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  1. Numbheart

    High protein low carb recipes

    try Tuna and Cheddar Wraps, tuna, crunchy butter lettuce, juice grape tomatoes, and melty sharp cheddar
  2. Numbheart


    Congrats on your progress!
  3. Numbheart

    Stomach noises

    oh yeah
  4. Numbheart

    Sleeve to revision because of heartburn

    Is it normal to experience heartburn and acid reflux after surgery?
  5. Numbheart

    What Was Your Biggest Challenge

    I didn't know that it could happen, have you ask your doctor about that?
  6. Numbheart

    What Was Your Biggest Challenge

    What are the challenges that you have encountered before and after surgery? How were you able to overcome these challenges?
  7. Numbheart

    Before vs now

    You are inspiring and you look really happy
  8. This a good idea, will do this too
  9. Numbheart

    Music Playlist for Walking/Exercise

    Sometimes I listen to audiobooks, whatever topic I want. I also look for a playlist on Spotify.
  10. Bariatric Fusion Mixed Berry Complete Chewable Bariatric Multivitamin
  11. Numbheart

    Just got the call! Surgery in 7 days

    congrats! stock up on sugar-free popsicles
  12. Numbheart

    pre-op: one last binge

    I think most of us in one way or another did experience that.
  13. Numbheart

    Hair loss finally reducing...yay

    That's good news!
  14. Numbheart

    What Are You Looking Forward To In Spring?

    If anyone decides to travel or go on a road trip, there are ways to have a safer spring break https://www.parents.com/fun/vacation/ideas/spring-break-covid-how-to-travel-and-where-to/
  15. Numbheart

    Mental hunger

    the best thing is to keep yourself busy