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  1. mrs_ross26

    Perspective! Almost 3mo p/o

    I think, generally, we lose slower if our BMI is lower.
  2. mrs_ross26

    Perspective! Almost 3mo p/o

    Thank you, everyone! I'm in love with my tool! [emoji7]
  3. I haven't felt like I'm losing much. Doc says I will lose slower because my BMI was 42 at surgery. I'm 48 down right now....was 46 down in this photo. If you are starting this journey - take progress pictures!!! I have a whole new motivation, now!
  4. I thought so too, for the first month. Now, I'm sad - I have to gag them down!
  5. Did you receive yours, yet? I've heard mixed reviews about jet.com. I need something I don't have to GAG down...ugh!
  6. Last night, I could not warm up. My BONES hurt so bad, I was so cold. I took a hot shower and was literally shivering standing under the hot water. I used to be the "hot one" in my office where I work and now I keep my vent covered and a sweater on. The a/c is only set on 74 but I am just freezing! I go for my next dr. appt this Friday and I will ask but wondering if any of you veterans have already had this question?
  7. Great job! I was thinking about starting the C25k, too. I used to hurt so bad just trying to take a 1 mile walk and now I'm 1 month post op and zipping through a 2 mile walk with ease! I've never considered myself EVER becoming a jogger but I'm feeling hopeful now!
  8. mrs_ross26

    Frustrated and afraid

    What app do you use? I'm on my pre-op diet alternating between 800 and 1200 cals per day and MFP keeps giving me fits for not enough calories. I know at first, I won't be able to get in that many calories and it will bug me.
  9. mrs_ross26

    Frustrated and afraid

    Are you getting enough calories? Myfitnesspal app is a great tool. My nut asks for 100g of protein and 100g of carbs per day. What is your nutrition plan? Are you sticking to it? Hang in there. Everyone says stalls are normal.
  10. I can't wait to take family photos... Shop in my own closet... Ride a bike without fearing I'll end up on youtube (lol).... Do naughty things with my husband... Shoot hoops with my kid... Fit my jewelry box full of rings that are too small...
  11. mrs_ross26

    What's your Pre-Op To Dos?

    Don't forget to shop for post-op foods and have them ready and waiting so it's one less thing to worry about. My local grocery store does deliver, so I have that IF I forget something but I don't want to have to use that service if I don't have to. I'm curious though how I will feel. My friend who was sleeved went shopping - like shopping shopping - the day after she came home. She felt great - I hope I have the same luck!
  12. mrs_ross26

    So bummed..

    How did your surgery go, Seatle? I did my ten day blended liquid diet and the day before my surgery was supposed to happen (would have been yesterday) - the surgery coordinator called and said they prefer to wait. Which is fine with me because this stupid shingles rash HURTS! So, now my surgery is scheduled for May 17th. NOT TOO far out. It will be ok
  13. mrs_ross26

    So bummed..

    I confirmed with my PCP yesterday. BUT good news - she said they should have run their course by Sunday which is two days before surgery. The lesions won't be gone but she said I should still be able to have surgery and that she would call my surgeon to let him know her opinion (for what it's worth). I have my fingers crossed!! I'm taking my meds and hoping they DRY UP FAST!