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  1. kayshabear

    Excited and nervous

    That is so exciting! I can imagine and understand that you are nervous and unsure.. but honestly having your current loose skin removed will help SO much in your day to day life. I would say it's totally worth it to go ahead and do this now and once at goal to do the revision later! Not having the painful loose skin will make it easier for you to exercise and get around which will help you get to goal.. so I say go for it! No matter what you decide or what happens, I know you can do this and it is so awesome how far you have come in your journey so far! Congrats girlie
  2. @Jodygirl1982 You are doing awesome! I was sleeved 12/12/16. I have hit my big stall too.. I have been bouncing between the same 1-3 pounds for the last few weeks and it is sooooo frustrating. I know its part of the process its just hard when the scale just stops moving.... makes me scared I might stop losing anymore even though I know that is just my mind messing with me. I am only down about 43 pounds since the day of surgery, but down 63 total since I started the pre-op diet 2 weeks before. Just taking it a day at a time and trying to up my water intake and my exercise!
  3. kayshabear

    8 months update

    Looking awesome! Keep up the good work
  4. kayshabear

    Calcium citrate

    Yes I couldn't do the chalky chewables either, but I have been using the Bariatric Advantage soft chews in Strawberry, and I love them! They are like starburst chews and the strawberry flavor is amazing. Just 1 idea to try! https://store.bariatricpal.com/collections/bariatric-vitamins/products/bariatric-advantage-calcium-citrate-chewy-bites-500mg-bag-of-90
  5. kayshabear

    Not Tracking your food is a big mistake!

    Yes, I use the fitbit app to track all my food and the portions are customizable and you are able to add foods that are not already listed on there, or create new entries where you put in the info for meals you make at home and portion sizes. For me its the only way I stay on track and ensure I continue to lose and break stalls as well like others said. It has been working great for me and it REALLY keeps me accountable to physically be able to SEE what I'm doing and not just guess. To each their own, but I definitely recommend it to keep you on track especially in the beginning or if you find yourself getting off track! I have lost 60 pounds in 3 months and feel a lot of it is due to staying accountable, so do what works for you best!
  6. kayshabear

    4 month stall?

    You got this girl! Keep us updated on how its going!
  7. kayshabear

    4 month stall?

    I have found upping my water and exercise helps when the scale stops moving for me. But also just ensuring you are tracking everything you eat each day to help you see your macros/calorie intake and adjusting things from there as needed. Overall it sounds like you are doing good, just switch things up a bit and hopefully it will get to moving soon! I had a stall for over 2 weeks here recently, and I was so discouraged since im not quite 3 months out yet, but today I went down 1.5 pounds! You can do this!
  8. kayshabear

    Birth Control

    I didn't even think about asking my surgeon when I could get on birth control pot-op... ooops! He is SUPER hardcore about the whole, "No getting pregnant within 2 years of surgery" that it scared me and after about 6 weeks of healing post-op I went and got the Nexplanon arm implant so I wouldn't have to worry about remembering to take any pills or anything. I guess it is different though with the birth control pills, you want to make sure your stomach is healed enough and can properly break it down to be effective! But if you have ever considered the arm implant BC, I recommend it only because it lasts up to 3 years, and it really wasn't bad getting it put in! I bruised a bit afterwards, but that is normal for me! I am liking it so far.
  9. When you are able too, please update us on how you are doing! Thinking about you and hoping it all went well!
  10. kayshabear

    Close To A Year Post-Op!

    Amazing job! Congrats on your success
  11. I did the patches for the first month after surgery. The only complaint I have is that they didn't seem to stay on throughout the day like they should... like the adhesive wasn't strong enough so they would roll up by the end of the day. Not sure how much I got out of them, so I went ahead and switched to the vitamin chews for now until I am a little further out. Anyone have tips or suggestions on why they wouldn't stay on?? The directions said to put on parts of your body with little to no hair, so I would wear on my shoulders.
  12. kayshabear

    3.5 months post op new pics

    Great job, you look great!
  13. kayshabear


    Thanks girl! Congrats on your amazing weight loss so far! You are rocking this!
  14. kayshabear


    Yes! I just started the last couple of weeks making it a regular thing, but its so hard for me to get motivated to go by myself! My sister usually goes with me since my husband works nights and I work days so we never see each other much. But this week my sister is out of town so I am accountable for myself and I have dropped the ball haha. Going to make myself go tonight because I know how important it is! I want to lose at least 14 more pounds by my anniversary trip in April so I gotta kick my butt in gear!
  15. kayshabear


    That is what I have been doing! I am just a little past 2 months out and do this same type of exercise each week. This week I have dropped the ball and only gone once so far, but I am going tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday so I can get it all in!

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