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  1. Weighed in today at 188.4! Super exciting! Having a bit trouble with eating even when I’m not hungry. Considering talking to a therapist. 

  2. MusicMom1384


    Maybe it’s just habit you have to break and retrain your mind?
  3. 3 Days out of surgery! Feeling ok.... working on getting my fluids in and walking. Trying not to take too many pain pills. I detest jello 😜 but love chicken broth. I’m down about 8 pounds already, not focusing on weight loss though, just getting better. 

    1. Sosewsue61


      Yay you are on the other side! Slow and steady!

    2. Bhageerah


      Congratulations! I can eat Jello but it is not my favorite! Colonoscopy prep took care of that issue! I would say that two things that we can eat that I can not stand are the real thick protein shakes that my surgeon sells, yea the two week pre surgery and two week post surgery diet took care of that! The second is the protein chicken soup that they sell, I had a blender bottle slide under a seat and stay there brewing in the car in the wonderful southern heat until I found it after it popped open. I can still smell it! You are doing well and deserve a good pat on the back! Good luck on your journey and I can not wait to hear about you dropping your first 50 pounds!!!

  4. Will they operate if I have a cold or  allergies? Seriously.. just started coughing and having congestion.... cannot believe this is happening!

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    2. MusicMom1384


      No fever. Just itchy runny nose and I sound like a bullfrog.

    3. Sosewsue61


      Good, just do warm liquids you'll be fine. Good luck. Mine is on the 24th, started liquids today.

    4. awritersmuse9


      allergies, they'll operate. if it's a fever and you're releasing antibodies, they'll postpone it. just get tons of sleep and do whatever you can to help yourself get past it

  5. MusicMom1384

    Torrid for regular sizes?

    Zulily has some cute things if you like shopping online.
  6. MusicMom1384

    Surgery oct 16. Scared

    Do you have a friend from church or someone close that can help you? Praying you find some support.
  7. MusicMom1384

    Calling all October sleevers!!

    Lol!!! So that’s what it’s called! I’ve totally been having a food funeral. Btw, how are you since you’re surgery?
  8. MusicMom1384

    Calling all October sleevers!!

    October 17th ... it’s coming so fast! Excited and nervous!
  9. How are you doing since your surgery?

  10. MusicMom1384

    I’m freaking out!!!!

    Thank you guys so much... I feel better already!
  11. I’m one week from my surgery and all the sudden I’m freaking out! I don’t have a ton of foods that I love but ice cream is pretty awesome... will I ever be able to eat it again? What if the doctor is drunk? What if he nicks a artery? What is I die or have horrible complications? Or what if it doesn’t work? What if I gain it all back? Also... how come I’m all the sudden wanting to eat everything in sight?? Is this psychological?? I’m excited but so nervous. Can anyone relate?!
  12. MusicMom1384

    Bay Area CA support groups?

    I live in Hollister... have you found one yet? I can't find anything to go to.
  13. Had my pre-op appointment today! I really like my surgeon so that helps! October 17th I'm getting sleeved!!! Woohoo!!! I'm so excited and believe this is the best course for me and my future. I've always been bigger but not fat until very shortly after I got married, I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and PCOS. They took a grapefruit sized cyst off my left ovary and found the Enzo ha ravaged my insides... it was even growing up my spine [emoji30]. The Doctors put me on a awful medicine called lupron. It forced into a medically induced menopause (at 22 years old), hair was falling out, made me violent, hot flashes, no sex drive. Also they put me on heavy steroids!!! It was awful. I had been married all of 1 month!!! The medicine made me gain 60 pounds and despite trying every program known to man I could not get it off. I went from a size 12 to a size 22 in the span of a year. My self confidence was decimated! However my husband no matter what size I've been has alway loved me and told me I'm beautiful. He has been amazing, my rock. And he's 100% behind me for this surgery. We have beautiful miracle child and if I never have another I am happy with the one. However part of not being able to get pregnant is the extra weight I carry. So that part of getting the surgery. The other part is I want to keep up with my son, have energy.. but I also want to look good! I don't want to be ashamed when I walk into a conference... or feel I should have stayed home. I want to ride in an airplane comfortably, go on roller coasters, rid my bike 100 miles, swim, son skiing, hike... I want to take back all the years I lost! I'm beyond excited! Even more exciting is I only have to do liquids the day before my surgery and I'm the first of the day! Woot! I'm very thankful for this option and I'm hoping for the best. [emoji177]
  14. MusicMom1384

    Any oct 2017 rnys

    My date is 10/17... but not sure if I'm getting rny or sleeve. I have occasional reflux and worried the sleeve will make it worse. I'm excited but also scared... it's really happening!

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