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  1. Anyone else find they started losing motivation and struggling to get back on track? The last month or so I've been eating things I probably shouldn't & completely stopped exercising. I could say it's stress or some life events or mental health hurdles, but honestly I hate excuses and I won't accept them from myself. So I've decided to go back to basics, which is why I'm here, to get advice once again. So has anyone else hit the 5th month slump? Any thoughts on how to get motivated again (and stick with it)? Also would love ideas for vitamin alternatives/reminder tricks because I'm god awful at remembering my multi & calcium!
  2. briae13


    Yeah I've been throwing protein to the wind and focusing on liquids to be honest. I've been keeping a water bottle and a Powerade bottle with me at all times consistently but I just can't seem to get enough between trying to fit meds and purées. Think I'm going to try going back to cups and track it better with those. Thanks everyone!
  3. briae13

    Incision pain

    Walking is the best medicine! Try sugar free popsicles to help with fluid intake.
  4. briae13


    I was tracking pretty regularly using the 1oz cups but now I just use a water bottle. I'd say probably at least 20oz between water and powerade. Might go back to the cups and try and keep a better eye on it.
  5. briae13

    Incision pain

    Pedialyte and pedialyte mixed with powerade zero helped me stay hydrated in the first few days, also sugar free popsicles. As for pain ice packs, heating packs, and walking helped me (pain meds if it's too much.
  6. So every now and then I'll stand up from sitting, walk a few feet and then suddenly feel very light headed and have spots flash across my vision. Could this be a sign of dehydration? Trying to keep hydrated the best I can. I have a pcp visit & post op surgeon visit in the next couple of days and will definitely mention it then but wondering if anyone else experienced this.
  7. briae13

    Tolerating protein

    Thanks for all the advice everyone! I'm a bit better with it now, premier protein shakes seem to sit well in small doses and now that I'm on purées I try to add at least 1/4 scoop of isopure zero carb unflavored powder to whatever I eat. Not stressing about my protein rn and just trying to focus on staying hydrated. I find I've developed a habit of forgetting to drink, so trying to focus on that for now. [emoji175]
  8. Had surgery 2/22 and so far I'm doing awesome with staying hydrated, bowel movements, gas, walking, pretty much everything except getting protein in! I've found that I tend to get nauseous with the few powders I have on hand (isopure zero carb, isopure clear, & any bariatric fusion) I can seem to tolerate one milk based protein premade shake I picked up yesterday as well as plain low fat milk. However the stats aren't the greatest on the shake and I can't get enough in a day... any suggestions to help with this? I plan on adding unflavored protein powder to my purées when I start them on 3/2, but till then I'm not quite sure what to do... :/
  9. Sleeved 2/22 and so far so good! Getting down liquids a lot better than I was at first but protein shakes still make me a little queasy so just focusing on staying hydrated for right now [emoji4] hope everyone is doing great!
  10. Did anyone find that gas x helped with the gas pain or strictly walking? Been walking A TON and while some is coming out pretty regularly, I'm still so uncomfortable... operation was 2/22, discharging today...
  11. 2/22/18 was my day too! Congrats and I hope you're doing well!!! [emoji175]
  12. I'm still preop (two day to go) but I can understand the OP's question. Already I feel a sense of loss for the person I worked so hard to be. My weight is a huge part of my identity and as someone who's never been able to lose more than 40/50lbs in her life it's hard to picture life as anything else. I fully expect to mourn the 'me' I know, but I hope to gain a healthier version I can be just as happy with. So@marissa37 , I'd say I probably will miss being overweight. But in that way you miss a really good book when you're done reading it... [emoji175]
  13. briae13

    Liquid Diet-Day 1

    It definitely gets easier! Just make sure you stay up on your shakes & water, that's usually when I feel the worst! You got this! [emoji175]
  14. Anyone get some sharp stomach pains during the liquid diet? It's not consistent but I don't feel gassy or bound up so I'm not too sure what to make of it. If it continues I'll be calling doc, but wanted to see if anyone else had this issue..?
  15. Started my liquid diet a little early because I hated the idea of starting in the middle of the week lol I'm on a 2 week preop diet. But 10 more days! Crazyyy

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