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    BlueEyed4u got a reaction from emeraldcut???? in Still a ways off but you never know   
    Hello, I just had my 2nd weigh in at my supervised nutrition apt. I have 4 more to go. Was told that they schedule surgery after the 5th mo. for 4-6 wks after the last weigh in of the 6mo. So I'm looking at about the end of Sept. beginning of Oct.
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to ProudGrammy in Tattoos after WLS   
    i did the EXACT same thing!!
    GMTA (great minds think alike!!)
    in celebration of loosing 105lbs, GOAL, AND turning the big 60!!
    i got my first tattoo on my right wrist,
    3 small/delicate italic letters of my grand-kids first names
    one little red heart under each letter too
    M organ A ndrew E than
    hubby wasn't thrilled
    i promised no more tattoos for another 60 years LOL
    6 months after above 1rst tattoo i had the word "survivor" on the outside of right ankle
    couple of months later i had a small butterfly on same ankle below survivor!!!
    DH still wasn't thrilled - but he is very smart - after all he married me
    reasoning for how 2nd and 3rd tattoo named
    i am a proud 17 year breast cancer survivor
    my 85 year old mom "lives for butterflies"
    she has them all over her apt - she wears butterfly necklaces et al
    maybe she even wears a butterfly bra LOL
    tattoos are addicting
    i'll stop now for another 60 years (maybe )
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to LipstickLady in Protein, Protein, Protein   
    I agree/disagree. I am three years out and I still can't always meet my protein/water requirements. I couldn't even come close for the first year + and my surgeon only advised 64-80gr of protein.
    I did the best I could, healed like a champ and reached goal with a 110+ pound weight loss in 9 months.
    I do agree that you should do protein first and that protein is key in healing and loss, but I am not sure that you have to reach such high numbers to succeed/heal.

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    BlueEyed4u reacted to Shell ???? in Do you have reflux? Is there alternative treatment?   
    I never ever had any reflux or issues prior to surgery I'm only 7 weeks post Opp sleeve surgery so it's early days
    but I have reflux all day long especially after I get up in the morning and after I eat I burp and carry on all day it's awful I've been on Omeprazole since surgery I've just run out today so it shall be interesting to see how it all goes.
    I know for anyone who has reflux issues prior to surgery they usually recommend the bypass instead.
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to Laughkc11 in Salmon Recipes Please!   
    2 Salmon Filets
    Olive Oil
    Cajun-style Seasoning OR I use the following mixture:
    1 Tbsp Paprika
    1 Tbsp Cayenne Pepper
    1 Tbsp Thyme
    1 Tbsp Oregano
    1 Tbsp Sea Salt
    1 Tbsp Black Pepper
    Mix the spices together and spread out on a plate.
    Rub the salmon with a little olive oil and press one side down onto the spices.
    Heat 2-3 Tbsp of avocado oil in a pan over medium heat. Once it is hot (or smoking), turn off the burner.
    Place the salmon flesh side down in the pan, on one layer, so they both have contact with the pan. Then turn the heat back on medium (about a 4) and cook for 2 minutes.
    After 2 minutes, turn the heat down to medium-low (about a 2) and flip the salmon (I like to use tongs, but a spatula will do). The spiced side should be crispy.
    Cook at medium-low for another 3-5 minutes.
    Such an amazing combination of flavor and texture!
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to Healthy_life2 in Salmon Recipes Please!   
    I grew up in the pacific NW.
    Place your salmon fillet on foil.
    season with Montreal steak seasoning & finely chopped fresh garlic
    Mix a tea spoon of liquid smoke with a low calorie BBQ Sauce ( I make my own with splenda brown sugar) Coat the fillet
    top with a few small pieces of butter
    Wrap in foil. grill or bake at 400 until done.

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    BlueEyed4u got a reaction from Inner Surfer Girl in Spices, Seasonings, Herbs, and Condiments   
    I love that mustard, tried it my first time 2 yrs ago in TX Sent from my SM-G900V using the BariatricPal App
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to Inner Surfer Girl in Spices, Seasonings, Herbs, and Condiments   
    I think I have more Condiments and seasonings in my refrigerator and pantry than actual food.< /p>
    What have you discovered or do you use to add flavor to your meals? Any basics or gourmet spices, seasonings, herbs, or condiments that you can't live without?
    I love browsing specialty food stores and our local Amish markets looking for different flavorings. I am still trying to learn how to use many of them.
    I just opened a jar of this mustard that I bought before Christmas from Southern Seasons. I added a dab to the plain sliced deli turkey and green onion cheese that I ate for lunch and it has quite a kick. I also happen to like the idea that it comes packaged in a nice glass.
    Braswell's Smoky Chipotle Mustard

    What are some of your favorites?
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to CaridadM in More critical of facial features after WLS?   
    LauraEllen it is terrible you feel this way about yourself. We are all made different so we can contribute our individuality to the world.
    When I look at your picture I do not see a ugly girl. I see a beautiful woman who for reasons only known to herself is still searching for her center.
    I too use to make fun of my facial features. Being of mixed heritage it is difficult to see similarities with my parents. It troubled me amongst other things for many years. I use to remark on how large my eyes were, or my connecting eyebrows. But my biggest hiccup was my lips. When I sit without a smile I have a natural frown.
    It took an artist friend of mine who took semi-professional of me to have me realize I am unique. My eyes, my nose my lips were fine for my face.
    Now s/p surgery 03/04 I am still on a nj tube because I am unable to keep fluids down. I have already lost 27 lbs from 2/27 (preoperative diet).
    However when I look in the mirror I too see the slimming face and smaller thighs. But apart of me misses those cheeks.
    Truth is many like myself have hid behind our weight. Allowing us to be ignored in some fashion. We have adjusted into adulthood with the "ok" feeling that we would not be 1st desired in the room.
    But we have done something about and we are trying to improve our lives.
    I want to stress to you. Your inner peace will immediately reflect on your face. Come to admire your eyes, your mouth, your everything. Because in the end no matter how many friends, boyfriends, husbands are around shouting encouragment. We individually must believe in our selves.
    Your beautiful Chica... and because of the vulnerability of your words - it shows your equally beautiful on the inside.
    Just know your not alone in this battle
    - Caridad
    Caridad M.
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to Talaria in Incentive Spirometer   
    Does anyone else's surgeon have them using an incentive spirometer for 10 days post-op to prevent pneumonia? It's easy and not a big deal...but I'm supposed to do it 10x an hour. Just wanted to check.
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to Recycled in Can you count the water in the protein shakes towards the water goal?   
    liquid is liquid. It all counts.
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to Inner Surfer Girl in Can you count the water in the protein shakes towards the water goal?   
    Yes, I do. Any non-caffeinated Fluid counts toward my total (including crushed ice and sugar-free Popsicles).
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to treblecutie23 in NSV: Half Marathon!   
    Still a work in progress but wow what a difference 2 years makes!
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to jane13 in NSV: Half Marathon!   
    what a great mom/son experience and an awesome NSV!
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to treblecutie23 in NSV: Half Marathon!   
    This morning I finished 13.1 miles and it was AMAZING!!!!
    Celebrating 145lbs lost so far....I was able to run with my son on Friday in the Disney kids races and then able to finish my half marathon race today! Tough, emotional, painful....but so rewarding.
    Highly recommend the RunDisney for anyone looking into racing. This was my second attempt at a half marathon. The picture on the left was about 2 years ago and maybe 80/90lbs heavier. I only made it to mile 9 and my body gave out. Still an amazing experience but nothing on what it felt like today crossing that finish line!

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    BlueEyed4u got a reaction from ttnurse in A Motorcyclist NSV   
    Can't wait to loose this extra weight to ride with my husband snd be more comfortable doing so. Heck, might even buy my own bike at that point.
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to kranky813 in People Who Get Skin Surgery Nowhere Close To Goal   
    I fit into this category... sort of.
    My WLS was in August 2015 and my plastics are on May 25th 2016 so 9 months later. I am currently 164 and my goal weight is 145 (so about 19 pounds from goal)
    I have discovered a few lumps in my breast that the doctor is concerned about and she wants to go in and take them out. During my consultation for the lumps she asked me point blank if I ever considered a reduction. She set me up with a plastic surgeon (which I researched and she is awesome) anyway the Plastic surgeon, breast doctor and I decided that we would do everything at once because I didn't want to be out of work or put under 2 different times. So on the 25th the breast surgeon is going to come in and take the lumps out then the plastics doctor is going to do a breast reduction/lift and a Tummy Tuck.
    Yes, they said try to lose as much weight as you possibly can prior to surgery because if you gain or lose more than 20 pounds after surgery it can affect your breasts... however.... they also said that they don't believe that 145 is goal weight for me. They think 150 - 155 is more realistic for my body structure. So with 155 as a goal weight I am only 9 pounds to goal, lol.
    Just thought I would share
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to reree6898 in People Who Get Skin Surgery Nowhere Close To Goal   
    I think that for some of them from the show its not as much of a vanity issue of removing the skin but a health issue. When the folks start at 600+ pounds by the time they reach 250 pounds they may have 30-40 pounds of extra skin weighing them down still causing back and joint issues. Also the skin tends to pull and break down causing open sores and rashes which inhibits mobility.
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to AnA92212 in one year anniversary   
    Well, I have purchased all new clothes. Last weekend I got new running shoes, socks, and flip belt. We are also going to Orlando next month and we will be able to ride any ride we want. No longer have to see if the strap will fit. Also, we are purchasing a treadmill for our home.
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to AnA92212 in one year anniversary   
    Well, having someone to encourage you when you want to quit is super important. My hubby had the surgery 3 weeks before me and has not had the stalls that I had. But, he kept me positive and reminded me about my progress.
    I've been working out since 3 weeks after surgery. I have gradually increased the intensity and added some things. I started out walking. I then added zumba. I then added body pump. I then did aqua aerobics. Now, I have a routine:
    Monday morning: run 3 miles Monday night: zumba for 1 hour
    Tuesday morning: walk 3 miles Tuesday night: body pump for 1 hour
    Wednesday morning: run 5-8 miles
    Thursday morning: walk 3 miles Thursday night: body pump for 1 hour
    Friday morning: run 5-10 miles (eventually this will be more as I am training for a half marathon)
    Sat & Sun rest days but still very active Walking, hiking, etc
    Food: I can pretty much eat whatever I want in limited quantities. I eat 800 to 1200 calories a day...sometimes more.
    I literally eat every 3 to 4 hours. I have 3 main meals and 3 Snacks.
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    BlueEyed4u got a reaction from PissiChrissi in Its happening! Now! Aahhhh!   
    Good luck, will keep you in prayer
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    BlueEyed4u got a reaction from PissiChrissi in Its happening! Now! Aahhhh!   
    Glad it all went well,prayers for a speedy recovery. I got awhile to go before I'm there. Good luck
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to Ryan TN in A Motorcyclist NSV   
    Only problem I had was i had to buy all new gear! 
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to Christinamo7 in A Motorcyclist NSV   
    wonderful NSV! one of the things I'd like when I get to a normal weight is to be able to be a passenger with the husband. comfortably. We need more time away from the teenagers.
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    BlueEyed4u reacted to Sharon1964 in A Motorcyclist NSV   
    Well you thought WRONG, mister! Didn't you know that riding a bike is akin to foreplay for some women????

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