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  1. You may find this video helpful
  2. PAstudent

    Anyone in school?

    I'm a PA student so I'm guessing we have similar curriculums. I had surgery over the summer (the 9th of May) and started online classes 2 weeks after with no problem. A little over one month out I was feeling very much myself. I was a little weak and easily tired, but was able to go to summer classes and returned to work (I probably could have gone back to work around 2 weeks out, but I decided to take it slow). By 2 months post op I started going to the gym, got a personal trainer, and started low intensity cardio/ strength training. 3 months post op I was able to climb a 60 foot rock wall. When you say nursing school, is it all classroom stuff for you right now? If so, you'll have no problems. If you're doing clinicals, you'll definitely be able to do them after surgery, but I didn't find that I had the stamina for that much walking and standing until around 2 months post op. Everyone's recovery is different, but trust me: once the weight starts coming off, you'll likely have more energy than you started with
  3. PAstudent

    Protein Cookie?

    Those are the "net" carbs. Many people don't include fiber or sugar alcohols when counting carbs so they'll subtract the fiber and sugar alcohols from the total carbohydrates listed.
  4. You don't really have to count calories yet at this stage. Focus on staying hydrated and trying to meet your protein goals Calorie counting can start when you're on to solid food
  5. I'm 5 and a half months out and haven't vomited since the 1st week post op. I think being mindful of how fast you're eating, being aware of how you feel while eating, and measuring your portions will help prevent throwing up your food. Not to scare you, but the first 4 days post op were extremely difficult for me. I constantly had a bag or cup or something with me in case I needed to throw up (and even then it was mostly just dry heaving or foam). The nausea that I felt was primarily from the anesthesia, so if you've been under before, your previous experience may give you a good idea of what to expect. Things got better with time and as gas pains went away. If you'd like a more detailed picture of my 1st week post op, feel free to look at my profile Really, this surgery has been amazing for me and I wouldn't let a week of discomfort deter me from all of the positive outcomes I've seen
  6. From the album: Progress

    5 months post op Weight- 206 Bust- 44" Waist- 35" Hips- 45"
  7. PAstudent

    What are you eating

    Is stage 2 for you full liquids? At that point I was having protein shakes, sf pudding, jello, sugar free popsicles, crystal light drinks, bone broth, and strained soups. I tried to stick to the protein shakes and bone broth for the most part because they were my main source of protein at that time. Not the most fun stage, but I'm sure the pounds are just falling off of you at this point!
  8. From the album: Progress

    Weight- 206 Bust- 44" Waist- 35" Hips- 45"
  9. PAstudent


    Sleeved 5.9.17 Size 18 at my highest 256 lbs at my highest
  10. PAstudent

    5 months post op

    From the album: Progress

    Weight- 206 Bust- 44" Waist- 35" Hips- 45"
  11. I'm a fan of the taste of quest shakes, but they're just too thick for my preferences. In terms of feeling short changed, the powder may have settled since packing. It may weigh what the packaging says, but the powder settling will cause the powder's volume to decrease between the time they filled the container and when you opened it. In terms of measuring, volume isn't super accurate in the context of powders because you can pack them down very easily (changing their volumes)
  12. PAstudent

    How bad are the scars ?

    Thank you! I think one of the funniest parts of losing has been that the weight doesn't all come off evenly at the same time, which threw me for a loop. So month 1: I lost 2 inches off my bust and 2 inches off my waist, month 2: I lost 3 inches off my hips, and month 3: I lost 1 inch off my waist I've just got to keep working at it and trust things will work out eventually Do you have a surgery date yet? I'm excited for you!
  13. PAstudent

    How bad are the scars ?

    I'm 3.5 months post op and mine don't bother me at all! I only have two, one vertical incision in my belly button where my stomach was pulled out and a small one in my upper right quadrant to move my liver out of the way. They're darker and slightly raised, but I think they'll fade a little over time. To be honest though, I wouldn't mind if people see them even if they don't fade away haha
  14. It varies from surgeon to surgeon. I had no lifting restrictions after surgery. My surgeon advertises that patients could run a marathon the day after surgery if they wanted to (they wouldn't feel like it, but they could lol). I had the McCarty minimally invasive sleeve (with only 2 incisions as opposed to like 5 though) so that may be why. Ultimately, you can feel out what your limits are (while staying within your surgeon's guidelines). For me, I was able to carry my 40 pound suitcase up the stairs at around 1.5 weeks out so I'd take a guess and think 25 pounds at 3 weeks out wouldn't give you any issues.
  15. PAstudent

    Always starving

    Ahh that makes a lot more sense! If you're still of pureed/soft foods, I can see them going down a lot easier and you being able to consume more of them. They're almost like slider foods in that sense. I remember at 4 weeks out I could easily consume 5 ounces of greek yogurt. Make sure you try to differentiate head hunger and real hunger! I think that's one of my biggest struggles right now.
  16. PAstudent

    Always starving

    8 ounces in one sitting definitely sounds like a lot for only 4 weeks out. I second the surgeon suggestion. Also, what does your exercise look like? I started hitting the gym starting at 2 weeks post op (4 or more times a week for up to 2 hours each time) and found that all of the physical exertion seriously upped my feelings of hunger. I've since lowered it to 2-3 times a week for an hour and a half or less and the hunger has gone down significantly. With all of the exercise, I was eating up to 1500 calories a day through constantly eating small portions (this was at only around 2 months out) and never really felt sated. Now, at 3 months, I can feel pretty good eating around 900 calories a day.
  17. Perhaps a different internet browser would help? I've been successful using google chrome.
  18. 3 months out and I'm finding my stomach's capacity erratic. I've had up to 5 ounces (by weight) of dense food like steak or chicken and 5 ounces (by volume) of things like yogurt and felt totally fine, possibly could have more but don't want to push it. But, I've also had meals lately where I've only had 2 ounces (by weight) of food and felt totally full (even though I hadn't eaten in hours).
  19. PAstudent


    Try using eggs, milk, and protein powder to make the pancakes. Only eggs and milk sounds like scrambled eggs, just not scrambled? The protein powder should make it sweet enough for you
  20. PAstudent

    Premier Protein!

    I stick to chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla and put in shots of sugar free syrup or instant coffee powder when I want to change things up. I personally wasn't into the caramel, but it's to be expected considering I'm not a huge fan of caramel drinks in the first place. You can buy bulk packs of the ready to drink stuff on Jet.
  21. Stay hydrated, track everything you consume, try to meet your protein goals, and stay active (even if it's just walking for now) Good luck! I'm somewhat newly sleeved too and just learning the ropes. Once you get to pureed foods and onwards, I've found having 4,6, and 8 ounce containers super useful for keeping leftovers and also meal prep. Cupcake pans also work nicely for meal prep if you're baking things like meatloaf or eggs. Don't invest in 2 ounce containers because you probably won't be using them for long, if you want some, just buy the little disposable 2 ounce sauce containers instead of tupperware type things.
  22. PAstudent

    2 months post op

    From the album: Progress

    Bust- 45" Waist- 37" Hips- 46"
  23. PAstudent

    Meaty Meltdown

    Sorry This post appeared under Recent Topics so I (and probably the others too) responded to it without even noticing where this was placed
  24. PAstudent

    Gained 2 pounds!

    Good luck to you man! And, it might be wise to talk to your doctor about the fact that you underwent this major surgery and don't feel like you have all of the information necessary for success. Maybe it'll get him to make some changes and bring a nutritionist onto the team. That would definitely help you and future patients! Talk to your doctor about taking vitamin supplements, getting bloodwork to get vitamin levels checked out, and protein/weight loss goals. It also seems like you're a little unsure of what to expect. Do you have regular check ups with him to ensure everything is going ok in the early months? Everything everyone is saying here is useful and you should listen to them, but no one knows your medical history or special needs. Your surgeon does and would be the best person to give you advice.

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