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  1. I was Sleeved in Dec 2016. Down 90, 72 post surgery. Have flatlined and not lost a bit since JULY. Sneaky carbs have come back in, last week I even gained! If I could "just follow the plan", I'd not needed surgery! I 100% think my Sleeve was made too big, and told my Dr. as much, but here I am..I want a medication that helps with mental obsession and depression and does not kill my dead sex drive deader. My blood work is okay (will be re-checking Thyroid for my own peace of mind). I think about food All The Time. This was a factor in me gaining weight. I also think of my evil narcassistic ex All The Time. Granted, she ran off with my life time hobby-social group, making it hard to move on, but I feel that this stuff is a never ending rumination in my mind. Making grooves in my brain matter! I don't want or need counseling, just need this stuff to move to the outer rings of Saturn, and think meds are the best way to go.. Not looking to decrease my desire for food as much as making me think of it less-I will take both though. I am also a bit depressed nothing new, nothing serious, just a lower state of being, that has been here for decades. I am just about post-menopausal and my sex drive is GONE, which makes relationships die (breaking up with my Girl this week). In the past I took Wellbutrin briefly, but I don't remember how it worked. I know Zoloft made me flat and the sexual side effects were not fun, Concerta (ADHD) was okay, but maybe not exactly what I need. I want to go to my Bariatric Dr and/or a Psy with suggestions. I think my Baratric isn't going to be an expert and a Psy might just send me back to the Bari. I don't want an endless stream of Dr. visits, just one or two and be on my way. Anyone have experience with this? Don't need an answer today, so if you are seeing this months/years later, I will be happy to read. Thanks!
  2. Anna Nim


    From the album: Colette

    Possibly a 'warped' pic, but what a depressing backside shot..
  3. Anna Nim

    Hot Flashes?

    This is an older topic, but I have flashes and they do not feel like the ones I had in menopause. FYI, I started with perio-menopause at 36, irregular periods until 45. Last regular cycle October 2015. Spots April 2016 and Spots April 2017...I had flashes mostly in 2015, so, Why Now? On and off all day. Now, I was taking MCT oil for the last two months and know that it had something to do with it. But, still hot, okay, hot, okay... Wonder if it has to do with our new stomachs?
  4. When I was moved to my room after surgery; I could have held my friend/lover's hand..but no, no-my drugged self kept running my hand up and down her upper back thigh into booty territory. Yes, even right after surgery, on a morphine pain pump..I love the booty! LOL The pony-tailed nurse taking vitals and such finally noticed and to her credit didn't say a thing. hehehe (I will note that in pre-op, my friend-lover decided to take advantage of my topless/paper robe state when the other nurse left the room. (Bad Girl!) When the nurse sprung back in, we popped apart. THAT got a matron-evil eye from that nurse. She was decidedly very reserved and coldish towards my friend after that. I hadn't experienced that before. I am sure some of it was annoyance, since this was wery wery seriwous..or maybe because we both are 40 year old long haired femme moms. Perhaps she felt deceived. I don't care-she did get my IV in on the first try and past a little stricture in my wrist-which was more important!)
  5. Anna Nim

    Not losing enough

    I was Sleeved 12/14. I gained a bit after surgery, I think I am down at least 11 pounds (not back home from holiday yet to know), to me that is not enough in 18 days. Course..I did eat candy on Xmass eve.. Struggling with WHAT is hunger. Maybe I could be eating even less as I am not hungry. IDK.
  6. @Dknal2 Thanks! I guess you are right. I am now 39 BMI, so I would expect no more/At Most one lb a day. I KNOW I slowed my own progress by eating some candy (recees mini cups and some chocolate covered bullshit) on Christmas Eve. I know it was dangerous and shooting myself in the foot. I know it knocked me outta ketiosis and carb weight loss...anytime you go off track, it will derail your weight loss for at least two days, but the scale showed me I am back on track again!
  7. @@theantichick You should tag this post to your 'signature line', like you do with the 'easy way out' one, as it is THAT helpful. It also does not have the shaming aspect that so many of the responses to 'i ate xyz' that others post. Like I said, I done messed up xmass eve, and had already got my own message and fear before I turned on the computer. What I would love to see (just random talking, not directed at you), is weekly menu suggestions. I went to Pinintrest and was disappointed (ads, too much food porn, not enough heart of the matter). ..course I am just now starting puree, so I need to bide my time. LOL.
  8. I know I have posted a bit about my Dad. I am STILL set on surgery tomorrow...but this is what I have to deal with! Love him, but a LEMMING!!! ​The only real reason to have this surgery is to change your continuous hunger level....and that isn't guaranteed. Wacking off your stomach doesn't do much to your bodies ability to gain or loose weight. Slicing your self open and destroying your stomach sets you up for a possible lifetime of medical problems and pain, all for the promise of weight loss which I do believe will occur for you but at a dear cost. To be successful your meals will consist of a bland diet of about 4 tablespoons per meal. You don't need to cut out your stomach to do that one!! Nausea and indigestion could be your daily experience. You will likely have to maintain a life time of nutrition supplements and you will require continuous medical monitoring. You don't like taking supplements now, so if you will have to do it, do it now without the surgery! Your primary weight loss will occur over the first two years but the adverse consequences of this surgery could build with time and haunt you like a plague forever. Don't do this thing. I know you have not given a balanced blood analysis monitored supplement regime to suppress your hunger and to assist you in a weight loss program a chance. Don't butcher your self when there are far safer alternatives. This is not the easy path that you think it is. It is one that you will be sorry for taking and it is one that you will not be able to end once begun. The science of weight loss is changing radically nearly daily. Apply that extremely intelligent brain of yours to weight loss as you have to other challenges. In the future, stomach sleeve surgery will be considered as brutally barbaric to have done as RK eye surgery is considered today. That (erroneously), I thought well researched decision, severely unalterably impacts my life every day that I am alive. It was a big mistake that only severely showed up in the past ten years but nothing even close to like sleeve surgery could end up being for you. Please listen to me: I am right about this.. Don't do it my daughter, don't do it. But remember, if you are locked into this thing and absolutely have to like a Lemming going towards a cliff; no matter what you do, you will always be my princess and I will always be your dad and I will always be there for you.
  9. Anna Nim

    3 Days after surgery

    From the album: Just Me

    5 holes (leaked a bit in hospital) any my jelly belly.
  10. Anna Nim

    Willpower: Good for Nothing.

    Yes. I painful am getting this. My Dad, always HWP, he claimed he was fat as a kid (not that the pics show). He may have simply trained himself as a kid to not do xyz, but he also often doesn't realize when he needs to back down (pushes himself too hard physically until it is too late). For the rest of us mere mortals, decades of food Triggers.. Willpower isn't there. It seems to be a bunch of planning and mindfuckery. One that I hope I can master better after surgery. I am tired of the background noise of food urges that never stops. I would like to banish that chatter to a far corner of my mind.
  11. THANK YOU everyone for such large and overall super supportive responses! I know I have a 100% chance of regaining anything I lose. Proven Fact. I am trying to wrap my head around the changes to come, but I think the ones I know about are better than what is currently in front of me. Losing a bit on the Pre-op, cut my coffee way down-my soul is crying at that but I DO feel better! Wed is the day! I wish I could take off on Tuesday, but we are down 2 people in my department. It is already going to be nuts. Wed Wed Wed. My friend is going with me and staying with me that night when they send me home that night. The next morning she will leave, and I will be alone until my high school son comes home from early release. I had wanted my exH to come over, but since I rejected him again on his 25th request to get back together, he is feeling butt hurt. When I can drive a few days later, going to Mom's in Dallas for xmass. Fingers Crossed!!
  12. Cake, Bread, Pasta, Rice, Soft Candy, Ice Cream all literally slide down easily. They also are so liquid or compressible that they also don't 'fill' you up long, leaving you wanting more and Sugar is addicting, MSG is addicting..you can't even go get gas without going thru the Gauntlet of High Processed food. It is almost an unwinnable battle, then get your brain involved..it is an addicted little bitch (everyone, not just overweight people). Never met a person who got obese on lean meats and veggies.
  13. You guys are all so great Funny, I had severe iron deficiency anemia, a vit D deficiency and a B12 deficiency BEFORE WLS. I just had my 6 month appt and my labs are all stellar. It's like I revamped my diet and started eating for fuel instead of fun... I had great health the first 4 or 5 yrs I'm only in my 30s now and body is acting like 50s or 60 s with muscles tendons bones, all that stuff because of not getting natural nutrition from real food. Sent from my SM-G935P using the BariatricPal App What are you able to do about that? Is the RYN that is the issue, if you had done Sleeve would it be less? I DO worry about that, although I think I can get around it. Maybe even juicing with a nurtabullet veggies?
  14. Trying not to fret. I start the two week diet tomorrow (low-carb, then right before liquids). I am 46 with a BMI of 41, no other health conditions other than arthritis in my knees. I've had surgery before for my knee twice and a shattered finger with no issues; other than nausea once. My Dad had bad RK eye surgery years ago and literally can not drive at night-which has wrecked his social life. He says, what if you end up with something horribly wrong... He keeps quoting a false 7% risk of long-term serious effects. I get he is worried, I had to hear him talk a lot about his fears for knee replacement surgery and him thinking he was having a stroke when he was just dizzy from pain meds.. He is offering to give me 4K towards diet, physical trainers, etc..and then after a year, if it doesn't work, then give me 4K towards surgery. Sounds good? But, I am not interested in waiting longer. Not. One. Bit. But it is flipping me out and I am nervous enough. I KNOW the odds are in my favor, but of course..not a guarantee. We all want the guarantee. That is what we tell ourselves:The odd are ever in our favor (see what I did there). I worry about GERD, Gallbladder disease, Dehydration, etc. I have a 15 year old son. I postponed this surgery 5 1/2 years ago for different reasons, but partially fearful if something happened because my son was so young then-but I know that 15 is young too. Since then lost weight and then gained weight and kept it on. I don't even want to lose weight anymore for appearances, but just to slow down the rate of decay Anyway... that is it in a nutshell. Thanks for listening.
  15. My Dad is flipping out on me. Worried about me dying from surgery or having a long-term complication, which I know is unlikely, but still a possibility. He is also giving me grief. He had originally said he would loan me the money, but I had to diet/exercise for three months (but actually 6 because of when my break it) like I was a post-baratric patient...which of course I did not do. I tried, sorta, not really..I did have knee surgery, which blew me out and my job has been awful..no really awful. But I COULD have gotten on low-carb and walked. So, it makes me worried that I will fail at the Sleeve afterwards. I tell myself that; well, if I we all could do that then none of us would need the surgery, but I also know I have been a bit lazy towards even trying.
  16. Kinda aggro. My Dad is SUPPOSED to be loaning me the 8-10K that my insurance does not cover (yes, I know it is VERY close to self pay..). I told him that I was approved and I had my date (Dec 14th) and he kinda ignored me. I am visiting him in Virginia. He is a body worker and was working on my 'skinny' shins and said, "You know you are not that big that you need to have surgery." and "I am worried that they are going to mess you up.". Now...I get the worry part, I really do. I bailed out of his surgery-when it was paid for 6 years ago for my worries! But, IMHO my Dad is part of the reason I am overweight. He used to criticize my body so much as a kid/teen (when I was normal weight) and all the other women around us, that it damaged my body image (I was 5 11 and 160-170 in high school), and intentionally didn't pay full child support in an attempt to flush my mom out and have us live with him. I know there was a point when we were not getting correct Vitamins and nutrients as kids with her, kids. I think that leads to overeating in an attempt to get what you need. I still have anxiety when I see a empty fridge. But, enough about my childhood... Point is, I told my Dad that I have been obese for 16 years, I weight 288, 41 BMI, arthritis both my knees and ACL surgery on one, meaning knee replacement surgery is a probability in the future. I am 46 years old and "dieting" myself higher and higher.. In spring he ordered me boxes of supplements to lose weight. He is of the "keep trying" and "all you have to do..." camp. That is nice, but at what point to you admit that this is not working? At some point continuing to do the same thing over and over and expecting different results is foolish. He started telling me about the "majority of people who regain"..yada, yada. I am afraid he isn't going to loan me the money. I am mad at myself for not doing it before. I am very mad for having credit so messed up that at 46 I have to borrow from my father (even though he is always helping my brother..). I don't want him to bail and I of course, want it to work.. *now*
  17. No bus!! No Uber!! No taxi! There HAS to be ONE person in your life whom you trust to give you a damn ride!!!! A co-worker, a neighbor..someone.
  18. Anna Nim

    Should I postpone my surgery?

    How was your recuperation from the ACL surgery?Like all surgeries, it was the worst the first few days. I bought a "cyro cooler". Worth every single penny. (buy one) It circulates almost ice Water around your joint, which keeps the swelling down-essential to healing. Much better than bags of peas. Ice, ice baby. Think that was the key to taking few meds. The first surgery I remember being much worse. Mobility is always a fun one. As I am fat and tall, I put a toilet riser on my potty (still there), cleaned my house first, went shopping. I only took meds the first 3 or so days. I started PT day 4. I was driving within a week. Used a cart at the store a few times. Your son, I assume, is a young, fit kid who will bounce right up. I still am not as strong as I need to be, but I also missed a lot of PT.
  19. Anna Nim

    Does being active get easier?

    Kids don't care if they fall, their bones are so Nelly they bounce! That is when you know you are good..when ya hurt Sent from my XT1254 using the BariatricPal App
  20. Anna Nim

    Dr. Does not stand by choice

    Our bodies will not allow us to get pregnant unless we have enough fat on us to support a pregnancy. Mother nature takes care of that. Your doctor may not know all the ins and outs. You're talking about having kids and for 5 years and then maybe more kids so you're talking 10 years possibly if you have 3 kids to weight loss surgery. I suggest you talk to someone else who knows more about sleeves and pregnancy. I have seen people get pregnant after a sleeve and then fine. That's what Multivitamins are for and a reasonable diet is for. Sent from my XT1254 using the BariatricPal App
  21. Anna Nim

    BMI of 21 getting gastric sleeve... thoughts?

    Get help. VGS is NOT what you need. Period. Sent from my XT1254 using the BariatricPal App
  22. I got an endoscopy today to look for a hital hernia in advance of planned Sleeve surgery in December. I sat on edge waiting for the damn pregnancy question..WSM know this next part well.. Why should I have to out myself or lie about how I know I am not pregnant? First, I am 46 years old, haven't had a cycle in almost 6 months, so I am on my way towards menopause-but not "post" menopausal. I spent thousands trying to have a second child years ago, so the pregnancy thing is already a very sad question for me, I tend to inadvertently tear up every time I am in a doctor's office since. No, I am not abstinent, less than a month, thank you. No, I do not take birth control (um..46) No, I am not going to get out of bed, with no pants or shoes on, no bra, an open back gown and struggle with an IV to the bathroom to take a pee test-that you forgot to give me before like some teen-ager. How do I "know" I am not pregnant you ask? Well.... To a bunch of strange medical people, in a conservative hospital. Annoying. Treat me like an adult, if I say I am not pregnant, I am not pregnant! Maybe instead, get your paperwork right so I literally do not have to sit here half naked, tired with a IV on waiting for you to fix the paperwork for WELL over an hour, so they can stick a camera down my throat! When I got a mammogram elsewhere, they had me fill out a wavier that said, "I certify I am not pregnant because: (abstinent, birth control, menopause or SAME SEX PARTNER)"..and note, it even got around the *label* of gay/lesbian/whatever.. When they call to check on me I am going to mention it, doubt it will change. I am just cranky and tired. Long ass day, tomorrow as well..and yes, I am STILL not pregnant!
  23. Anna Nim

    My work here is done

    Life is too damn short to answer truly ignorant and dangerous posts. Stick to the real people in need. Sent from my XT1254 using the BariatricPal App
  24. Anna Nim

    Any other gay sleevers out there?

    Joke or real desire? Sexuality is on a spectrum you know and labels are your choice. Sent from my XT1254 using the BariatricPal App
  25. One thing I've noticed, is when you lose a lot of weight no matter what way there's a point where your face looks a little overly lean. I guess it like falls off their first? But, later when your weight stabilizes or you regain like 3 pounds it seems to fill out just fine. I've seen it again and again on my own Cycles up and down. So maybe give it some more time. Also, I'm not sure how long you had the extra weight on your body. But, often when we're older we lose the weight it shows what was underneath it. None of that's a bad thing it just is. Good luck! Sent from my XT1254 using the BariatricPal App

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