Bigman12345

    Why is ibuprofen a no no?

    Didn’t know that ibuprofen was bad for me, thanks for the info
  3. A week, back slowly but back in a week
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  5. Bigman12345

    New likes

    Ugh I hated green peppers so bad b4 the surgery and now I love them, does anyone else like something now that you didn’t b4 or vice versa?
  6. Bigman12345

    Ever heard of riced cauliflower??

    You can also Add an egg, some shredded parmesan cheese, spread it out on a pan and add pizza toppings too, or add garlic salt and cut it up like bread sticks
  7. Bigman12345

    Can’t drink protein shakes! Post op

    I struggled with the protein shakes as well, I just made one box sugar free pudding with 2 scoops of chocolate protein 60g and skim milk, it went down better and tasted good as well
  8. Bigman12345

    Rny tomorrow morning

    But I do have to clear it up, I miscalculated, I’m at 32 pounds down in 2 weeks, I started at 390 and am now 358, so that’s 32 not 42.
  9. Bigman12345

    Rny tomorrow morning

    Yeah it’s dropping fast, I notice many changes already, I lost 1 inch off my neck, chest, and around my belly button, and 2 inches off my waist already
  10. Bigman12345

    Rny tomorrow morning

    Isopure-Nope not good, lol I feel like a wimp, so I bucked up and suffered through a Premier Protein, lol It’s kind of weird today though, I am feeling a little hungry, kind of the first time I have, but the Protein helped a lil and broth is soothing, going to work is fine, I had a lot of energy, I notice I have a ton of at this point, so I think everything is going well still... My “holes” are just starting to be a Lil itchy, I hope that’s heeling itch I notice a difference in my face already, I measured my neck, chest, and stomach on my surgery day(1/22/18) when I reach my 2 week i will post my inch losses.
  11. Everything went well I’m laying here with a happy button, but very sad “you know what” when I move the leg with the Foley line, lol
  12. I have my preop on Tuesday and I have gained 5 lbs from the last time I was in, I wanted to get some last minute bad choices in before I get it done and now I’m paying for it, are they going to give me a hard time about it? Anyone else gain just before too? I get it done a week from now, the 22nd of January. I have t been told to go on a liquid diet yet though, will they most likely put me on one for the last week?

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