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  1. In the few months past, I had switched from Alesse to Yaz because of pcos acne. I got migraines and even fevers on this. I've switched back to Alesse so I only have the acne problem now ;D Anyone else have bad experiences/good on your BC?
  2. Yaaaay! I'm already starting to wean my diet slowly and upping my exercise to improve my cardio. Anyone else scheduled around that Monday?
  3. shiftling


    There's also a chance you get depression after surgery, or hormone changes. That can cause tiredness. Trust me, I'm the queen of tired right now..i have both problems pre-op ;P hehe
  4. shiftling

    Surgery date! Aug 2nd w/ Aceves~!

    Ooh I hope so too Papi
  5. I was just eating this for lunch :wink1: (no vsg yet) and was wondering how everyone handles this superfood (i love my squash *hugs it* :001_cool:) after surgery. Does anyone have problems with it?
  6. shiftling

    The official Spaghetti Squash topic~

    Guess not! :bored0:
  7. shiftling

    I have my surgery date

    I just got mine too, it's so everything! lol
  8. shiftling

    Zoloft anybody?

    That's the sertraline in capsules right? i'd get awful heartburn on those and had to switch to celexa. ...it's done wonders for me. you don't feel any real effects until a while into it. me, 3 months.
  9. shiftling

    Very Sick- Please Help!

    These are all my concerns every time I read a post myself, thank you all for saying what I couldn't. Jill we really do care for you, don't take it as criticism please!
  10. shiftling

    Curves anyone?

    Reviiiivaaallll! I'm thinking of going back to curves. If you don't work hard at the machines you don't get a workout due to them being hydraulics. I would go nuts on those machines lol, my firstm onth i lost an inch everywhere and was starting to tone immediately. So, yeah, I want to go back to curves! If someone natters at me I just tell them I can't talk I have asthma. ;D
  11. shiftling

    Obesity as Morality

    lol Jane, I hit that phase once during therapy.. so I don't think it's the weightloss per se. ;D I should add that when I say pretty I say it from the idiots' point of view. Not mine. Muahahaa.
  12. shiftling

    Obesity as Morality

    This all reminds me of the times I've had in my life being viewed as a "bitch" just because of how I look. I'm possibly the happiest cheeriest most annoyingly goofy person at work, yet people flock to the proudly bitchy pretty skinny girl instead to be her friend, leaving me in a wake of cold regard. This is a person who would just yell at her desk to no one in particular about something trivial which is just shattering her day. She can do that, she's pretty. It's cute when you do it and you're not fat. lol Even my best friend there told me she's just so cute, and we're both overweight. I wanted to scream.
  13. shiftling

    Stompin' Feet!!

    Be my friiiieeennnnddddd! <3
  14. shiftling

    size of sleeve

    bougie [bo̅o̅′zhē, bo̅o̅zhē′] Etymology: Fr, candle a thin cylindric instrument made of rubber, waxed silk, or other flexible material for insertion into canals of the body in order to dilate, examine, or measure them. Surgeons use anywhere in the measurement called a french of 32-40. Most prefer a 32 unless they double stitch so that the stomach is tighter than that afterwards. A 40 is used for DS because of malabsorption added to the process. It's best to ask the surgeon you pick what size they prefer. You can always ask for a size. Some surgeons leave a 'pouch' after the sleeve, so some people can hold more than others after surgeries with the same french size.
  15. shiftling

    Sleeping issues

    That sounds horrible, I have sleep problems without all that! At least from the looks of this post, you already know you had been used to eating-to-sleep. Maybe this is head-hunger from that habit? I should think it would go away once you get used to the new routine. I'm sure someone who has been through this might say you can contact your doctors and see if you need a higher prescription to control acid. I know how rough sleeping badly can get, and I really am rooting for you.
  16. shiftling

    Dr's. Osuna and Ortega

    I was looking up Osuna and on another site there are fake testimonials for her, that puts me at unease... :s
  17. shiftling

    Yaz and other BC Pills for PCOS

    woo thanks for the idea!
  18. shiftling

    Update on maddie

    So glad to hear from you Maddie! Telehugs~~
  19. We have kits over here in Canada to make this, by like Old El Paso or somesuch. I like to buy wholegrain tortillas instead, though, and I add fresh veggies and tomatoes to make it more salad-like.
  20. shiftling

    Keeping the Protein Drinks COLD

    okay i know this sounds ridiculous, but i have a GIANT THERMOS from ... ahem.. 7-11! It's for keeping slurpees cold but it works for my smoothies and they last like 9 hours, it holds a coffe pot full. I swear. Great for a fridge pitcher of sorts, nothing gets runny in there ever.
  21. shiftling

    Stuffed Hamburgers

    omg best find, ever! *bookmark*
  22. shiftling

    All Protein Meatloaf

    I simply skip crumbs for hamboogers and meatie-lofes, I'm not good with carbs.
  23. shiftling

    Sleeve Size

    I respect that! I don't meant to make a huge issue of it, I thought maybe it was a typo, lol. I'm taking just as many risks if not more by going to Mexico, myself. :biggrin0:
  24. shiftling

    Sleeve Size

    I just have to ask, he said he's only done 80 and one had a leak? That's a high percentage, if you do the math. But I'm spending all day researching surgeons that do nothing but lap bariatrics, so my view could be skewed..:biggrin0: Sorry, just care about you :3
  25. lol you have funny friends XD!! We're here for you, yay~

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