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  1. MowryRocks

    Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

    At 2 months, the only thing that I can suggest is miralax. It worked wonders for me, but at 15 months, I mix espresso with my protein shakes to keep me moving on the daily.
  2. MowryRocks

    Day 2 - Liquid Diet.

    Each Dr. is different, but mine only allowed it if it was decaf.
  3. MowryRocks

    Lack of motivation

    Have you thought about shifting your mindset? Instead of determining the success of your workouts by the weight you lose, focus on becoming stronger or faster. I now set quarterly gym goals and while weight loss and maintaining is still very important to me, my focus lies on improving my health in other ways now. This helps to keep me motivated and less down on myself when the scale is moving slow or not at all.
  4. MowryRocks

    Carbonated Beverages?

    I'm 15 months out and I have not had any carbonation at all since July of 2016. That's a year and a half ago. The only time I miss it is when we are standing in the gas station and my family has all grabbed their sodas and I am standing at the case trying to find something I really want and not just something I'm settling for. If I'm at home or in a restaurant, it's unsweetened tea. If I am in the convenience store...I try to look for Vitamin Water Zero or Bai ( Panama Peach and Costa Rica Clementine) is a fav! You'll eventually make your own decisions about carbonation and you'll determine whether or not it is something you can tolerate. Personally, I LOVED diet soda pre-op and the sodium in carbonated drinks went a long way in keeping me bloated and heavy. I'd rather not know if I can tolerate it and continue to live my life without it.
  5. MowryRocks

    Feeling Emotional

    While I have not gone through this, I empathize with those who do. I had major emotional breakdowns throughout my 6 months of pre-op, so maybe I just got them out of my system. I'm almost 15 months out and every change now is a breakthrough.
  6. MowryRocks

    Canker Sores?

    That's a negatory from me. I asked some of the ladies at work who have also had the surgery (there are 5 of us) and they also have had no problems.
  7. MowryRocks

    Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

    I would say no. Not completely, but...I can usually open my mouth for a conversation without the loudest belch ever escaping ( and I mean Escaping without any warning that it was coming.) from what sounds like a completely cavernous realm. I still belch, but usually only if I drink too fast, after I'm eating, or if I'm having a bout of reflux. the gurgling in the throat has ceased. Embrace it. The importance of your water requirements are waaaaay more important that your pride.
  8. MowryRocks

    Side Effects of Gastric Sleeve Surgery?

    My worst side effects have been uncontrollable belching (which eased after about 3 months post op) and constipation. While they seem minor. The constipation is/was severe.
  9. MowryRocks

    Blog, Insta, FB, whatever

    just sent you a request
  10. MowryRocks

    Sticker shock!

    Every Dr. is different, I guess, Mine doesn't indicate that I need a bariatric specific vitamin. My blood work has always been A-ok with Centrum. He does recommend a bariatric specific vitamin for RNY patients, just not for sleeve patients.
  11. MowryRocks

    Sticker shock!

    I take Centrum Chewable Multi-vitamin daily Biotin -daily B-12 daily Vitamin D daily Iron daily I stopped taking the calcium because it has not been an issue for me and my diet is calcium rich. My vitamins cost 36.00 per month. I get them at Walgreens, Walmart, and The Vitamin Store. I'm almost 15 months out and all my blood work has been great.
  12. I don't ask for much...just to lose another 29lbs and to win Starbucks for life.  Is that so wrong?  ;)

  13. No "food police" allowed in my life. I need to control myself, that's why I took this drastic step. I have made myself very open to questions and I do sometimes get the "I wasn't sure if you were allowed to 'have' that"...I just very politely say that I am an adult and I can have whatever I want in moderation and end it there. I don't want anyone to police me because it triggers feelings of losing control and that activiates my rebellious nature and causes me to spiral.
  14. MowryRocks

    Eating months after the surgery

    A year out, I can eat the equivalent of about 1c of food at a meal.

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