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    angelgloria reacted to qbeefabuliz85 in The cutest socks!!   
    Just thought I’d post this pic to those who are on their way to surgery or have an upcoming date. This was part of my overnight bag! Hope it’s a motivation to my fellow sleevers! Congrats!!  

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    angelgloria got a reaction from Firefighter12Wife in 365 Days...!   
    Wow Wonderful transformation.

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    angelgloria reacted to Brandeis in 365 Days...!   
    I am officially one year out today -- had my surgery 11/14. On the day of surgery, I had lost 25 pounds to get from 317 to 292, and was incredibly proud of myself.
    Today I'm 181. I am 14 pounds from goal at a year out. In the last month I lost 5 so -- soon maybe ?? Definitely by 18 months if nothing else.
    I did a bunch of progress shots at 6 months, figure I'd add to them today!

    First pick is at my heaviest; second pic is xmas day 2016, so about a year ago; third from 6 months out and the last, of course, is today!

    First pic here is about 1 week post op -- I was so proud of how much I'd lost, jeeeeeez!! Second picture is around January, I think, then march, and then today, again!
    This one is painful.

    I took the picture on the right the day before surgery...looking back at it now, I don't even recognize myself!

    My face from my 10 year college reunion at my heaviest, and then again, today (I don't recognize myself in EITHER of these pictures, and it freaks me out just a little.
    Finally, for fun, a big change -- I picked up a tennis racket again this fall. And now it's too cold to play and I'm mad, because I want to SO VERY MUCH.

    I'll have to see if there are any cheap indoor courts...
    Other awesome moments in my recent life:
    > seatbelts fit comfortably on airplanes
    > I can cross my legs to sit comfortably in any situation
    > didn't have to worry AT ALL about my size when going on rollercoasters at Hersheypark
    > I haven't had a clumsy fall down in months, despite an incredible amount of increased activity
    > SIZE 10-12 FROM A SIZE 24, I CAN FIT IN STRAIGHT SIZES!! went shopping at H&M and other places and realized how cheap clothes can be....
    > went from fattest friend in the group to...potentially....the thinnest..........???
    14 more pounds to normal BMI, and that's what I really want more than anything else.
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    angelgloria reacted to DaleCruse in Mariah Carey was reportedly sleeved   
    Body shamers are horrible. But if Mariah feels better & is healthier, I say good for her. https://pagesix.com/2017/11/06/body-shamers-spur-mariah-carey-to-have-weight-loss-surgery/
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    angelgloria reacted to kandieqvt1 in 2 months out   
    Cw 213
    Hw 253
    Gw 140
    Two months out and I say small plates help me a lot with this diet! I take about an hour to eat each meal because if I eat to fast I get sick and throw up.. this plate is small but looks so full make sure to drink your fluids! I was hospitalized for three days last week for dehydration!!

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    angelgloria reacted to GBLady41 in Supplement patches   
    Yes. I have been using patches since I got home after the surgery. I have had blood work and it has come back completely normal. Please don’t believe articles that state that Vitamins don’t absorb through the skin. They are saying that because they are being paid by one or more Vitamin companies and don’t want you to buy the patches. I am almost 11 months out.

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    angelgloria got a reaction from dg371 in Progress pic!   
    Awesome transformation!

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    angelgloria got a reaction from colleen 5595 in Any 2017 60'ish sleever's out there?   
    I had the sleeve done at 7/19 I'm 65 all's going fine so far hope everything is well with you take care
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    angelgloria reacted to sissiegirl in I'm 60 +   
    Hey Gloria, so how are you doing? I,m 66 and looking at August for mine. I was worried about age also, but anything would be better than living like this (or yikes even maybe getting worse) for the rest of my life. Tired of being tired, can't breathe, can't really even exercise much. Did you have any problems or suggestions? Good luck

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    angelgloria reacted to kedasmom in Any 2017 60'ish sleever's out there?   
    Hope all are doing well, surgery was Aug 2. I'm doing well, I'm back from camp, driving school bus. I really need to start a routine of exercise. Walking to start, then add in some other activity. I keep saying another 10 lbs and body parts won't hurt so much, but I'm thinking it may be just an excuse not to start. I need a starting point.
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    angelgloria reacted to raynay05 in NSV alert!!!   
    I am a full time student at msu and I had surgery July 25th. Last fall I struggled to fit in the desks. I had such bad anxiety that I'd have to sit in the back of class, get my seat before the other students came in, and would leave after everyone else. My stomach would press against the desk and hurt. Well I started classes again yesterday and guess what? I fit in the desks no problem, sat in the front of the class and had no anxiety. I had enough space to cross my legs under the desk even. just wanted to share this NSV. The scale hasn't moved much the last 2 weeks but this NSV just brightened my week and kept me going below are my pictures. The top ones are from April and the bottom is last week
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    angelgloria reacted to msb-001 in Less than 24-Hours   
    Well, I am less than 24-hours out from my GS surgery. I am first up on Monday (8/21) which means I arrive at the hospital at 6 am and in theory will have my procedure at 730 am. I have to acknowledge that reading these forums has been invaluable. I am not sure mentally I would have been able to get from here to there without this resource. Every time I have a question or a doubt, I jump to the forums. And the knowledge here and the encouragement from so many posters has usually calmed my nerves. That said, I do have just a little bit of pre-op jitters but mostly feel strong that this is the best thing for me. My recent high weight is around 327, I am down pre-op to around 312.5 ... and the pre-op diet (3 shakes a day and a small meal with Protein and a veggie) hasn't been too difficult for me. Anyhow, I am hoping all will go well. I'll check back in and post when I can. I am sure the next few days will be challenging but I am hoping for the best.
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    angelgloria got a reaction from Cas54 in No One In The Sixties?   
    I'm glad you had your skin removal surgery and you're doing well I am not even thinking anything like that it's one step at a time for me. Hope you continue on your journey of healing.
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    angelgloria reacted to shan0520 in ONEderland!   
    I had sleeve surgery March 20th and best thing I could have done for myself. Today I hit 199!!! It's not much into the ONEderland, but it's much better than where I started at 281!!
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    angelgloria reacted to MauiLolly in Where are you now?   
    I'm 2 months post rny! 40 pounds gone! 30 to go.

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    angelgloria reacted to blizair09 in Where are you now?   
    I am 10.5 months post-op. I have lost 209 pounds so far. That puts me 4 pounds from a normal BMI and 8 pounds from goal. This journey is the best thing I have ever done for my health and well-being!
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    angelgloria reacted to laney in Where are you now?   
    August 16 will be my year surgery anniversary and I am down 80 pounds. I started at 263 now 183. I have hit a few stalls and I am in one now, but I have learned the Sleeve is a tool and you must do as your Dr has told you to keep in maintenance. I feel really good, blood work is normal, no more high sugar levels. Overall, no regrets in having the surgery:)
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    angelgloria reacted to kedasmom in Any 2017 60'ish sleever's out there?   
    Will be a week tomorrow, my son had sleeve Monday. My dog had 2 puppies (that didn't go smoothly). I'm hoping by Friday I will be back at camp with alittle less activity.
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    angelgloria got a reaction from Missy161 in Weight Loss Notice   
    I lost 21 lb on my pre-op diet had my sleeve done on the 19th so I should be going home today.

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    angelgloria got a reaction from mem1 in Any 2017 60'ish sleever's out there?   
    Glad to hear you're doing well and tolerating your liquids keep up the good work!
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    angelgloria reacted to zh3n in Newbie   
    Hi all!
    I am new here and I didn't' see a newbie section hopefully I didn't overlook it. I just had surgery Friday morning so, I'm 3 days post op. When I woke up, I wasn't in any pain but I was extremely nauseous. I was given phenegran but that also knocked me out, for the rest of the day. They got me up and walking 4 hours after the surgery which was fine because even though I was sore, there was no real strong pain. Using the incentive spirometer hurt more than me walking to and from the nurses station. I've been eating frozen sugar free popsicles and drinking Water. I haven't used any pain meds since leaving the hospital and haven't had to use the nausea meds either. Turns out its going better than I thought, for now. Still sore but its bearable. I was extremely nervous before the surgery so, much so that my BP was high and they needed to give me something to calm me down but, it all went well. When I get to the pureed phase, can I make smoothies and add blended or real pureed fruits to my Protein Shakes? Has anyone tried this, just to make things not seem so bland?
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    angelgloria reacted to nana perez in Face too face   
    Today and day of surgery 9!weeks out

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    angelgloria reacted to BigTee in No One In The Sixties?   
    Hi, I'm new to this forum. I thought it would be great to communicate with someone that is older like me. I have been through all of my prelims and my scheduled surgery date is June 20th. I will be starting on my liquid, liver shrinking diet on June 6th. I welcome any and all information from all of you pros out there that have been through where I'm heading.

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    angelgloria reacted to MissyMe in No One In The Sixties?   
    Hi everybody I am also new here. I start my six week(minus 3 days) pre-op diet on 1st February and I turned 60 earlier this week. I will be having MGB on 11th March.
    Excited by what the future holds but a little bit anxious as well.
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    angelgloria reacted to Lorieann in No One In The Sixties?   
    Hi everyone, im new and 63 yrs old. getting ready to start my liquid diet pre-op on 8 February and surgery on the 29th.
    Does anyone have any advice on the pre-op diet?