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  1. I have not seen him since the surgery. He doesnt believe its possible is my understanding but they still have not done the bravo test to find out anything and I am guessing it is not important with this Covid outbreak. I think I may go see my regular Dr. and see if she will order it because this PPI is 1000 bucks every 3 months and I shouldnt have to be taking one !
  2. I had this same issue and was revised 15 months ago. My esophagitis is and A from a D now, but I STILL have GERD and am on the same PPI (dexilant 60mg) daily. I am an oddball as it seems.
  3. No restriction going from VSG to RNY really bothered me for a long time and was the worst. Best thing for me was that I am a dumper since I have no restriction and this keeps me in check and its much easier to maintain weight loss.
  4. Tracyringo

    Revision completed

    Congrats on getting down to Onederland !!! Hoping you dont have an ulcer !!!!! Let me know how it goes......
  5. Tracyringo


    There is nothing wrong with finishing a meal through the day as long as you are not snacking outside of that meal. I truly believe that was part of the reason I made goal that first year. The sleeve is a lot more restrictive so you wont be able to finish the amount weighed out to eat, so I would go back when I was hungry and eat on that meal. I normally would finish breakfast. It was lunch and dinner that I would not be able to finish. So I really wasnt going over calories doing it this way either. Good luck
  6. Tracyringo

    Revision completed

    I am 9 months post revision to RNY. Things are good and I like the RNY much better then I did the first several months. I am weighing in at 156 this morning. It is much easier for me to maintain this weight then it was for me to stay under 170 with VSG. CRAZY but its true !! I just keep waiting for the ball to drop like what is the catch? I also wonder if there is a honeymoon phase with a revision ?
  7. Tracyringo

    Revision completed

    Congrats on your success that is great losing 65 lbs !! Glad you are GERD free too ! Dumping is horrible so its a lot easier to maintain weight with the RNY at this point for me.
  8. Tracyringo

    Revision completed

    Congrats on your surgery. Yes, I started taking vitamins immediately.
  9. Tracyringo

    Revision completed

    Well that was short lived !!! 159 this morning lol !! No worries I am happy to be where I am. 😆😆😆
  10. I had a revision on May 23 2020 due to gerd that caused erosive esophagitis D. 6 months later it has gone down to A which is great. I still have burning and am going to have the bravo test soon to find out why I am still producing so much acid since I am still taking 60mg Dexilant, pepcid at night, and carafette.
  11. Tracyringo

    Question about gain

    You are still early out so I doubt its re gain. Fluctuations of a few lbs are normal during weight loss. Your menstrual cycle, body holding water, ect have a lot to do with those fluctuations . Exercise is only 10% of weight loss is what I have read and I myself did not exercise to lose my weight because of my lower back. Sticking to your plan will get you to the weight you want to be at. Good luck
  12. I lost the 20 in about 10 weeks and it was actually 22 lbs. I now bounce around 5 lbs but am having no problems keeping it in that range. With VSG I wasnt able to get under 164.8 and struggled to stay under 170. I am not having that problem with this revision, but am missing the restriction from the VSG.
  13. Tracyringo

    What is restriction?

    Its the feeling you get at Thanksgiving Dinner. Dont expect it with a by pass.
  14. Tracyringo

    Revision completed

    Congratulations !!! It takes some getting use to. Good luck !
  15. Tracyringo

    Revision completed

    Good luck to you !!

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