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  1. I haven't felt like I'm losing much. Doc says I will lose slower because my BMI was 42 at surgery. I'm 48 down right now....was 46 down in this photo. If you are starting this journey - take progress pictures!!! I have a whole new motivation, now!
  2. Did you receive yours, yet? I've heard mixed reviews about jet.com. I need something I don't have to GAG down...ugh!
  3. Last night, I could not warm up. My BONES hurt so bad, I was so cold. I took a hot shower and was literally shivering standing under the hot water. I used to be the "hot one" in my office where I work and now I keep my vent covered and a sweater on. The a/c is only set on 74 but I am just freezing! I go for my next dr. appt this Friday and I will ask but wondering if any of you veterans have already had this question?
  4. Great job! I was thinking about starting the C25k, too. I used to hurt so bad just trying to take a 1 mile walk and now I'm 1 month post op and zipping through a 2 mile walk with ease! I've never considered myself EVER becoming a jogger but I'm feeling hopeful now!
  5. This makes me LIVID for you. I can't imagine - I feel like something like this will happen to me, too. Hang in there - they will get it figured out for you. Don't give up! Keep us posted. I'm pulling for you! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  6. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed for you! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  7. In the pre op room

    How are you doing genn?! Hope you had a great holiday weekend and are recovering well 6 days post op!
  8. Psyc evaul

    I've been wondering this myself. Obviously, I want to be honest but I'm afraid I'll say the wrong thing and won't get approved. I mean, I didn't get in the shape I'm in with my weight without having issues surrounding food. I want to have a positive outlook and my husband is WAY more supportive than I thought he would be. He's even wanting to go with me to my first consultation appointment, which shocked me! Anyone know what you SHOULD DEFINITELY NOT SAY? Or is that cheating?
  9. Bummed..

    OH my gosh, you guys!! I called this morning on a whim to see if they had any cancellations so I could possibly get in sooner than APRIL....they got me in on DECEMBER 23!!!!! eeeeeee!!!!! What a wonderful surprise!! ***insert my Carlton dance here***
  10. 4 months post op ..

    Way to go! Love your disclaimer lmao Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  11. Bummed..

    I already did - every Tuesday and Thursday. *Fingers crossed! Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  12. Bummed..

    She was super nice. She told me I can call weekly to see if I can snag a cancellation. She said "Persistence is your friend, don't be afraid to call weekly." She felt bad. Said the program is extremely popular right now. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  13. Bummed..

    Well, I finally got my consultation date. It's an entire morning of team visits which is exciting. But the next opening isn't until April next year. Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  14. They did leave me a call back number. The scheduling lady is super nice. I'll be calling her first thing in the morning. Lol Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App
  15. Anyone out there have their surgery done at the University of Iowa? Sent from my iPhone using the BariatricPal App