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    So mad at myself for regain

    Lauren I'm with you 100%. Since day one I made a promise to myself not to eat processed foods and for 95% of the time I'm on board with it. I start each day with a cup of coffee (wait 30 minutes) then eat my breakfast which is a yogurt and hard boiled egg. In September after a weight gain and a spike in my A1c I stopped eating at 7PM and didn't eat agin until 8AM. This seems to have been a missing part of my weight maintenance. As for food I prepare and cook my dinners but for lunch it's usually a can fish such as sardines, tuna or salmon. Thanks for the tips. Every little bit helps in this life long struggle. Continue the healthy life.
  2. A few pounds here or there is not a problem. Wide weight fluctuations might be. A family member who lost a decent amount of weight pre op was told by her surgeons office to stop losing weight or the insurance company might cancel the surgery. Imagine that, doing the right thing and being penalized for it. As with anything in life I suppose, moderation is the key. A small weight loss/gain is acceptable.
  3. Danny Paul

    BP Customer service is AWFUL!

    When it comes to bariatric products I was advised in a group meeting to shop around. One person said if you go into a vitamin shop and said that you had bariatric surgery and needed vitamins you'd end up with $200 worth of stuff. She asked her nutritionist what was the best stuff to get and was directed to Costco (or any other similar store) where she bought Costco multi vitamins, Calcium citrate (not carbonate), B12 pills and was good to go. We don't need to spend huge amounts on specialty stores when comparable cheaper products are widely available.
  4. Danny Paul


    I started to regain as well. Fortunately for me I have a group of family and friends who have had bariatric surgery and we counsel each other. Here is what I have been doing to combat the weight regain. 1- First and foremost I stop eating after 7PM and don't start eating until 8AM the next day. This has a double effect. First it's an intermitent fast AND it stops me from eating/snacking before I go to sleep. As I found, two very important steps to take as it does have a positive effect on your body's ability to lose weight. 2- ANY exercise that I can get I do. Whether it's walking stairs, doing yard work, walking instead of driving. 3- I don't eat processed foods. They are empty calories and have no nutritional benefits what so ever. 4- I don't snack. I eat only when I'm hungry during my 8AM-7PM window and eat to get the feeling of fullness. 5- Adhere strictly to the 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after rule for drinking water. I hope this helps.
  5. Danny Paul

    Regained weight support

    What an inspiration!!! Losing a 45 pound regain. I can't say enough about your achievement. I gained five pounds and had a very difficult time losing that much. I stopped eating after 7Pm and I don't start eating again until 8AM. It is a very difficult transition for me but I do see results. Thanks for the great success story.
  6. Danny Paul

    Dr Becky Gillaspy- You Tube

    Mahalo for the thread. It was informative
  7. Danny Paul

    I’m screwed ! :(

    My experience is the surgery won't be cancelled. Surgeons despite being medical professionals still need to generate income. Especially If your surgeon is affiliated with a hospital network. With the losses in revenue from cancelled elective surgeries they need to recoup as much as possible. WLS is a money maker for them. Continue to lose as much as you can but, I'm almost positive we will be reading about your post surgery journey on this forum. Enjoy the good health you'll soon be getting.
  8. Danny Paul

    Is weight loss surgery for me?

    You hit the nail on the head. Great post.
  9. Danny Paul

    Not satisfied with Unjury

    Once I was able to incorporate a shake into my meal plan I didn't buy the pre made stuff like premier or muscle milk. I bought chocolate flavored Matrix protein powder put in skim milk and blended it all together using an inexpensive frother I bought on Amazon. During the warm weather while travelling I stored it in a soft sided cooler with an ice pack
  10. Danny Paul

    Why Am I Always Cold ?

    Myself and three other friends who have had WLS all experience being cold AND discomfort when sitting on hard surfaces. (Less padding in the derrier)
  11. This was asked at my recent baritaric group session and the majority of people ( me included) didn't count calories instead we strived to get in our 80 grams of protein per day. I don't know if this something that is ingrained with this particular group but it seems to be the overwhelming sentiment.
  12. Danny Paul

    Not so easy to make friends here...

    A lot of people come and go on this site. The euphoria of the surgery coupled with the rapid weight loss makes some here avid contributors. Then life has a way of getting back to normal and the posts tend to slow down and in most cases drop altogether. I've been here for a little over two years with a little over 400 posts. I don't come here as much as I did in the past but I do drop in to see if there is something I can learn or if I can be of help to someone else. I've messaged people in the past with no response and I've posted new topics at times with no responses. I never gave it a second thought and I moved on. If you want to make friends this might be the ideal place but, if you want to get a good cross section of advice on WLS this is a great place to be. Good luck on your continued good health.
  13. I had used Centrum Silver chewables before switching to Costco brand multi vitamins. If you have a CVS pharmacy nearby they have their version, Spectravite which are less expensive.
  14. Danny Paul

    Can we just be for real ???

    I had weight loss surgery for one reason, my health. The amount of medications that I was taking to control all of my various health issues were going to affect my kidneys and liver to the point of dialysis or transplants. Today, my health has greatly improved and I appreciate the second chance in life to live it as healthy as I can. No matter the motive, if you can benefit from WLS I suggest you do so.
  15. Danny Paul


    I would say go back to the basics. Get an app like Baritastic and start logging in what you eat. Start out with trying to get your 80 grams of protein first. I try get my proteins from fish or fowl. Eat slow, drink liquids 1/2 hour before and after your meals. Get in at least 64 ounces of water/liquids. Stop the snacks, processed foods and anything without nutritional value.
  16. One of the things that I've stayed away from after surgery is processed foods. I realized that I use a lot of Splenda which is not good for me. I tried Stevia but I didn't like the taste. While watching a You Tube video I learned about Monk Fruit Sweetener. It is natural sweetener and it is many times sweeter than sugar. I bought a bag of it at Whole Foods. After using it, I had the most intense stomach cramps and diarreha since my surgery. It turns out the Monk Fruit Sweetener was mixed with Erythritol. In fact, erythritol was listed as the first ingredient with Monk Fruit Sweetener listed second. Lesson learned, I went on Amazon and found 100% Monk Fruit Sweetener. This stuff is so sweet it comes with a tiny scoop. I use it daily and find it to be my go to sugar substitute. On a side note, the first bag of Erythritol/Monk Fruit Sweetener does have a practical use. A friend recently had WLS and like us all is experiencing constipation. I squeezed a few lemons, added water and the Erythritol/Monk Fruit Sweetener. No more constipation. (Wish I had this stuff when I was going through my bout of constipation)
  17. Danny Paul

    Chinese Food Puree

    As an Asian American and bariatric patient who's family once owned a take out restaurant my advice is to, STAY AWAY FROM THE CHINESE FOOD. It is not healthy in the least bit. Between the fats, sodium and other flavor enhancers you are basically eating fast food. After WLS I have stayed away from fast foods. Unless you want just plain steamed chicken and veggies (skip the rice) there is nothing good to be had by eating Chinese take out food. Now is the time to reset your "food universe" get rid of the bad foods and introduce the healthy foods that will help with long term weight loss maintenance. Your over all health is improving and by working on mindful eating and making better choices that good health will stay with you for a long time. As NYjenn wrote.......... Good luck and good health.
  18. My story doesn't have to do with being pregnant after WLS it has to do with blessings in disguise. My son was six months old when my wife told me she was pregnant again. Wow, we were dirt poor and having another mouth to feed felt like a monumental task. My wife said we were going to have another baby. How could we mange? We already had a six month old and barely getting by. How could we make it with another baby?Well, our second child turned out to be a little girl and I have been in love with her for 40 years. I have been blessed with my two children and I thank my now ex wife for making that monumental decision all those many years ago. You'll know what's best for you and whatever decision you make I'm sure you'll be ok with it. Sometimes we get blessings in disguise. I know I did.
  19. Danny Paul

    Extreme Gout

    When I had gout pre op I was prescribed Allopurinol. It has to be taken daily but, it stopped my attacks. Post surgery, I'm gout free. Some people I know also swear by Cherry juice.
  20. Danny Paul

    One year post op

    I could remember prior to my WLS I would feel the same way after losing weight. My enthusiasm subsided, I stopped physical activity and eventually I regained the weight and then some. Staying motivated is a key component to maintaining the weight loss. It is difficult over the long term as I have experienced (19 months out). I take it one day at a time. I plan to do my best for that one day. The key is to plan, I don't wing it. I plan my meals down to weighing them. I purge my home of the stuff that I know will harm my weight loss success. Most of all I keep reminding myself that I have failed miserably in the past and today will be a successful day. Whatever you do, do not give up. You are at the point where you can be successful just change your tactics. Take it one day at a time and make each bite of food count towards that success. Good Luck.
  21. Danny Paul

    Equate Protein Shakes

    I used Premier Shakes and the comparison breakdown is as follows: Calories, Fats, dietary fiber and proteins all the same. There is a slight difference in Cholesterol 25mg to 20 mg, Sodium 270mg to 210mg, Potassium not listed to 450mg, Total Carb 4g to 5G and Dietary Fiber 1g to 3g, If the Equate is budget friendly it could be a good product for you. I used to get my premier shakes at Costco for a bit of a savings. (I'm off shakes at this stage of my progress) Please note that the app Fooducate does not rate these shakes high at all so they are best to use short term.For you to get the protein you need when you can't get it from regular food. Premier was rated a D minus.
  22. Danny Paul

    Protein foods for kids

    Get an app called Fooducate. You scan the bar code of foods and it rates the foods A - F and gives you the reason for the grade. If it isn't in the data base you can add it and they will research it for you. I use it when I go shopping for food. Remember, just because it sounds healthy doesn't make it so.
  23. Danny Paul

    Weight gain??

    Went through much the same early after my surgery. It's important on many levels to get yourself regular with bowel movements. I tried everything but found that adding fiber to my water helped a great deal. I'm sure the three pounds is due to not having regular bowel movements.
  24. Danny Paul

    Construction worker with concerns

    You will be restricted in the amount of weight that you can lift. I was speaking to a friend the other day who hd WLS two weeks ago. He lifted a bag of groceries and immediately regretted it. He said that he felt a sharp pain in his stomach. You will in all probability be on only liquids for the first two weeks. If so you have to monitor your fluid intake and get the proper amount of fluids. If you need to go to work you should plan for the time you will be at work and have your liquids/foods at hand. Most of all you should have a strategy to get through the day physically so that you don't cause harm to yourself. If at all possible, take the time off from work to heal properly.

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