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  1. I am 5 years out and have maintained my weight loss. I weigh 155lbs. I still follow the rule of protein first. I generally limit carbs for most meals. I fill my plate with protein and veggIes. I can probably eat 2 cups of food so maybe I stretched my stomach? Certain foods are no longer part of my every day diet but I may eat on a special occasion. Those foods would be junk food, soda, fast food and desserts. A normal day for me would be iced black coffee for breakfast. Salad or soup for lunch, protein bar for snack before working out. Dinner is sometimes high calorie protein like sausages, ribs or hot wings. With a vegetable of course and sometimes a small amount of carbs. At night, I sometimes snack on nuts (protein first!) and a glass of wine. I drink plenty of water throughout the day. I do not count calories. I weigh myself weekly and tighten up on the diet as needed.
  2. GNC sells a natural (no artificial sweeteners or flavors) total lean protein shake. The best part is that they sell it in a individual serving pouch so you can try it to see if you like it. I like the vanilla one. I never thought about the artificial sweeteners in vitamins. I try to limit artificial sweeteners as well. I noticed that everything that my Nut wanted me to eat after surgery had artificial sweeteners in it. Some of the other products that I love and use daily without artificial sweeteners are True Lemon (instead of crystal light) and Oikos triple zero Greek yogurt with 15 g of protein.
  3. I had surgery on December 29, so I think that counts as January. I am doing great and love my sleeve!! I have lost 80lbs and I am down from a size 22/24 to a 14. I am still consistently losing. I have not had any complications and no dumping. I still follow the rules. I have not introduced carbs, sugar or alcohol. I feel great!!!
  4. shel774

    Salmon Recipes Please!

    This is my go to salmon recipe. It is delicious!
  5. I am 5'4 261 lbs. I started the process in June and was required to complete 6 months of nutrition classes. My surgery date is 12/29 and I start my two week liquid diet on Tuesday. In preparation for the purée stage of the diet, I made several of my favorite soups, puréed them, and froze in ice trays for easy 1 oz portions. I also did not tell my co-workers, but today I accidently left my fax confirmation on the fax machine showing my Fmla request and surgery information. I am so mad that I did that!!!!
  6. Hi, my sleeve is scheduled for December 29th, I am so excited!! I have already received my final surgical clearance and insurance approval! I have a two week pre-surgical liquid diet to do. Amanda and Cookie, I am so so sorry that your surgeries were delayed. JLVolkma, If you have room in your support group for one more, please add me too.
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    New to Bariatric Pal

    Hello! I am getting the sleeve on December 29 also!!!! Let's stay in touch!
  8. Hello! I just received my surgery date of December 29th! I am so excited for the new year now! I am new to the forum and would love to connect with other sleevers for support who have a dec or Jan surgery date.