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  1. Danny Paul

    I’m screwed ! :(

    My experience is the surgery won't be cancelled. Surgeons despite being medical professionals still need to generate income. Especially If your surgeon is affiliated with a hospital network. With the losses in revenue from cancelled elective surgeries they need to recoup as much as possible. WLS is a money maker for them. Continue to lose as much as you can but, I'm almost positive we will be reading about your post surgery journey on this forum. Enjoy the good health you'll soon be getting.
  2. Danny Paul

    Feel like I never had surgery?

    The response to WLS is different for most people. Beside myself I have four other family members and friends that have had WLS. Their experiences are different from mine and each other. One went through what you are experiencing. There was so much doubt that her surgery was not successful compared to the others. That could not be further from the truth. She does get hungry but she gets a feeling of fullness because she eats dense proteins as her primary source of nourishment. While eating fruits and vegetables (F/V)are good for her eating dense proteins is great for her. F/V do not fill her up as much as the dense proteins do. She eats a lot of fish which gives her a feeling of fullness faster and longer. This quells her hunger. Despite eating fewer F/V her blood work shows she is on point with all of her nutrients. One other thing, to this day she (1 1/2 years post surgery) practices eating 30 minutes after drinking water. This allows her to better space out her eating. My experience is different as was the experience of other family and friends. Don't worry, continue to reap the benefits of the rapid weight loss but prepare yourself for the hardest part of the journey, maintaining the weight loss and keeping the health benefits.
  3. Later this week It will be three years since my sleeve surgery and this is what I've learned. The surgery gave me hope and a jump start to rapid weight loss and better health. That's it. Nothing magical to it, you lose a good portion of your stomach therefore you eat less and you lose weight. I learned that without any work on my part the weight came off rapidly and in eight months I was at my goal weight. Now, here is the most important lesson out of this whole process, ( need to capitalize this) THE HARD WORK IS MAINTAINING THE WEIGHT LOSS. Since April of 2018 I have been struggling daily to maintain that weight loss and to stay at my goal weight. For those of you who have had long term success you are truly the best and you should be proud of your accomplishment. Early July I saw that I had a weight gain of eight pounds. I redoubled my efforts and was able to lose 4 1/2 pounds in three weeks. I am still struggling to lose the other 4 1/2 lbs. So, to date I am 4 1/2 lbs above my goal weight. I don't consider that a good thing. For the first time since my surgery three years ago I am forced to work twice as hard to lose weight rather and to maintain my goal weight . I'm still ahead of the game being so much healthier. To those who have recently experienced the euphoria of weight loss and better health after surgery. Enjoy it, embrace it and most of all keep in mind that it can be lost if you are not vigilant in your maintenance. I wish everyone the best of health and the best of success in your weight loss journey.
  4. Danny Paul

    Just feeling sorry for myself..

    Sorry to hear of your setback with your WLS. Let me try to put things in perspective for you. My good friend contracted the Corona Virus. At first he thought he had the flu, then bronchitis and finally hospitalized with pneumonia. It wasn't till he was hospitalized and tested that he was diagnosed with Corona Virus. Unfortunately for this hard working soul a day after checking into the hospital he had to be placed on a ventilator. Mind you there are no visitors allowed in the hospitals these days. His family could only call the nurses station and hoped the line wasn't busy, someone picked up and if they did pick up would get back to them with information on their loved one. ( In the best of times hospital care is a little above average) . The news is always bleak and after a week and a half my friend passed away. The family had to visit four funeral homes. Each one saying we will service you but by appointment only. After three funeral homes not calling them back they finally found one that could "process" his body for burial. They paid for a full funeral despite the funeral home only picking up my friend at the hospital and placing him into the casket with out being embalmed or having proper clothes on. The casket remained closed due to health concerns and they don't know if the person in the casket is their family member. They could not have visitation due to the virus. At the cemetery only a handful of people were allowed to attend once again due to the virus. This Covid 19 virus is cancelling a lot of planned events (I also had to cancel my vacation) but there are those who like my friend suffered and died alone. Who like his family can't be there for a sick loved one and who had to endure an Odyssey just to lay a loved one to rest. I was going to put a post on the boards of my two year Maintenance - versary. But after writing this it just doesn't seem important anymore. Please don't take this as a criticism of your reaction to having your surgery cancelled. You have every right to be disappointed. You will get your surgery, you will be much healthier and all of the things you wanted to do will be a reality. Unfortunately, in these tough times the reality of many isn't what they envisioned or hoped for. To all my fellow WLS friends. Stay safe, healthy and please be kind to others it really makes a difference.
  5. Danny Paul

    Changing Tactics

    I I'm doing the same. (Great minds think alike)
  6. Danny Paul

    Changing Tactics

    Mahalo for all of the great advice. I do measure the nuts at 1/4 cup. That's the main reason to stop eating at 8PM I'm trying to break that pattern. It is difficult but I'm getting used to it. I don't have hunger it's like Tea quoted associating food and entertainment. (Eating and TV) That's been a problem since early on in my post surgery. I guess I've come to realize it now.
  7. Danny Paul

    Changing Tactics

    It has been close to 2 1/2 years since my WLS surgery. I hit my goal weight around April of 2018 and have been struggling daily to maintain it. I have what I call a red line weight of 160 lbs that I don't want to go over. I weigh myself every Friday and if I hit 159/160lbs I automatically go into full drop weight mode. It seems that I'm going into this mode more and more as I get further from my surgery. I had to take a deeper look into not only what I'm eating, how much I'm eating and when I'm eating. What I'm eating is pretty much the same as before since I usually eat the same thing every day. It makes it easier for me to plan my meals since I tend to make poor food choices when given too many options. As for the quantity, I do eat more since I have less of a restriction. I don't mean to say that I eat plates of food. in the past I might eat 1/2 a can of tuna fish for lunch now I eat the whole can. As to when I eat, that seems to be my downfall. I have noticed that I am snacking a lot more in front of the TV. I believe that I snack on healthy stuff such as nuts, peanut butter and edame beans. But it's the time that I believe is causing me to have weight fluctuations. Usually late night. I now have started to cut all eating from 8PM to 8AM in the hopes that the 12 hour cessation of foods will allow my body to somehow balance itself out. I'd be interested if anyone here has tried this and if so, has it helped or does anyone else have any other suggestions. Mahalo in advance.
  8. I love to hear about the long term success stories. It will be 3 years for me this coming August and I struggle every day to stay on track .
  9. Danny Paul

    Is weight loss surgery for me?

    You hit the nail on the head. Great post.
  10. Danny Paul

    Night shift

    I worked what was termed the grave yard shift (12 midnight to 8AM) for many years. The food that I ate was food that I sought. There was really nothing healthy or good to be found at that time. After having WLS you will seek better food choices than you did pre WLS. You will in all probability bring your own foods with you. It takes a different breed of person to work the night shift that's why we bond so well with them. Don't worry about the food after your surgery you'll see it in a different light.
  11. Danny Paul

    Any Ideas?

    When I was discharged I was given medication for nausea just in case I needed it. Glad I didn't. Two friends who had WLS also experienced nausea and did have the medication. Call your surgeon and he/she should be able to prescribe something for you.
  12. Danny Paul

    Do you order bariatric foods?

    Although I eat less I eat much better. I stay away from processed foods and prepared meals. I try to buy organic and I read the labels on foods to make sure that I'm getting as pure a product sans chemicals and sugars. It takes a lot more effort and it costs more but I'm a new person after WLS. I'm trying to redefine my eating habits to be more healthier for my long term weight loss and good health.
  13. Danny Paul

    The No Excuses Support Thread

    Amen to that
  14. I'm post surgery 2 1/2 years and to this day I adhere to the 30 minute no liquids before or after a meal. This helps me to slow down and be more mindful of my eating. I use it as a tool to change my eating habits. Mind you, my prior eating habits were quite atrocious. If you are on a liquid diet this rule does not pertain to you. It is used when you are back on solid foods.
  15. Danny Paul

    The No Excuses Support Thread

    Since my weight loss and I'm sure that I'm not alone here, my health has greatly improved. I no longer have diabetes, high blood pressure, Gerd, gout and sleep apnea. I read postings from individuals who all attest that their weight loss resulted in a health benefit. At one of my group meetings a person who recently had WLS told the group how she found pancakes that were fortified with protein and that she enjoyed her pancakes. The group leader who is a nurse in the surgeons practice told us that even tough the pancakes had protein it was a bad food choice to make for a WLS patient. I brought this up because this is another example of a person looking for reasons to do an end around on their WLS. Look, if you feel comfortable adhering to that study, I say go for it. I nor anyone on these boards should be telling you how to attain long term success. Just because I don't agree doesn't mean that it isn't right for you. I will end with this, I wish you continued success with your weight loss journey and continued good health.