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    Jamocoa reacted to psyance in Could Someone 'Splain This To Me?   
    I had virtually no preop or postop instructions. I wasn’t even taught how to handle/empty my JP drain after my hospital visit. My surgeons office scheduled me for my first “followup” 6 weeks after my surgery. I called and changed it, because I wasn’t about to have a JP drain for 6 weeks. Indeed, my surgeon gave me no real instructions on postop diet. I had a sheet from a nutritionist that I saw 4 months prior to surgery (I use “saw” loosely, it was done over Skype). I’ve received much better info here than I did from any preop appts (which were just basically a weight check once a month). My surgeon was rated highly online, and I liked him well enough, but the info from his office was pretty light (especially after reading what others have gone through). So, some of this isn’t a “stupidity” issue. I just don’t think people know the difference between what will be a good surgeon/program and what makes for a bad surgeon/program. Had I not found this community, I would have thought my experience was the norm.
    This brings up another point. When people on here say “follow your surgeons program” or “have you checked in with your surgeon about X”, they might be doing everything they were told (which is to say, not much).
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    Jamocoa got a reaction from LLucas in Body lift done!   
    Hello there, the insurance pays for it because of the complications you get from the extra skin. You can get rashes and fungus up under the skin sores and infections. My doctor said that it's the way you word it when you send in for your insurance approval. I had my surgery on May 29th and I must say it is painful. I'm in so much pain. But I have no regrets. Most of the pain come from getting up and down off the toilet and in and out the chairs. I've been sleeping in a recliner. I haven't laid down in my bed yet.
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    Jamocoa got a reaction from Msnika38 in Arm Lift and Tummy Tuck   
    This is all good advice. I was sleeping in an uncomfortable recliner my Daddy bought over. I was so uncomfortable and my back and shoulders hurt on top of the pain from the surgery. I was watching YouTube videos and a young lady mentioned see rented a hospital bed. I called and rented one. Way better than the recliner and it was only 175.00 for the month.

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    Jamocoa reacted to Molly23 in Body lift done!   
    You look awesome! The surgeon did a great job! Congrats!!!
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    Jamocoa reacted to Zuze in Arm Lift and Tummy Tuck   
    I had both at the same time. Everything in life is easier if someone helps you but Like you I had to count on myself, so it’s not impossible just challenging till you figure out the way to do things on ur own, like get up and switch sides and and .... very very very slowly though.
    Some pointers
    -Pain meds are highly needed and helpful so you can manage. And you can’t do without them at the beginning even if you have help
    -don't shower if you are alone. I had my mother help me with that the first time. otherwise clean the wounds well and apply the medication or whatever the doctor instruction is.
    - plan your meals before the surgery because you need a high Protein diet to help with the healing. It’s extremely important. I had good people who cooked and brought me food, I ordered in on some days and toward the second week I would cook easy quick things, like eggs for example.
    - laxative is your best best best friend for the first two weeks. For me the pain of constpitaion brought me to tears and wouldn’t let me sleep. So add some Fiber to your diet to help as well
    - I set up my living room as my space, pillows for my back cuz u can’t lie flat at the beginning and pillows under my knee. Tv was my mindless entertainment to keep me company. I watched so many movies
    - wear your Spanx 24 hours
    - cheer yourself on everyday because you have reached the plastics phase, you made it, it’s just hard when you are near the finish line.
    - check yourself out in the mirror and enjoy the view
    best of luck. You can do this 💪

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    Jamocoa reacted to MsTiffyxox in Is this price outrageous? (NYC!)   
    Yikes $30k does sound about right. if you are comfortable going out of the country look around, Mexico, Colombia , Dominican Rep. , etc
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    Jamocoa got a reaction from Orchids&Dragons in Body lift done!   
    You look great. I'm scheduled for my Tummy Tuck 5/29/18. I have a co-pay of 250.00. I'm so nervous!

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    Jamocoa reacted to Yo-yo girl in Any Surgery twins for May 21st ?   
    We should all try to check back in here after our surgeries, I’d really like to know how everyone is doing. As soon as I can hold my phone I’ll be on it [emoji28]

    Yo-Yo Girl from New York City
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    Jamocoa reacted to Yo-yo girl in Any Surgery twins for May 21st ?   
    I just got the call just now too.. I picked to go 1st because I didn’t want to feel hangry and anxious for hours. They told me to be there 5:30AM

    Yo-Yo Girl from New York City
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    Jamocoa reacted to Yo-yo girl in Any Surgery twins for May 21st ?   
    We’re so close! My excitement is through the roof [emoji847] it’s feels so unreal that I’m jealous of me for being next [emoji23]

    Yo-Yo Girl from New York City
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    Jamocoa reacted to Iscarelys in Birthday Differences.   
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    Jamocoa reacted to browneyez42 in My surgery was a Life saver. Five years later and I’m still telling people about it. No meds or insulin in 5 years. This could be you too.   
    Awesome! Keep it up [emoji108]🏾

    HW: 256
    SW: 238(4/25/18)
    CW: 226
    GW: 165

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    Jamocoa reacted to BlueEyedAngel28 in 7 MONTHS POST OP WITH PICS   
    nope no work done to my arms legs or tummy.

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    Jamocoa got a reaction from BlueEyedAngel28 in 7 MONTHS POST OP WITH PICS   
    You look amazing! Have you had any work done to your arms, legs and tummy?

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    Jamocoa reacted to LynnM. in So I fell off the wagon   
    I think the hardest part for me is finding the motivation to just get back on track. I LOVED how I felt and looked at 150lbs and you think that would be motivation enough but I am always just so tired
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    Jamocoa reacted to finding_onederland in So I fell off the wagon   
    @LynnM. I am right there with you. I am not even two years out of surgery and have gained 20lbs from my lowest weight. It is very scary, yet I have not been able to get my head back in the game. I know it is a matter of getting back to basics. Protein, Exercise, Water. Easier said than done though, right?
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    Jamocoa reacted to millerla4 in Goal accomplish   
    1 year post op and finally met my goal of 115. Best decision I ever made for me. Stay with it girls, it is well worth it in the end
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    Jamocoa got a reaction from Orchids&Dragons in Body lift done!   
    You look great. I'm scheduled for my Tummy Tuck 5/29/18. I have a co-pay of 250.00. I'm so nervous!

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    Jamocoa reacted to Andrew0929 in Checking in ... 4.5 years out   
    Hi All,
    Just went to my annual appointment with surgeon and realized I’ve not checked in here in quite some time.
    I’m now holding at 10 pounds above My lowest weight, which has been the case for several years. However, During the winter I gained 6 pounds and attributed this to increased snacking on Cereal. Then, I got the flu and lost 10 pounds. Interestingly, after getting better I decided to stop the cereal snacking and have ended up back at the same weight I’ve been at for about 3 years.
    Hoping to continue maintaining at this level. Still weighing and logging...
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    Jamocoa reacted to CalGuy64 in Back at the Gym!   
    My strength is coming back. Today I did incline dumbbell presses with 45 pound dumbbells -- still less than before but quite a bit better than just two weeks ago. Still can't do squats very well -- I'm doing trap bar deadlifts instead (a great exercise BTW).
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    Jamocoa reacted to CalGuy64 in Back at the Gym!   
    Went to the gym for the first time post-op (almost 4 months). I've lost strength -- lots of it. But working out felt good. I went for a swim after and found that being significantly smaller makes swimming easier (also my swim goggles fit much better on my thinner face).
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    Jamocoa reacted to Msdooloo in Back at the Gym!   
    I pout all the way to the front doors of my gym [emoji23] I need to be more motivated like you guys.

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    Jamocoa reacted to DropWt4Life in Back at the Gym!   
    Good job. Working out is great for you over the long term. Yes, take your time, and ease into it. Before you know it, you will start developing muscle definition everywhere.
    Good luck!
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    Jamocoa reacted to Hannah83 in Back at the Gym!   
    It felt great to get out today and renew my gym membership it's just 25 a month! Getting my sweat on has been a go-to stress reliever for me for a long time, now I just need to not overdo it...oh look at all the shiny weights! I'm day 48 out and feel great.
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    Jamocoa reacted to SinginSop01 in Where is everyone from City & State   
    My Bariatric Solutions Dr. Heath Smith did mine in Decatur/Fort Worth, Texas. My insurance doesn't cover bariatric services. I paid $8500 for mine. He is amazing!!!!!! You get a full support system too with a nurse, nutritionist and exercise specialist. I highly recommend him!!

    My surgery was September 26, 2017. I had gastric sleeve and a hernia repair.

    Day of surgery weight: 320
    Highest weight: 325
    Current weight: 241

    Height: 5'11"

    When I started I was in size 2xl. I went shopping today large size 11/12.