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  1. I drink a Herbalife protein shake daily
  2. Sleeveforme2017


    I need this challenge to start back up I miss it [emoji25]
  3. Sleeveforme2017

    Vitamin patches

    I used them for the first 8 months after surgery. My blood work was always normal except my iron which was low prior to surgery. My MD was fine with me taking them
  4. I’ve lost 100 lbs and a whole show size
  5. Sleeveforme2017

    How to get enough fluid during the day

    I’ve always drank from a straw since right after my surgery. My surgeon said it was fine to use a straw.
  6. Sleeveforme2017

    January 2017 sleevers

    Finally broke the 100lbs mark. Down 102 and still going. Working out 6 days a week 1-3 hrs a day depending on the classes that are offered. Trying to increase water intake. I’ve never been able to do a gallon a day. Still doing low carb but have add more carbs to my diet. Doing Herbalife shakes , teas and liftoff tablets for energy. Starting taking Ginko Biloba for metal alertness. I feel fuzzy brain at times. Did iron infusions back last summer have been doing pretty well since
  7. Sleeveforme2017

    January 2017 sleevers

    Awesome job!! Keep up the good work!!
  8. Sleeveforme2017

    When Did YOUR Energy Come Back?

    About 4-5 weeks
  9. Sleeveforme2017

    Sleeve Tomorrow!!

    Good luck
  10. Sleeveforme2017

    Phentermine after VSG your thoughts

    Good info. Thanks
  11. Sleeveforme2017

    Phentermine after VSG your thoughts

    I’ve tried the whole macros but honestly don’t understand it. It’s confusing to me. I wish I understood it better but it’s Easier for me to just count carbs