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  1. Rylopez

    Restarting my journey.

    Good morning afternoon everyone, I'm two weeks post-op here,, feeling great. Returned to the gym last week, needed my Zumba class/buddies.(taking it slow). Putting my WW tools to work. Eating cooking and eating much healthier. Thursday was my first port op visit, my WLS attempted to adjust me, she stopped herself, syringe was inserted and she pulled back she notice seroma fluid. "Seroma fluid is a pocket of clear serous fluid that sometimes develops in the body after surgery, The fluid usually is absorbs by the body. This is not unusual with abdominal surgeries. My WLS decided to wait two weeks. Hopefully by then it dissolves and I can get adjusted. Pre surgical weight was 171.6, today I weighted in at 169.4. Not a whole lot, but I'm going down,down,down..... Have a great weekend everyone.
  2. Rylopez

    I think I may have lost control

    Hello, First consult with your WL surgeon's, make sure there are no medical issues with the band. I've had my share of them. If they have a nutritionist on staff talk them, they are very helpful in getting you back on track. Tracking your food intake is helpful. Keep a small note pad in your bag or use your phone. What are you doing now, that is different from when you originally started loosing weight, For me when I had no restriction, was eating foods I had stayed away from for so long. And the weight creeps back on very quickly. Need to get 35 lbs. off, I know my surgeon will take it slow, I'm one week post op (my port was replaced it had a leak) and anxious to get back to gym. Hopefully when I see her on Wed she's let me return to the gym. Good luck, Rylopez
  3. Rylopez

    Restarting my journey

    Good evening everyone, Today was good day not much pain. Moving much better. Breakfast: Coffee, eggs/cheese in spinach wrap. Walked around the flee market with my boyfriend and son. Had late lunch /early dinner at Bone Fish, between the three of us we shared their Bang/Bang Shrimp, I ordered shrimp pad thai ate about 1/3 of it, they make the best martini's in this area, and since we skipped coffee and desert I had my martini. We spend the rest of the afternoon and evening at MetLife, where Jet's had their scrimmage event. It was something different. There I had some coffee. Overall very good day.
  4. Rylopez

    Restarting my journey

    Hello Brittany1225, Your WTL have you options and your PCP is on board with it. You have time to decide, and you found this website that has lots of information good and not so good. Good luck with your Knee surgery, been down that road-(ice - ice and more ice. The sooner you start PT the better off you will be. If I remember correctly they would put me on Treadmill, bike, strengths exercise and other stuff I cant remember and finally the heat stimulation ( my favorite). It may be for your knee, but it sound like exercise to me. My surgery was Same day/Outpatient, no hospital time. Surgery was Friday 7/28, was at work on Monday 7/31, my abdomen looked like a beach ball (inflated) by Friday I was down to basketball size abdomen. I was driven in, and pick me up. Packed my meals, walked around the building when needed was moving slow, I did well. If I felt pain bottle of Extra strength was in my desk. First post op visit is on Wednesday, currently I have no restrictions,hoping she will adjust me and get this show on the road. Day of surgery my weight was 171.6, my goal is 130/135. Back in 2008/2009 I had reached 110/112 I felt great, many even my surgeon felt is was too much, was told I looked sick. My fam/friends have no filter..(love that about them) My boyfriend is on board and very supportive-he even joined WW with me last year and lost 25 Lbs. like nothing,,he loves my curves. Curves with no meat, does not look right. I'm only 5" 130/135 I like, feel good and look amazing. For date night my boyfriend took me to an Outdoor Havana Night Cigar event, (lots of smoke) happy it was outdoors. (hard I quick smoking a year 1/2 ago, felt a little out of place, but when the music started, Yes I was on the dance floor. Boyfriend said your GOOD (estas cura). There was music, Cuban food, mojito's, and lots of smoke, met great people. Had a great time. Good luck with the knee surgery, keep me posted. Let's stay in touch. Bendiciones para usted y su familia. Rylopez
  5. Rylopez

    Restarting my journey

    Good evening everyone, Pretty good day. Pain level is between 4/5. My abdomen slowly decrease from beach ball to basketball now. Last night I did notice a rash developing just on the sides of my abdomen no where near my scar, it wasn't itchy or painful. Took a shower with CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser Soap, can be expensive look for coupons, but worth using the first few week after surgery also took a Benadryl to avoid scratching during the night. Woke up better but still there. Will bring it up to my surgeon next week. (don't wanna see a dermatologist unless I have to, Breakfast I made simple Quaker oats wt. control oatmeal and decided to put my protein shake powder into the mix. (huge mistake) 3 spoonful I was done. Lunch left over corn (chew really well) mixed with cauliflower with about 2 oz. of left over salmon. 2pm snack 1/2 cup of salami. For dinner my son took hubby and me to dinner , 9 times out 10 when I go out for dinner I look for seafood on the menu It's easier to chew and pass through the band, Try to be seated near the restrooms. I ordered Salmon with side of salad. by skipping appetizer's I treated myself to a glass of Sangria and dessert shared by three. Thank you, have a great evening. Rylopez
  6. Rylopez

    Restarting my journey

    Your are welcome Brittany1226, do not hesitate to reach out. Were just a click away.
  7. Rylopez

    Restarting my journey

    Hi Brittany1225, Great news. I give you my prospective on both. Back in 2006 when I did my research on WLS it was Gastric Bypass or LapBand that was buzzing, there wasn't a whole lot of resources or material for GS. In my case I did not qualify for GB, Banding was the best choice. It worked, but I've had my share of issues with the Lapband, if given the choice now I definitely choose Gastric Sleeve. Unfortunately with my current BMI 33.5 for insurance purposes I do not qualify for the GS, that's why my surgeon had to replace the port portion of the band. Six months not unusual, and it goes by very quick, taking advantage of the nutritional weight loss plan is a great tool you will use everyday, I joined WW last year and really enjoy my weekly support group gatherings. I enjoy cooking, but now I cook much healthier, my family eats what I cook, and on board with most of the meal, what they don't like (cereal is in the panty). Life changes will come and go, how you handle your food intake will be a huge difference. Do not wait until 4 weeks before surgery to make changes, Start now. Make the path a smooth as possible. Once you start making better food choices now, (despacito) by the time surgery gets here you won't think twice. And transition will be easier. Take advantage of the great weather and start walking outside. I love to dance, (Weeepppaaa) Zumba I make it my party...is great for me, at times I get there 30 minutes prior to the class and stretch a bit, and get on the treadmill slow-just to get the blood circulating. Now I spend about 2 hours at the gym 4-5 times a week. If your family and friends know about your WLS it will be easier for them to understand watching you make better choices now , then suddenly watching you run to the nearest restroom because some you ate made you ill, wonder what's wrong with you cause suddenly your whole face/body is changing. (once the weight begin to come down your entire body will change.) I was very open about my WLS from the beginning, many were against but respected my decision, and backed off. Growing up in a Puerto Rican/Spaniard household was not easy, (eat until your plate is empty) and every time you turned your head someone was adding more food to your plate. Gave you a lot of information, hope its helpful. Aqui estoy para ajudarla, RyLopez
  8. Rylopez

    Restarting my journey

    Hi Brittany1225, Regardless of the outcome stay positive. Besides being a Bariatric patient, I was lucky enough to have worked in their office for a while and was able to learn and understand a lot. Stay positive, let me know the outcome and I will help you through it as best as possible. Tranquila!! 👍
  9. Rylopez

    Restarting my journey

    Good afternoon everyone, feeling pretty good. For me to get started in the morning must have a ☕️ with fat free half/half and 1 tablespoon of sugar. Breakfast I drank NUTRISYSTEM NUTRÍ CRUNCH SHAKE, taste pretty good, I like it cold. Lunch 1/2 cup of mixed green vegetables with teaspoon of nuts,cheese,onion and chicken. 2 tablespoons of light balsamic vinegar with olive oil. Took a while to finish. Feel full but not ill. In about 20 minutes will start drinking my mint induced water, which hopefully will carry me till supper... in this new journey I'm putting a lot of what I learned in WW to keep myself on healthy track.
  10. Rylopez

    Restarting my journey

    Thank you, Brittany1225.
  11. Rylopez

    Restarting my journey.

    Good evening everyone. Had some rotisserie chicken 3 ounces, with spinach salad 1/2 cup. Feeling tired and achy. Took pain medication and calling it a night. Also found and made a great desert, with blueberries, WW cream cheese and vanilla yogurt mix together place spoonful in between graham crackers and freeze.. Will let you know tomorrow how they taste.
  12. Rylopez

    Restarting my journey.

    Good afternoon everyone, back at work today. Slow but I'm getting around. For breakfast had small hard boiled egg with medium size coffee. Around 10:00 apple sauce and for Lunch just had chicken soup broth I have a yogurt that I'll eat later about 2.
  13. Not new to lap band, restarting my journey. Lap band was repaired on Friday 7/28/17. I'm new to this group. Happy that I found it.
  14. Good morning everyone. Today Sunday feeling pretty good. Still sore but moving around more. Ate 1/2 cup of scrambled eggs with cup of coffee ☕️. Returning to work tomorrow, today I'll be home relaxing.

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