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  1. I did take Vyvanse prior to surgery. Course it was $200 a month. Since it is kinda speedy, it does work. I know Concerta worked as well, but not as good of course. I think I am going to go the Dr. I want to minimize my trips, did you go to your Baratric or a Gen or a PSy Dr?
  2. I wonder if Contrave would help. It has Wellbutrin in it. So many the endless thoughts of food would stop. I do NOT want sexual side effects, I do NOT want to gain weight, I don't want to be *flat* (like a traditional anti-depressant does). I am okay with feeling a bit low, it is the thoughts of food, my ex (or whatever I am thinking of) and my low-sex drive that is the issue. So, I wonder if my Baratric Dr will prescribe it?
  3. Thinking Wellbutrin, it is the LEAST likely to cause sexual side effects and weight gain, which those two things are more important than the obsessive. Also, maybe combined with an ADHD medication, to help with energy and focus. Here is an exerpt from: http://www.bipolar-lives.com/benefits-of-wellbutrin.html (Note, I am not bi-polar) We know from clinical studies that Wellbutrin is more than just an effective medication to take if you suffer from bipolar depression. Wellbutrin is as effective as an antidepressant such as Zoloft, Prozac and Paxil, and is more effective than Effexor. Additional Wellbutrin benefits: Helps compulsive gamblers who have other bipolar disorder symptoms Helps smokers kick the habit (under the name of Zyban) Used as a treatment for ADHD Unlike so many other antidepressants, Wellbutrin does NOT induce fatigue Increases alertness and energy It is on the FDA approved list for treating Major Depressive Disorder as well as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) Reminder: Wellbutrin is FDA approved for treating major depression but NOT for bipolar disorder. ... There is evidence that Wellbutrin medicine can help with social anxiety and generalized anxiety. However, it does not help against panic attacks and may even make them worse. (This is why I stopped taking Wellbutrin. For someone who does not have panic problems, Wellbutrin may still be a good option, especially in combination with an anticonvulsant mood stabilizer or with lithium.) Substance abuse? One of the best known benefits of Wellbutrin is how it helps folks quit smoking cigarettes – and marijuana! It may increase sensitivity to alcohol – or it may not – the evidence is inconsistent. Impulsive behavior? Wellbutrin has been shown to be helpful for compulsive gamblers. It should be kept mind though that Wellbutrin is a medicine with stimulant properties and there is not enough data at this time to understand how it may either fuel or control impulsivity. Obesity? Wellbutrin has been trialled as a weight loss aid and is unusual in being an antidepressant that contributes to weight loss rather than weight gain. This is extremely important as people with bipolar disorder suffer from higher than normal rates of obesity and are up to 3 times more likely to die from related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.
  4. I was Sleeved in Dec 2016. Down 90, 72 post surgery. Have flatlined and not lost a bit since JULY. Sneaky carbs have come back in, last week I even gained! If I could "just follow the plan", I'd not needed surgery! I 100% think my Sleeve was made too big, and told my Dr. as much, but here I am..I want a medication that helps with mental obsession and depression and does not kill my dead sex drive deader. My blood work is okay (will be re-checking Thyroid for my own peace of mind). I think about food All The Time. This was a factor in me gaining weight. I also think of my evil narcassistic ex All The Time. Granted, she ran off with my life time hobby-social group, making it hard to move on, but I feel that this stuff is a never ending rumination in my mind. Making grooves in my brain matter! I don't want or need counseling, just need this stuff to move to the outer rings of Saturn, and think meds are the best way to go.. Not looking to decrease my desire for food as much as making me think of it less-I will take both though. I am also a bit depressed nothing new, nothing serious, just a lower state of being, that has been here for decades. I am just about post-menopausal and my sex drive is GONE, which makes relationships die (breaking up with my Girl this week). In the past I took Wellbutrin briefly, but I don't remember how it worked. I know Zoloft made me flat and the sexual side effects were not fun, Concerta (ADHD) was okay, but maybe not exactly what I need. I want to go to my Bariatric Dr and/or a Psy with suggestions. I think my Baratric isn't going to be an expert and a Psy might just send me back to the Bari. I don't want an endless stream of Dr. visits, just one or two and be on my way. Anyone have experience with this? Don't need an answer today, so if you are seeing this months/years later, I will be happy to read. Thanks!
  5. It is quiet as we seem to have lost people to FB, but I am back!
  6. Anna Nim


    Following. I took Wellbutrin shortly during a rough patch, but I can't say how it worked. I have had a Sleeve and am SO obessed with food and depressed in general, that I need some help. I want to go into a Dr. with a plan already, not sure if my bari doctor is the best person for psy meds.
  7. Anna Nim

    Hot Flashes?

    This is an older topic, but I have flashes and they do not feel like the ones I had in menopause. FYI, I started with perio-menopause at 36, irregular periods until 45. Last regular cycle October 2015. Spots April 2016 and Spots April 2017...I had flashes mostly in 2015, so, Why Now? On and off all day. Now, I was taking MCT oil for the last two months and know that it had something to do with it. But, still hot, okay, hot, okay... Wonder if it has to do with our new stomachs?
  8. I'd like to think she was distracting me from surgery, like the night before, yes, the night before.. But, I think she is just a lech! During that whole "surgical prep" time with the weird medical wipes she was saying bad stuff and I was like, this is the LEAST sexy place ever to do that! (Florescent lights, cranky nurses, etc). But, I guess I made up for it with booty grabbing. LOL
  9. When I was moved to my room after surgery; I could have held my friend/lover's hand..but no, no-my drugged self kept running my hand up and down her upper back thigh into booty territory. Yes, even right after surgery, on a morphine pain pump..I love the booty! LOL The pony-tailed nurse taking vitals and such finally noticed and to her credit didn't say a thing. hehehe (I will note that in pre-op, my friend-lover decided to take advantage of my topless/paper robe state when the other nurse left the room. (Bad Girl!) When the nurse sprung back in, we popped apart. THAT got a matron-evil eye from that nurse. She was decidedly very reserved and coldish towards my friend after that. I hadn't experienced that before. I am sure some of it was annoyance, since this was wery wery seriwous..or maybe because we both are 40 year old long haired femme moms. Perhaps she felt deceived. I don't care-she did get my IV in on the first try and past a little stricture in my wrist-which was more important!)
  10. The first two surgeries I had, they gave me something first. I was drousy. For the Sleeve, they did not, although my IV was on and everything, I know I had anti-nausea meds. I personally like seeing the operating room, I hate that they put me out cause there is so much activity! This time, they were waiting on the Dr. and a nurse started telling me about things in the room..I admit the robotics machine flipped me out a bit, it looked like a draped Transformer or something that Dr. Octopus would use. hehehe...
  11. It will be great to ditch that bad band. You are worried about issues with the Sleeve, but you have a LOT of issues (and weight regain) with that damn band right now. The Sleeve life very well may be the way to go. Good luck!
  12. I was sleeved on 12/14. I have had head hunger, dreams even. Not sure HOW to recognize real hunger. I do not want be eating because I am 'supposed' to-a lot of that got me into this mess in the first place, and feels like has been a bit. What does it FEEL like? (I already have food on the brain ALL the time..which sorta sucks, as I was hoping to have less of that, but it does seem less strong.) Also, HOW do you know if you are full? I personally feel I can take in too much. Never have had issues with Fluid intake last two weeks. I had a 1/2 cup of Fage Yogrut yesterday with some Protein powder in it. It hurt going down, so maybe I should have stopped at the first or second spoon. But, I thought I was hungry. What does full or full-ish feel like early on? I want to be successful.
  13. I woke up in a different gown I went in with! I would expect they just don't whip it off while everyone stands and takes notes though You will be covered and stuff. After I was in recovery and awake enough, I wanted my CLOTHES (sports bra, panties, yoga pants and T-shirt). I had my friend give me my bag and I was stripping off that gown and trying to druggedly put my clothes on, standing up and stuff. I am sure the the nurse and my friend where worried I'd fall. All kinds of naked! Ugh.

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