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    My name is LaMonica and I was banded 5/23/2008. Had some complications, so I am restarting this journey as of 7/15/2013!!
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    Music, writing, the internet, games, hanging out with friends, watching movies
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  1. I think my doc charges $150 cash for fills, but my insurance covers the visit as a specialist visit which for me is a $50 copay.
  2. LaMonica

    Wear to and from the hospital?

    Happy Surgery Eve! I wore sweat pants and a tshirt and flip flops for surgery, which didn't matter much because they change you into a hospital gown of course and those comfy socks lol. Mine was outpatient, so I had a maxi dress waiting for after, no bra (the girls aren't that big) and I stayed in loose dresses for several days after.
  3. LaMonica

    Betrayal is a BITCH

    Glad to hear from you!! And I understand about security of information. You can add me on FB LaMonica Michele I will search for you too in the mean time.
  4. Just a note to those of you comparing how many cc's you have in your band - remember there are different types of band (Realize vs. Allergan/AP) and then also there are different sizes. I know that Allergan has 10cc (which I have) and also 14cc. I am not sure about Realize. And also the amount of Fluid is a very individualized process which is dependent upon the size of your stomach and more importantly the amount of fat around it. The reason you feel like you're at a good spot, and then weeks later you don't is because as you lose weight fat goes from everywhere including from around your stomach and the band gets more loose again. So remember that just because you and I both may have 5cc's even in the same size band, it doesn't mean we will feel the same amount of restriction. Think of 2 people, both size 14, with an XL belt on. Each of them may feel comfy, but have the notch at different levels. Good luck to everyone, keep up the good work!!!!!
  5. LaMonica

    Weigh in... how much have u lost?

    That is AMAZING!!! Definitely worth it even if those 5 pounds keep being stubborn!!! Maybe try switching up something with your workout to get them out of the way...I remember I plateaued once for like 6 months lol I was soooooo irritated. I can't remember what changed but eventually my body pushed past it. Best of luck in your continued journey!!!
  6. LaMonica

    Six months since surgery equals...

    CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! And keep up the good work...
  7. You guys gave such great alternatives, they all sound yummy!!! I am one of those that if I deprive myself of the tasty things I like, I am more apt to go overboard. So I eat whatever I want (this started moreso after being banded 1 year) but since I'm at goal weight, I have noticed that keeping balanced and paying more attention to portion and exercise worked best for me. I don't just sit and eat junk all the time, but instead of eating a pint of ice cream in 5 minutes like I used to, I get the smaller 1/2 cup portion sizes. Or popsicles, etc. I like candy, but I won't buy a big bag. I'll get the individual size when I have loose change. I was going to suggest like a fruit/fondue bar, with all kinds of exotic fruits with melted chocolate, whipped cream, yogurt, etc. Like fruit sundaes instead of cake/ice cream. Which can be sweet, and you can get low fat/low sugar alternatives. I've never seen this in action, but it sounds like with time and someone with a good taste for fruit could be able to pull off, and boy would it make great pictures!! I am sorry that your inner circle is not as supportive so maybe try to find outlets with people that ARE supportive..in addtiion to LBT. )
  8. A great topic!! I was banded 3 years ago, my highest weight was around 280/size 22 and now I am 146/size 6. I don't necessarily "feel fat" but I still do things like look at small walking spaces and think "It will be hard to walk through there" and I still look at Lane Bryant and other plus size clothing stores when I walk through the mall and stuff because that used to be the only place I could really go. While I have been this size for serveral months now, it still feels weird that I am no longer plus size. I agree with the previous poster that said "skinny people" make such negative comments about "fat people". I guess since I was so big I was never at liberty to hear all of these secret conversations and now that I do I get highly upset and make sure to tell them how rude they are being. Inside I will always be a "fat girl" as I spent 24 years that way and not "fat" in a bad sense...I am still compassionate and I don't look down on others who have weight struggles or any struggles for that matter, It will always be a part of who I am no matter what the clothes and scale may say. Just in a positive and learning way instead of a beating myself up kind of way.
  9. LaMonica

    20 Lbs and counting to goal!!

  10. LaMonica

    Your New Fave Place to Shop

    Hey Michelle!!!! This is SUCH a good question. Right now I'm about a 14 in bottoms, depends on 14 or 16 for the tops, but I'm still in the "fat chick" mentality of not wanting to go buy clothes but I really need them. I would like to know what stores are good places to go for nice clothes at a good price because hopefully I will need new ones in a couple months! My goal I think is to be able to buy stuff from stores like Buckle or just a regular department store without going to the "plus size" section. I have been plus size for so long I don't know where to get smaller clothes...
  11. Good morning - I haven't been in the forums in a while but this is a good one to start back with. I was never small...always felt fat in my head. Family history of women being overweight, plus I was always a picky and non-healthy eater. Mom and Dad divorced when I was 8 and they never had a good relationship. Every boy/man I have ever dated or been with has cheated on me...including my current husband of 3 1/2 years. In school everyone else was always 'prettier' or 'smaller' or more popular. I never did anything to control my weight, and I gained a significant amount every year. When I was 14 I was sexually assaulted by a school "friend". When I was 16 I got pregnant from my boyfriend at the time and wanted to keep the baby, although I hadn't told my mother yet. After 2 months he "questioned his paternity" like an a$$hole. I didn't believe in abortion, but I wanted one so I didn't disappoint my mother. But that was they year they changed the law from age 16 to 18 so I had to tell her....and she made me have an abortion (didn't give me other options although I don't know if I would have decided different) on December 30, 2000 12 weeks and 2 days pregnant. I believe I was going to have a girl, and I named her and Celebrate what would have been her birthday every year. Graduated, went to college, did great, got married after I graduated, and then was the victim of adultery. I am still recovering, but know that anything is possible with God's help. My life hasn't been the worst, but by far not the best. I am glad to have a place like this to unravel the crazy thoughts in my mind. Thank you all for your support and I hope I can support you all the same.
  12. LaMonica

    OMG I got STUCK

    I had been stuck a few times eating peanut butter and wheat bread, but after a few moments it would go down. The first time I got stuck and actually vomited, was at Denny's. I had eaten hash browns before, as long as they were crunchy, and only a little bit. Well this time they were softer, but I figured it would be okay. Was I wrong!!! I ate a few bites, ate a bite of scrambled eggs, and chewed, and sat there. Unfortunately, my bite was kind of salty and instead of waiting, I drank some water - BIG mistake. Soft potatoes get puffy with water, and that's exactly what happened. My husband was like are you okay and I was like no it hurt soooo bad. I raised my arms and stretched, didn't work. I walked around, didn't work. About 5 mins later the sliming started - salivating to no end - and I went to the bathroom. Took a few seconds for it to come up, but it did and it hurt, but afterwards I felt so much better! Unfortunately although I was really hungry, I no longer had an appetite and just drank water. But I never want to feel that pain again!
  13. LaMonica

    Three months out...

    You all are not alone! I've lost about 36lbs or so since surgery 5/23.....over the last 3 weeks or so about 2 pounds!!! It seems when I restrict my diet more I stay at the same weight...but if I "pig out" meaning I eat a little more, I lose a pound! I think I may not be eating enough calories sometimes...and I have to step up my workouts but we're doing great!!! 3 months 30+ lbs....that's awesome!!
  14. LaMonica

    2 Month Progress PICS!

    You guys look GREAT!!!!!! Don't you just love how your face shrinks!! We are doing great let's keep up the good work!!
  15. LaMonica


    Carbonation is bad because the gas that gets released in your upper pouch can stretch it...and it can be very painful. Too much and your band can probably slip also. I would say NO to all beer/sodas/champagne, etc. forever after being banded. If you think about it, your body doesn't NEED any of that anyway so if you are getting banded for a life change that includes all aspects of life. Now for drinks - I usually take shots if I want a buzz or whatever because it's less calories, and you get there MUCH faster. Sometimes I may sip a margarita, but that's very rarely. Part of the banded lifestyle is changes that last forever. I used to drink Coke several times a day...I stopped drinking them 1 week before surger (5-2-08) and I haven't had one, or much of a craving for one since. There are many sacrifices to having a band and this is one of them.

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