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  1. I am donell1000 and I have alcohol and "dry goods" free for 22 years. I sleeved 6_10_2016. What is interesting about getting sleeved is that it feels somewhat like doing a 28 day detox/rehab. Each day I learn something new about myself and I have to work my weight-loss program the same way I work my recovery. What I am trying to wrap my mind around is how someone can loose weight and then gain it back. Is it just going back to eating the wrong foods? Does the smaller sleeved stomach grow back in size? Please let me know your thoughts... How to Prevent Weight Gain After Bariatric Weight Loss Surgery
  2. donell1000

    Late June Sleeve Buddies?

    Men lose differently after sleeve surgery than women do, I was hoping another male would answer after you posted the other day. I'm only consuming 500-600 calories a day right now, trying to keep my Protein above 90g/day and carbs under 15-25g/ day. I'm logging every bite that goes into my mouth, and religiously tracking my Water. I'm supposed to get in 64 oz/day but I do well to get in 48 oz. I'm also walking at least 3-5 miles daily. I had an 8 day period (all of week 3 plus) where I lost nothing, but I just stayed on my program and broke out of that and have lost a pound a day again since. I'd log your food, and increase your water and/or exercise. I don't think I'd be losing on 1000cal/day, and I don't know that I could eat 1000cal/day of 'good' foods right now, but without your weight/height, etc, theres no way to say what you might need. A typical day for me would be as follows: B: a cup of decaf coffee with a scoop of Protein powder and 1/3 Premier Protein RTD for creamer/sweetness, then later, 3T oatmeal with 3T Fair life milk, with stevia for sweetness L: 2 oz lean protein 2 oz vegetable S: fresh mozzarella, maybe 2 of the little pearls that come packed in water a couple of dried apricots D: 3T refried Beans, thinned a little with water 1 scoop protein powder 1 T grated cheese or sour cream S: sugar free popsicle 12 oz water with Syntrax nectar It's pretty low volume still, so I'm adding protein powder where I can, and getting as much water as I can between meals. Good luck, let us know how you're doing! I also feel men tend to lose weight faster than women. I have discovered that I should not compare my weight loss with the weight loss of others because each person’s journey is unique. Don't fall into the trap. Each person’s journey has factors such as age, medical history, co-morbid and pre-existing conditions, and other factors all play a part in the rate at which individuals lose weight. I'm discovering that the key to successful weight loss is to stay the course, follow your specific program instructions, make healthy food choices, take your Vitamins and minerals, eat sufficient Protein daily, drink plenty of fluids, and exercise. I will honestly admit "I want what I want when I want it" which enables me to think that sleeving was not a good idea because the results are not overnight like so many of the advertised weight loss quick fixes advertise. Obviously, that's me beating up on myself. I have to just stop it. Thank the Lord for this forum because without it I would be letting the anxiety and expectations rent space in my head. Why do men lose weight faster than women?
  3. donell1000

    Late June Sleeve Buddies?

    @ccflotron32: Upon leaving the hospital, I was given a script for Lansoprazole DR 30mg to reduce acid reflux. I hope this helps. http://www.medicinenet.com/lansoprazole/article.htm "Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around".
  4. donell1000

    Can You Stretch Your Sleeve?

    @Sleevesoon: I would love to have answer to this question, Please keep in touch. "Every passing moment is another chance to turn it all around."

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