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  1. shericrazylady

    Wollongong or close?

    How are you emotionally from day to day I have bad anxiety and did find it was worse after surgery and still is quite bad but it’s different for everyone I was a wreck ahahha
  2. shericrazylady

    Wollongong or close?

    I’m asking if you do because I found I didn’t have much emotional support well I did but no from someone who experienced it
  3. shericrazylady

    Wollongong or close?

    AWSOME! I find it normal now but be careful because you will be able to eat and all of a sudden you will be full so just take your time and when I say full I mean you may throw it up that’s why I say be careful hahaha I somtimes eat to fast and find the hard way you will struggle at first with fluids etc but you will find your way as you heal because of the eating plan and stuff I eat normal foods and some things like rice bread pasta I can’t eat doesn’t agree with me and some Spicey things and I get acid reflux bad ! I didn’t have any pain only straight after surgery but wasn’t bad at all and had my drip taken out the second day just make sure you walk even if you don’t think you can you need to so you can relive the gas because you will find you might have sore shoulders etc only advice I’d say about the hospital keep the door closed because they are loud lol and I had only the curtain closed and the would swoosh in every hour even at night LOL BTW do you have Instagram?
  4. shericrazylady

    Throwing up after eating.

    I’m around 5 months post op I think and I still throw up mainly if I accidentally eat to fast or to much
  5. shericrazylady

    Wollongong or close?

    Hi Morgan my surgeon was doctor Jaber was in Wollongong private how about you:)?
  6. It’s up to you I did and do it still almost everyday because I’m weird [emoji23]
  7. Didn’t blend anything tbh people who do that mustn’t worry about it how it’s going to taste [emoji27]
  8. shericrazylady

    3 month wait

    For me I had a 2 week pre op diet and ct scan and blood tests for fatty liver that’s it.
  9. shericrazylady

    Is my goal weight too ambitious?

    My surgeon suggests a realistic goal meaning once you start getting close to that take a long look at your self in the mirror while naked of course and decide wether you think maybe i could lose more or maybe I shouldn’t and try maintain where I’m at and start toning my loose skin etc
  10. shericrazylady

    Pre-op Weight Loss

    I lost 33 pounds before surgery in a very small amount of time
  11. shericrazylady

    When did you have coffee again?

    Day 2 for me I love my coffee can’t live without that!!!
  12. shericrazylady

    1 week sleeved

    Just take small sips throughout the day you can only try do your best don’t stress about it
  13. shericrazylady

    Sneezing followng eating?

    I get a sore forearm when I start getting full from some foods lol weird
  14. shericrazylady

    Just ate a lot - scared

    Your sleeve does stretch over time
  15. shericrazylady

    You know you lost weight when

    When you fit into a size 14 high waisted skinny jeans