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  1. Sorry- after Florida I was so busy I have been off the boards. i replied above
  2. I had Dr Eric Sommer out of Ny bariatric group. I got a doctor on call. I saw he PA a few days later and she was surprised at Joan bad the rash was. As soon as I peeped the glue off it improved (within the day). I used topical benedryl during the day and oral benedryl at night.
  3. They were referring to eating 3 humans from Scotland. (Scottish peeps) as too much protien. I think. Otherwise im a bit twisted. 😳
  4. I have been the same weight (was actually up a few pounds-PMS) and I have NOT cheated. I hit ALL my protien goals, my carbs are very low and I surpass my water goals. I take my vitamins and have moved a lot. I'm just getting home from vacation, literally now ( was perfect on vacation) and hoping being home in a more normal routine will break it. My three week mark is tomorrow. I normally wouldn't say ignore your doctor, but I will here. Just keep doing what you are doing and your body will catch up. update- I just weighed myself on my home scale and I'm exactly the same as when I left one week ago. Which means I may be down and pound or so in the morning. I usually weigh myself as soon as I wake up- when I'm my lowest. So I was stalled all week. I wasn't completely sure bc I was away and when I made it to my in laws, she had 2 scales. one scale had me 4 pounds UP 😱 And the other had me at about the same...
  5. I started Thursday night and then at morning and night on Friday and everyday since. By Saturday I was good and I've been good since 👍🏻👍🏻 I'm trying for 2-3 times a day at the 1teaspoon (which is a 1/2 serving). I've just used cool to cold water either shaken in a water bottle or stirred in a cup. Once you drink it you need to wash the cup out immediately or it will stick to the sides. If you don't drink it quick it turns into a jel, which is I guess what it doesn't inside you and sort of cleans you out like root-rooter or draino. Lol. But it's important to drink it before it gets too thick. That's also why I do a clear liquid chaser afterwards. To make sure it's out of my esophagus and getting through my sleeve. No stomach cramps or loose stool (sorry- but that's what I got with miralax 😱). It is gritty, but not too bad to get down.
  6. VSG4Mag

    Loose Skin???

    Everyone is different. Genetics plays a role, but The younger you are the more likely you won't be as bad. As you get older the skin loses its elasticity. Also, the longer you have the weight on, the more damage it will do to your skin. My mother would have talked me out of the surgery too- she is a huge part of my life long struggle with my weight. I could go into a huge vent, but I'll spare you, lol. Do this for YOU. You have your whole life and future ahead of you and with a lighter and healthier body you will have fewer limitations. Loose skin is secondary and may not be an issue at all for you.
  7. VSG4Mag

    Good idea or naw?

    You sound just like me! I was hoping the scale at my hotel was wrong, but I'm up a few pounds and stalled at 2 1/2 weeks im still on track but I lost 13 pounds pre-op. Was UP 6-8 pounds home from the hospital. Then in about 2 weeks down almost 14 (including that water) and now nothing. I only had to do the liquid diet 7 days pre-op, but I did it 2 weeks and I felt like it helped the detox and prepared my body for the adjustment. Exercising is a great prep though and will help your recovery.
  8. VSG4Mag

    TT & BL- 2 ops or 1

    Following bc I'm hoping to be in your shoes next year. And just wanted to say congrats on your weight loss. 100 pounds! Awesome!
  9. VSG4Mag

    Need list of high protein foods

    This is pretty spot on. My support nurse said baby food is for babies. For soft foods, meat is not an option unless it's super fine/chopped. The dannon triple zero Greek yogurt (oikios) has 15 grams of protein. I get most of my food protein from baked white fish (talapia and Cod are my favs). I am away and had salmon (3oz was my max) and had that several times but I made sure to CHEW it a long time before swallowing the white fish is definilty easier to chew into small pieces
  10. I left the hospital 8-10 pounds UP! So it may be fluid from surgery and you may actually HAVE lost weight, but it doesn't seem that way. I weigh myself every day. So it wasn't until about day 5that I was actually lower then before surgery.
  11. Wow! That's crazy. How are you surviving??? I'm 2 weeks out and had 4oz fish, 2 premier protein shakes, a yogurt and 3 oz of cheese today. And drank like 80 oz of water. I haven't had that much at home, I'm at Disney this week and have been going for 8 hours a day at the parks in the heat while pushing 75+ pounds in a stroller. But at home 4-7 oz of fish & 2 shakes is average for me. I try to get at least 70gm protein.
  12. VSG4Mag

    Protein shakes

    You get the premier protein through insurance? I had heard about it but wasn't sure.
  13. Wow!! Great progress. You can see such a difference. I hope that's the same for me. 🤗 Keep up the good work. I'm 1 1/2 weeks out and hopeful!
  14. So happy for you! My kids are a huge motivator for me. Not only do I want to be here, but I want to set a good example and be active in their lives as they grow. Also, good for you quitting smoking. You probably added years to your life with that big decision. I hope your appointment goes well and that you are in the path to a healthy weight real soon
  15. VSG4Mag


    Also, aside from getting hungry faster (which I have heard too) it pushes the food out and doesn't give your stomach enough time to absorb the nutrients. Since we take in such little amounts, we need to get the most nutrition from what we consume.

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