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    I am a happy wife, mother, & daughter. I live on a small "gentleman's farm" in NH. We own horses, dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, and a peacock with his harem of peahens. I am an Art Teacher and enjoy sharing my art with my middle school students.
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    Dance, Horses, Art, Singing, Hiking
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    art teacher
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  1. I have lost 26.5 pounds since I started the pre-operation diet in December! I have lost 15 pounds since the surgery only a month ago. I am sooooo happy. Thank you so much ALM! Thank you so much Dr. Covarrubias!

  2. It has been two weeks since I had the surgery & I can't believe how quickly I healed, am loosing weight, & back at work. I was able to work all day (middle school art teacher), come home and get on the tread mill! I am off the pain medicine now and looking forward to the incisions to be completely healed. I am so relieved and glad to have had this surgery.

  3. Still recovering from surgery and every day I feel more like myself. I have lost weight since and already my feet and knees are feeling so much better. I am so glad to have had this surgery.

    1. OKCPirate


      Enjoy the ride

    2. Gipsy Girl

      Gipsy Girl

      Thank you Pirate :-) I am enjoying the ride!

  4. I am thrilled at how fast the recovery is from this surgery! I had my surgery on the twenty seventh, and only four days later I feel well enough to take walks, go out with my Mom window shopping, and even stop at a nice little restaurant (I ordered broth and chamomile tea). I am so happy to have had this surgery!

    1. suzzzzz


      Glad you are enjoying the journey.

    2. Gipsy Girl

      Gipsy Girl

      Thanks Suzzzzz

  5. I can't lie - the first night was just awful. I vomited seven times! The pain was unbearable at times but it only lasted twenty hours. Now I am doing very well and drinking plenty of Gatorade and broth and cool fresh water. I even get to enjoy a popsical here and there. I am happy I got this surgery, and Doctor Mariano Covarrubias was a terrific, professional, gentle doctor.

    1. Anna Nim

      Anna Nim

      Oh God! Horrible! Make sure they give you PLENTY of IV fluids to make up for that! I got sick after my knee surgery in July, so this surgery they super ramped up the anti-nausea meds (like 3 different types). I was woozy when I tried to walk, but no tossing up. Glad you are feeling better! The first few days are sucky, but after that is is uphill!

    2. Gipsy Girl

      Gipsy Girl

      Thank you Anna. I am looking forward to feeling more myself soon.

  6. Gipsy Girl

    It's done...

    I can't lie - the first night was just awful. I vomited seven times! The pain was unbearable at times but it only lasted twenty hours. Now I am doing very well and drinking plenty of Gatorade and broth and cool fresh water. I even get to enjoy a popsical here and there. I am happy I got this surgery, and Doctor Covarrubias was a terrific, professional, gentle doctor.
  7. I am going in for sleeve surgery today! It is going to happen! I am ready for this!

    1. Malin


      The best gift you can give yourself! blessings and good luck!! :)

    2. OKCPirate


      Looking forward to your updates

  8. Gipsy Girl

    It's done...

    Itching isn't necessarily a bad sign. Itching can mean healing. I don't think the healing wound looks that bad, but if you are worried, go get it checked. Photos don't always do justice for reality. I would worry if the wound were swollen and red and hot to the touch. Considering it is your naval, have a doctor check it out just to be on the safe side. Good luck!
  9. Gipsy Girl

    It's done...

    I am getting my sleeve this coming Tuesday... the very next day as you! I just friended you. Good luck. It will go well! I am nervous and excited about it too.
  10. Tomorrow I start the liquid diet - three days before surgery. I am so glad and nervous. Soon I will be a sleever. Wow. I can't believe this is going to happen. Wish me luck!

    1. OKCPirate


      great gift to give yourself. Won't lie, there are freakout moments coming and it's not easy, but in six weeks...you will understand why you are doing this


    2. Gipsy Girl

      Gipsy Girl

      Thank you OKCPirate. I look forward to getting the hard part behind me and being healthy, strong and happy

  11. Gipsy Girl

    It's done...

    My surgery is scheduled for the 27th. I am going on the liquid pre-surgery diet this Saturday. Only four days away now! So nervous and excited to get this done. Keep taking good care of yourselves.
  12. Nine days before surgery and I am excited and nervous.

    1. Raymia


      I would be too! I can't wait to be in your shoes tho!

    2. Gipsy Girl

      Gipsy Girl

      I am now only a few days away. Oh boy!

  13. My pcp is working with me. I also have set up appointments with local weight management doctors, nutritionists, and exercise specialists. They don't know I am getting the surgery in a week, but they do have my blood work and physical. After surgery and meeting them, I will let them know. This should be interesting.
  14. I am 46 years old, 210 lbs, 5'7" and I shared my upcoming surgery with one friend who felt like she needed to talk me out of it because I have lost weight so many times before (and gained it all back and then some each time) and I'm "not that big" and she didn't think I should go through that kind of pain to loose weight. Now I am a little less excited about it, but more determined than ever to have this surgery - the date is set for December 27th. I just don't know how to explain the health benefits of this surgery to other people, and after that experience with my well meaning but overbearing friend (did I mention she is thin?), I have just stopped sharing with anyone other than the two people closest to me: my husband and mother support my decision. My pre op diet starts on the 13th and I am ready for this. My only small concern is follow up because I am having the surgery in Mexico - far away from my home in New Hampshire. I will follow the pre and post op diet completely. I am now cutting back on caffeine. Did I mention that I am ready for this? I am looking forward to the positive life changes in my future. :-)

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    2. BayougirlMrsS


      i agree with Lisa. I bet she is Fat also... Your fat friends dont want you to becomet thin, they want you to stay fat like them.. you know a member of the herd. They are losing a eating buddy and every time they look at your success it will be a reminder of their failures. Your thin friend aren't any better... They don't want you thin because your now competition for attention in your group. You have to do this for you and only you.... if you feel this is the right thing to do.... do it. While your in Mex... drill them for as much information as possible. Maybe even a dr. in your area that can agree to do some follow up when needed.

    3. Malin


      YEP! This week I got the "Oh I thought you had talked yourself out of that!" Then I got 'the look'. I'm just going to stop telling people.

    4. Meontheinside


      I had a well-meaning friend too. I don't regret my surgeryone bit. I'm down 32 pounds in 2.5 months and feel great.

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