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  1. Danny Paul

    Hello, any veterens around?

    Going on 5 yrs this August. Stayed pretty much on track with my weight loss. Gain a pound or two then panic sets in and lose it. I tell people that I'm a mere mortal now when it comes to weight loss. My weight loss super powers have left me. For me, weight losses are in ounces not pounds. It's a daily struggle but one that I'll continue to make for my good health. My best to everyone.
  2. I still eat fast but with WLS I fill up quick my restriction kicks right in. Unfortunately those of us who are lifetime fast eaters still tend to be . Don't worry too much about it.
  3. Danny Paul

    Depressed, Sad and Stalled....Need Help Please

    With life two things are certain Death and Taxes. With post WLS two things are certain Constipation and Stalls. It happens to us all. Stay the course and although frustrated take it from those of us who went through it, this too shall pass. Good luck and good health.
  4. I try to maintain my weight at 160lbs. If I go over I work to get back to 160. I think if we have a "red line" weight we are more apt to keep from gaining. I don't subscribe to the well I'm still down from my original weight mindset when the pounds start to pack on. It's diligence and mindful eating that will keep you on track. It is hard and I too fear regaining the weight every single day as the OP does. At this stage weight loss comes in ounces for me as I have lost the weight loss super powers that I had post op.
  5. Danny Paul

    3 years post op

    I fast between 7PM to 7AM daily and do a 36 hour fast mid week. I stop eating at 7PM on Wednesday and resume eating at 7AM on Friday. During this time I only drink water or tea. I have watched Dr. Fung on You Tube and incorporate his ideas into my overall maintenance plan. It's one more tool in the weight maintenance tool kit.
  6. Danny Paul

    So mad at myself for regain

    Lauren I'm with you 100%. Since day one I made a promise to myself not to eat processed foods and for 95% of the time I'm on board with it. I start each day with a cup of coffee (wait 30 minutes) then eat my breakfast which is a yogurt and hard boiled egg. In September after a weight gain and a spike in my A1c I stopped eating at 7PM and didn't eat agin until 8AM. This seems to have been a missing part of my weight maintenance. As for food I prepare and cook my dinners but for lunch it's usually a can fish such as sardines, tuna or salmon. Thanks for the tips. Every little bit helps in this life long struggle. Continue the healthy life.
  7. A few pounds here or there is not a problem. Wide weight fluctuations might be. A family member who lost a decent amount of weight pre op was told by her surgeons office to stop losing weight or the insurance company might cancel the surgery. Imagine that, doing the right thing and being penalized for it. As with anything in life I suppose, moderation is the key. A small weight loss/gain is acceptable.
  8. Danny Paul

    BP Customer service is AWFUL!

    When it comes to bariatric products I was advised in a group meeting to shop around. One person said if you go into a vitamin shop and said that you had bariatric surgery and needed vitamins you'd end up with $200 worth of stuff. She asked her nutritionist what was the best stuff to get and was directed to Costco (or any other similar store) where she bought Costco multi vitamins, Calcium citrate (not carbonate), B12 pills and was good to go. We don't need to spend huge amounts on specialty stores when comparable cheaper products are widely available.
  9. Nausea is normal post WLS, my surgeon sent me home with anti nausea medication. I didn't need them. The pain from the incision that your stomach came out is also normal. It will eventually go away. I slept in my recliner for a week because of it.
  10. Danny Paul

    Cheese obsessed

    Head hunger is something that afflicts some post WLS. I have family and friends that went through it. First off, your brain and stomach will eventually pair up and you won't get the hunger feeling that you do now. Secondly, eat very dense protein foods likes canned fish. They tend to fill you up faster and you'll eat less. If you eat cheese especially if it's sliced you will eat more than if you ate dense proteins.
  11. Danny Paul

    Coffee on liquid diet

    I wasn't "prescribed" coffee by my surgeon until six months after my surgery. I missed it but stuck with his guidance.
  12. Danny Paul


    I started to regain as well. Fortunately for me I have a group of family and friends who have had bariatric surgery and we counsel each other. Here is what I have been doing to combat the weight regain. 1- First and foremost I stop eating after 7PM and don't start eating until 8AM the next day. This has a double effect. First it's an intermitent fast AND it stops me from eating/snacking before I go to sleep. As I found, two very important steps to take as it does have a positive effect on your body's ability to lose weight. 2- ANY exercise that I can get I do. Whether it's walking stairs, doing yard work, walking instead of driving. 3- I don't eat processed foods. They are empty calories and have no nutritional benefits what so ever. 4- I don't snack. I eat only when I'm hungry during my 8AM-7PM window and eat to get the feeling of fullness. 5- Adhere strictly to the 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after rule for drinking water. I hope this helps.
  13. Danny Paul

    Regained weight support

    Butterfly, your entire post is very true and inspirational. Another bariatric success story.
  14. Danny Paul

    Ibuprofin Alternative?

    I did and was approved. Once again in moderation not for everyday use.
  15. Danny Paul

    So mad at myself for regain

    We are in a very special circumstance. We have been able through weight loss surgery(WLS) to get a gigantic boost to lose weight. We are able to lose that weight effortlessly without much work. (Beside the process and procedure of WLS) We have this superpower that we never had before, rapid weight loss. Some in my support group have told me, you can go to sleep for six months and the weight will still come off. It's a superpower that we want to believe will last forever. Then one day we lose our superpower. We are now mere mortals in the weight loss world. A pound regain turns to two, then four then....you know the rest. It's not so easy to lose the weight as it was after WLS. In fact we find ourselves in the same circumstance we were in prior to WLS. Struggling to lose weight and feeling hopeless and discouraged that we can't lose it as fast as we did post WLS. I know that feeling well. Prior to WLS I lost a lot of weight (60lbs) and you guessed it I regained it all back and then some. For 17 years I struggled to lose the weight as my body deteriorated with heart disease, diabetes, GERD, high blood pressure, gout and other maladies. I was taking so much medication that put both my liver and kidneys were in danger of failing me. I decided on WLS. I was taking 11 plus pills a day. The day I walked out of the hospital I was prescribed two pills. I did not want to repeat my mistake of years ago and I made my goal weight my "RED ALERT" weight. I weight myself every week on the same day and same time to monitor my weight. After slipping on a vacation ( ate pastries) I realized that I needed additional help. I sought a therapist who specializes in eating disorders and was diagnosed as a compulsive over eater.She recommended that I seek the help of Overeaters Anonymous. I attend OA meetings as well as the group meetings my surgeon sets up. During Covid my meetings with support groups and the therapist were curtailed and I subsequently gained weight. I could not lose the weight no matter what I tried. I too despaired and lamented that my brief flirtation with my weight loss superpowers were over. Fortunately for me I have a few family and friends that had WLS after I had mine and we are our own support group. ( I encourage people to hook up with other WLS patients and call, not write or text them to get as much support as you can) I was directed to You Tube videos on intermittent fasting and cutting out late night snacking. It's been 18 days since I stopped eating after 7PM and starting again at 8AM. I have lost the weight plus an additional pound. I have regained my confidence (which is very important) and I can see a clearer path to maintaining my health with my weight loss. Gaining weight and not being able to take it off as fast as we once did is very crushing to us on so many levels. It hinders our ability to effectively lose the weight and it returns us to regaining more and giving up. Please don't give up. Many here have given you excellent choices to help you. I fortunately have a great support group of family and friends who I can tap for ideas "outside of the box". One poster here had a 45lb regain and was able to lose it. That in itself is a great motivator. For those of us who have lost our weight loss superpowers, don't despair, learn new tactics, resist old ones that work but never ever give up. Your good health is too important.
  16. Danny Paul

    Hungry Way Too Often

    My nutritionist set me straight regarding high carb foods. She called them slider foods that do not fill you up. That is why my diet consists of dense proteins like chicken and fish. If you were to say that you ate a whole chicken, that would be a concern but a whole bag of popcorn is not. (as it pertains to restriction) I have two friends who had were are always hungry after surgery. That is until their brains caught up to their stomachs. One started feeling less hungry around four months the other after six months. Keep to the proteins which are healthier and will fill you up and eventually your brain will catch up to your stomach.
  17. Danny Paul


    Physically, how did you feel after eating the cookies and pizza? I would have felt sick. I still can't handle too many sweet today. I get a queasy feeling.
  18. Danny Paul

    Ibuprofin Alternative?

    For the muscle pulls and sprains I've been using Solonpas patches.There are two kind. One with Lidocaine 4% and one without. I first apply the patches without lidocaine and if they relieve my pain I'm good. If not then I use the patch with Lidocaine. I get both at Costco and they usually go on sale twice a year so I stock up. If it's a pain like a headache then I use Tylenol.
  19. Danny Paul

    Hello Y'all

    Nice to see positive post and a success story. Mahalo for sharing.
  20. Danny Paul

    Regained weight support

    What an inspiration!!! Losing a 45 pound regain. I can't say enough about your achievement. I gained five pounds and had a very difficult time losing that much. I stopped eating after 7Pm and I don't start eating again until 8AM. It is a very difficult transition for me but I do see results. Thanks for the great success story.
  21. Danny Paul

    Good Snacks?

    Two people who had years of success after WLS told me three things to avoid. 1- Fast Foods, 2- Processed Foods and 3- Snacks. I have been able to avoid everything but snacks. When the weight is flying off I could eat healthy snacks with no problem. Now three years post op the weight doesn't come off so easy. I have had to modify my food plan. If I do eat a snack I use it as a substitute for my lunch and I NEVER snack past 7PM. For me snacking was no problem as long as my body cooperated with me and allowed me to lose the weight easily. Once my body started to hold onto the extra weight snacking for me became a problem.
  22. Constipation after surgery is very common. I haven't heard much about it prior to surgery. Here are some things that I've used, powdered fiber, stool softners, preserved dried plums and in the most extreme case ( there were some) enema/suppositories.
  23. Danny Paul

    Why Isn't Surgery More Common?

    This is the exact reason two friends refuse to get WLS. They do not want to miss out on the joy of eating. I was once like them. Today I don't live to eat. I eat to live. It is hard to think that one of your life pleasures will be significantly changed. It is better that they don't get the surgery until they can make peace with it. If not I'm sure they will be miserable and not get the long term health benefits they need.
  24. The only supplies I needed the first two weeks was water, sugar free Jello, bone broth, decaf tea. I was on a liquid diet. That gave me time to prepare for the second phase of pureed food. Don't overthink it. Once done you like many of us will wonder why you didn't do it earlier. Good luck and start to enjoy a healthier life.
  25. Danny Paul

    Dr Becky Gillaspy- You Tube

    Mahalo for the thread. It was informative

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