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    sasharbinx got a reaction from KRush88 in Any Post Op MARIJUANA Users?   
    Nope you guys sure aren't the only ones. I used to be a stoner. Now for special occasions although I'm all about it's medical uses too.
    I'm barely day nine post op though so the thought of smoking hasn't really crossed my mind.
    If I had more choices here I'd just buy those little vials of thc oil and drop em on to my tongue.
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    sasharbinx got a reaction from logicwand in Cold medicine?   
    My doc prescribed me codine/Tylenol Syrup immediately out of the hospital which according to my dad, a pharmacist, works just like a strong cough suppressant.
    I wouldn't see an issue with most over the counter cold med brands but I'd check with your pharmacist! Plus you're a month out so I wouldn't be so worried about the healing staples. Feel betta!
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    sasharbinx got a reaction from etc. etc. etc. in Ice Cream Post Op   
    I had a little Halo Top ice cream within my full liquids stage, it was easy on the tummy and a nice little treat. But just a few spoons of it, one time. Wouldn't turn it into a habit!
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    sasharbinx reacted to OutsideMatchInside in Crying on the bathroom floor   
    I got a PM from OP complaining that I made her feel like <whatever curse word she used>. All because I told her the 3 week stall was normal and her Dr should have explained her surgery to her better.
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    sasharbinx reacted to 2ndSpring in Grazing and how to end it?!   
    HI Sasharbinx,
    Here is how I have been handling the issue myself.
    Before surgery I ate whenever a thought about food popped into my mind. Given my past behavior, I decided the #1 concern for me is to use this post-surgery time to learn new behaviors and forge a new relationship with food. I chose how many meals I would eat each day and I made it a firm rule. No matter how hungry I am or what social situation pops up, I only eat my planned meals. If I am hungry between meals, I tell myself that it is not a big deal and that I can eat again in X hours. I found that hunger comes and goes.
    By following this rule, I have learned so much: I have the power to say no (and mean it), I don't have to eat at every opportunity out of fear of hunger, and food doesn't need to be such a big part of my life.
    This is what has worked for me. Its not easy, but it I'm feeling really successful. I hope it helps you too.
    Good luck.
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    sasharbinx reacted to OutsideMatchInside in Grazing and how to end it?!   
    I eat every 2 to 3 hours. It isn't grazing because all my portions are measure and accounted for.
    You posted your calories and not your Protein. If you are eating 900 calories a day but your Protein is over 90 grams, there is nothing wrong with that.
    Eating in the 1000 calorie range is not going to stop you from losing fast, but if you are getting most of those calories from carbs, that will stop you from losing fast.
    Also at this point for you, all the nerves are not reconnected to your stomach. It is hard I think to understand this post-op, but when they do reconnect you know the difference. My Dr explained it to me so I understood it. And you can't eat anything that is dense right now. When you get to the point you can eat solid forms of protein, you won't want to or be able to graze. If I have a steak or a pork chop, it legit takes a solid 2 hours or more for me to want to eat again, that fullness/tension from eating dense protein lasts a long time.
    Focus on getting your protein in, and don't worry about the calories. The sooner you get off starvation level calories, the better.
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    sasharbinx reacted to AMVV12 in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    So if we did want to delete our account, how could this be accomplished? Unsubscribing is different from deleting an account. I am having surgery next month and am disappointed that the vets are being banned. Vets are what run this forum.
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    sasharbinx reacted to ShelterDog64 in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    From LipstickLady:
    **I am PISSED that he implied that I was part of any backyard bullying club. Not only would I **never** do that, but I've known for a good year that he was reading PMs so if I was going to do that, it certainly wouldn't be there. I would be THRILLED if one of you posted THIS EXACT MESSAGE in that thread and say that it was from me.**
    Alex, wtf? How can anyone find this place to be a 'safe space' if we're subject to outright lies being told about us? I'm completely bewildered by your unprecedented breach of normal website behavior...since when do site owners a) read private messages and then comment on the content of said PMs publicly?

    I think you've painted yourself into a corner here. What I don't understand is WHY you've done it.

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    sasharbinx reacted to LittleBill in BariatricPal Policy Reminders – Everyone Please Read!   
    On every other forum I have ever been on in the past 20 years, private messages have been inviolate. If they were shared by one of the parties to the message, that is one thing. To have someone not party to a discussion reading it without permission smacks of intrusion which has been considered abhorrent by virtually every generation preceding ours.
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    sasharbinx got a reaction from jpaps20 in Pics 42 pounds as of today. Go me!   
    You look younger in your recent pic! Go you!
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    sasharbinx reacted to doxaholic in He is gone!   
    I already posted on your other thread but i will post again. Please dont leave you helped bring life to this site! Wheather they appriciate you or not i can tell you we do. Plus who else are we going to tease about what type of under wear they use.
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    sasharbinx reacted to erica_ozzy73 in Whiny moment :(   
    Pinterest ... vsg recipes ... paleo... keto...no carb... It's awesome
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    sasharbinx reacted to fordtmacrae in He is gone!   
    You need to reconsider please. I enjoy reading your posts and you have such good practical advice to give.
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    sasharbinx reacted to AZLoser in Ta ta!   
    That's sad if the posts were removed. This should be open sharing, not a sales site. I hope you stick around to share your success.
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    sasharbinx reacted to Babbs in Funny how the political becomes personal   
    You know, I just may just have to go completely dark from the Internet for a while. If I hear one more person asking me to give that walking, talking personality disorder a 'chance', I'm going to puke.
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    sasharbinx reacted to WLSResources/ClothingExch in Funny how the political becomes personal   
    I think yYour use is the first I've come across the term "social justice warrior." If I have heard it, it was swept up in a barrage of rhetoric and imagesi So that I wouldn't misunderstand, I googled for the meaning, read it and thought "Nice, that's derogatory." I clicked out and went back to find the origin, but clicked out again when I saw the notation, "derogatory." The source became moot.

    I had to read "anti-intellectual left" a few times and wondered at the juxtaposition of words. We don't know the same people. I think of the "redneck right" (not my usual expression, but it fits here) as anti-intellectual. Let's just say that we come from different neighborhoods. It also took a couple of looks for me to see that you hadn't been defriended.

    It seems to me that, if one chooses derogatory terms, one shouldn't be surprised by landing in an echo chamber. Basing the topic on internet associations, however, makes the topic shaky to my way of thinking. Would you knowingly have as a real-world friend someone you would consider a bigot? Would that person be welcomed at your dinner table?

    Sometimes discourse is not meant to be. It can go in circles and around the block for days and then everyone goes back to their houses, forgets the discussion, maybe gets huffy and everything stays the same.

    P.S. re your title: The political certainly does become personal. They're inextricably linked.
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    sasharbinx reacted to LittleBill in Funny how the political becomes personal   
    I pushed the eject button on a number of idiots who are incapable of intelligent/civil/polite discourse. You cannot have an intelligent exchange with an idealogue. It is like trying to dig a hole in Water.
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    sasharbinx reacted to Calizzer in I think I broke it   
    I just have to say after reading and experiencing some of this you really have to go into the WLS process with some sort of sense of humor
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    sasharbinx reacted to Kenny the Cleaner in So.. The Gym?   
    Don't think about anyone else. I know it's easier said than done and I understand the insecurity of standing out. But screw them. If they are judging you, who gives a shit. You're there for you and to be healthier. And no one should stand in your way, especially turds wearing weightlifting gloves. Take it.
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    sasharbinx reacted to SalOdyssey in Transformation Tuesday   

    It's Transformation Tuesday!! Let's see those pics!
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    sasharbinx got a reaction from jpaps20 in Pics 42 pounds as of today. Go me!   
    You look younger in your recent pic! Go you!
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    sasharbinx reacted to lurker lora in Pics 42 pounds as of today. Go me!   
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    sasharbinx reacted to Detroit_25 in Don't slam me for this question... I do bite back????   
    Lmao... a vivid memory from my mother's RnY journey is picturing her throwing up into a toilet and saying 'Those damn chicharrones!' ..... be careful! I admit because of that memory I'll be scared to try at first.
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    sasharbinx reacted to erp in Thoughts about Halo Top High Protein Ice Cream?   
    Birthday Cake Halo Top is the business. I mean come on, it has sprinkles in it. [emoji512][emoji510]
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    sasharbinx reacted to dashofsunshine in Before and After Pics   
    Hey y'all!!
    Long time, no talk - training for a half marathon and work has been insane lately!
    My two year surgiversary was November 20th, and I tried on my old Cotton Ball dress because it was hanging in my closet, lol. (Cotton Ball is a southern cotillion ball - traditional thing with debutantes, etc. - I was 17 when I did it).
    Left is from my wedding <3 that dress is a size 28; the one on the right is a size 8 (I'm a 6 generally, but bridal does run small!)
    HW: 330
    CW: 150
    No skin removal

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